18th Shanghai International Film Festival

Who can take the title of best dressed?

Zhou Dong Yu arriving with her castmates from the movie Lost in White. There are Tong Da Wei and Vision Wei. She looks a tiny bit grown up with the side-swept bangs.

 photo Shang 45.jpg

 photo Shang 46.jpg

 photo Shang 47.jpg

Sparkly purple heels. How cute!

 photo Shang 48.jpg

Chen Qiao En and Zhang Han for I’ll Never Lose You. Both are very sparkly but they didn’t look tacky. No socks?

 photo Shang 30.jpg

I rarely say this but Zhang Han looks handsome with that smirk below.

 photo Shang 29.jpg

 photo Shang 28.jpg

Yang Mi in a simple pink dress with the cast members from Cities Of Love. She’s also voicing for a female panda in the upcoming new animation Kung-fu Panda 3. She looks fuller after pregnancy. πŸ™‚

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Tang Yan in a lovely blue dress representing the movie she’s doing with Aaron Kwok and Yao Chen tentatively called People in Business. How come she never looks tired even though she’s working non-stop?

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Kimi Qiao and Viann Zhang arriving together because they’re shooting a new film, Magic Card, together. Her make-up is always very intense. The dress is a step up from her peacock dress last time. I thought Kimi would show up PINK. Lol.

 photo Shang 38.jpg

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 photo Shang 36.jpg

Tony Yang, George Hu, andΒ Haden Kuo from Where the Wind Settles.

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Wang Luo Dang and Tian Xin from Detective Gui. Awww Zai Zai wasn’t there!

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Eddie Peng, Shawn Wei, Wang Luo Dang and the cast from To The Fore.

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The big group from the upcoming war film, Bombing of Chongqing. There are Janine Chang and Song Seung Hun.

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 photo Shang 21.jpg

Ruby Lin in the arms of Tony Yang for The House That Never Dies 2. She’s glowing in that dress and flawless hair!

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 photo Shang 20.jpg

She also has a fluttery tail.

 photo Shang 16.jpg

Lilian Wang is one lucky sister! She has both young boys – Aarif Rahman and Ma Tian Yu – guarding her! They were in the Chinese Edition of Sisters Over Flowers.

 photo Shang 15.jpg

Adorable! πŸ˜€

 photo Shang 13.jpg

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 photo Shang 14.jpg

 photo Shang 11.jpg

 photo Shang 12.jpg

Taking care of Jie Jie’s tail. πŸ™‚

 photo Shang 9.jpg

And look what we have here: Fan Bing Bing in the protection of Wu Chun and Leon Lai for Lady of the Dynasty.

 photo Shang 4.jpg

 photo Shang 7.jpg

 photo Shang 6.jpg

 photo Shang 5.jpg

Peter Ho shining with Janine Chang right by his side. They’re here for One Minute More.

 photo Shang 49.jpg

 photo Shang 50.jpg

The young and rather unknown cast of The Legend of Flower. No Wallace or Zhao Li Ying. I recognize Ma Ke and Joe Xu Hai Qiao.

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Source: Sina // ENT 163

  1. 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

    Love all the men in navy!

    Oh Peter, why, why, oh why pink!?! I nearly swallowed my pink strawberry tic tac whole ’cause of you. Still love you… *grumbling for words* till the day I die. Shoulda been a reverse color swap – white suit, pink tee. Seen him in that ensemble before – hotness goes well with his healthy tan.

    I say Joe Chen’s takes the trophy for best dress here, although Janine’s dark dress is close to a tie. Hehe~

    I don’t have the energy to critique on other evening dresses. Let me just say: WT….

    • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

      Peter has been going with colorful suits lately huh? Be prepared to swallow more colorful tic tacs, Miss Robin. πŸ˜‰

  2. 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

    Oh? Did Janine have an outfit change?

    And Wu Chun! Haven’t seen him acting since foreverr!

    And I must say Ruby continues to impress despite her age! She is truly one beautiful woman! &&, is that Tian Xin I see?

    My favourite would also be Chen Qiao En. She is pulling off that dress really well!

    • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

      Yep, she is in two movies so she switched outfits for each one, just like Wang Luo Dan. =)

  3. 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

    For men, i vote for Eddie Peng (Bias much :P) and Aarif Rahman! Classically handsome πŸ˜€
    and For ladies, Chen Qian En.. she pulled it well.. just amazingly beautiful on her.

    But for best makeup, i should say Fan Bing Bing, her makeup artist is good.

    • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

      What happened to your Eddie avatar, Yui!

      I like Aarif too. He’s so handsome!

      • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

        Just using another email in the previous comment πŸ˜€

        now he’s back!

        Time to find new face. Aarif Rahman looks hot haha

        • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

          Aarif was pretty cool when he played his role as Bruce Lee. I haven’t had the chance to finish watching him in Noonas Over Flowers (Chinese Version) variety show.

  4. 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

    Hola, thank you so much for this . .

    My friends and I still go to Ruby Lin as our favourite. Inspite of her age, Ruby never stopped to amaze us of her youthfulness and zest for life. Her be-dimpled and gentle, classic face always charmed us . . Her choice of clothing apparel is wise and with style. And we noted also that she is still sought to be a commercial model of skin care products and other items . . For us, Ruby Lin is an epitome of women who grew on their age – very gracefully and with wisdom . . .

    Peter Ho still looks good with that pink-colored suit, defying the traditional dark-colored suit.

    Muchas gracias. Todo lo mejor.

    • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

      Totally agree with you about Ruby Lin! πŸ˜€ I think she looks the best out of all the beautiful ladies here.

      Oooh and apparently Tang Yan’s dress was a counterfeit and the poor girl didn’t realize it until her agents told her so (after the reps from the brand that got ripped off called her agency) during her interview with the media. Yikes…

      • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

        Gracias Shimokuren. Thank you so much. Indeed, Ruby Lin is one elegant woman here, who is pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance.

    • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

      Ruby is stunning that night. Love her whole ensemble. I can’t pick between hers and Chen Qiao En.

      @Shimo, yikes! I thought it was a joke! =/

      • 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

        Hola Kaptain A, we owe you so much of gratitude for all these beautiful pictures and posting. All of us at work are huddled again in our lunch time to see the lovely ladies and good looking guys here . . Thank you very much. Eres tan ingeniosos. You’re so resourceful and diligent. . .

  5. 14 thoughts on “18th Shanghai International Film Festival

    thx for the stunning pictures of the actresses and their dress, it looks so beautiful, makes me want to make one for myself =p. btw, after reading this article, i go to their youtube channel and watch the full vid of the SIFF just to see Ma Tian Yu, hoping there was an interview, and now i’m super happy, they said that there’ll be the movie version of the variety show, yayyyy, can’t wait n hope there’ll be S2 as well =)

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