Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

So the rumored collaboration I wrote about in one of my Cnews batches between Tang Yan and Aaron Kwok turned out to be true. The film, tentatively called People in Business, is being touted as the female version of 2013’s American Dream in China starring Huang Xiao Ming, Tong Da Wei, and Deng Chao. The complete cast includes Aaron Kwon, Tang Yan (too many to list), Yao Chen, Jerry Lee, Hao Lei (Dearest, The Golden Era), and Wang Yi Bo, member of a Chinese-South Korean boy group, UNIQ.

The movie focuses on the lives of three different women as they set out to become richer and better in their home country. Tang Yan plays a rich girl whose family went bankruptcy, leaving her penniless and a massive desire to build a business of her own. She meets the other two ladies, played by Yao Chen and Hao Lei, during college and subsequently builds a website to begin their professional empire. Yao Chen is the main lead.

The cast at Press Conference a few days ago:

 photo Buz 16.jpg

 photo Buz 7.jpg

 photo Buz 4.jpg

The business partners. Our female leads.

 photo Buz 5.jpg

 photo Buz 6.jpg

 photo Buz 11.jpg

Yao Chen only has like….one hairstyle. XD

 photo Buz 14.jpg

Same goes with Tang Yan! Lol. Who’s keeping count of her projects? That’s gotta be one long list.

 photo Buz 9.jpg

 photo Buz 1.jpg

 photo Buz 3.jpg

Random: Tang Yan for Cosmo Bride.

 photo Buz 17.jpg

 photo Buz 24.jpg

 photo Buz 18.jpg

 photo Buz 19.jpg

 photo Buz 20.jpg

 photo Buz 21.jpg

 photo Buz 22.jpg

 photo Buz 23.jpg

The men: Aaron Kwok plays a handsome business professor, Jerry Lee a helpful friend who loves and supports Yao Chen’s character. Wang Yi Bo, like a puppy, also crushes on her.

 photo Buz 13.jpg

 photo Buz 12.jpg

 photo Buz 2.jpg

 photo Buz 8.jpg

 photo Buz 10.jpg

Directing the project is Korean director Jang Tae Yoo (You Came From The Stars).

I don’t think this was the genre I envisioned for such a cast. I was thinking of either something light and funny or heavy and challenging. Do we really need a female version of the same story? Are we running out of ideas, writers?

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

    to be honest, she’s not a great actress,.. but wow, her management got her many projects.. should i be happy for her, or sad for her.. i wonder, how she devote her time, effort, energy, mind.. she’s a super woman, i guess.. hehe

    aiyoo, it’s been years since the last time i watched aaron kwon’s movie. the last time i saw him on MAMA (music award) 😛

    • 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

      She has one heck of a management company, doesn’t she?!!

      I rarely watch Aaron in movies, only on music shows. ^_^

  2. 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

    I’m a fan of Tang Tang, but I wish she would pick a role that’s completely out of her comfort zone. I’m still waiting for the moment when I see her on the screen, I’d be: wow is that really her? I went to watch some of her past projects like Agent X, she was so badass in the first episode but the moment she stopped swinging punches, her character was again, those 傻甜妹 type.

    So… I’m not really looking forward to this.

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in that photoshoot though

    • 4 thoughts on “Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

      Ditto! Waiting to be wowed by Tang Yan. Maybe when she slows down a bit and takes a vaca. A break is needed for a fresh start!

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