We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

So tired! And I realized it’s only Monday! I’m covering for a co-worker for the next two weeks, totaling to about 120+ hours. Crazy! But income is income and this girl needs to pay off her school loans. So if you don’t see me in the next couple of days, I’m most likely hiding in some corner, trying to catch up with some sleep…. Back to the pretty people above. They actually used one event (the wedding) and spread it out to three episodes. Because I encode the videos, I notice that they have been splitting up each couple into multiple segments. Why? Well, they want to maintain the rating. They want viewers to stay throughout the hour instead of watching one couple and then changing channel. Such a nuisance when I cut the videos!

Episode 250 RECAP:

More hugs to celebrate Jae Rim’s choosing the right hand to marry. 😉

 photo WGM250-1.jpg

It’s So Eun’s turn to correctly find her husband through his prominent, pointed adam’s apple. So Eun is confident in this area but I really want to knock the editing team for how this scene plays out. The guys were basically in the same order (with one/or two switches) and So Eun already saw the lineup before she puts on the eye mask. Really editing team? I know adam’s apple is much harder than hands but at least don’t make it so obvious with your angles viewing at full scene. Tsk, tsk.

 photo WGM250-3.jpg

It’s hilarious how she reaches the second to last man and says out loud, “He doesn’t have one [adam’s apple].”

 photo WGM250-4.jpg

 photo WGM250-5.jpg

She knows. 🙂

 photo WGM250-7.jpg

How adorable are they when So Eun says she can tell it’s Jae Rim just by him breathing next to her? EEEEEEEEEEEE!! And bloody, look at his cocky pose. hee! Jae Rim, of course, swoops in realclose again. 😀

 photo WGM250-8.jpg

 photo WGM250-10.jpg

In his interview cubicle, our groom CANNOT stop smiling about So Eun’s success. He wanted to pick her up and swing her around!! =D Since he couldn’t spin her because of the dress, he adds, “My head was spinning in circles!!” SO EUN AH, YOU LOST YOUR CHANCE TO BE PICKED UP!!! SAY WHAT? More chances in the future? Me likey!!

 photo WGM250-14.jpg

The last task for the couple: the groom’s strength! Jae Rim has to do push-ups while So Eun sits on his back. Man, people! His spine! His spine! Luckily, his thoughtful wife tries to put more pressure on her legs than her bum. 🙂 In his interview, he says, “She’s light.”

 photo WGM250-16.jpg

 photo WGM250-17.jpg

Time to see our groom’s aegyo. Is there something this man can’t do? He’s so cute, saying, “Please pick up your spoons!”

 photo WGM250-19.jpg

So Eun doesn’t look too happy he acts cute better than her. Lol.

 photo WGM250-20.jpg

The scene is made more funny when he warns the guests a second later, “Pick up your spoon if you want to go home.” Lol. Luckily, he didn’t say this same line to me because I would throw my spoon away. This girl is staying. ^_^

 photo WGM250-22.jpg

Receiving their flight ticket! Jae Rim has to sneak in an air kiss. =D

 photo WGM250-25.jpg

Afterwards, the two lovebirds finally have some private time. Jae Rim: “You worked hard.” So Eun: “Oppa, I don’t think I can do that again.” AHHHHHHHHHHHH Did she just say that? How could Jae Rim let that comment fly over his head without his usual cheesy comeback?!

 photo WGM250-26.jpg

Good thing our groom rented a car so that the they can drive away. Their wedding car! LOL! It’s pink and have pictures of their faces taped on the windows. FANGIRLS ALERT? No… we have the common sense of leaving them alone. 😉

 photo WGM250-27.jpg

 photo WGM250-28.jpg

Jae Rim gets this idea from a movie he watched. He wants to watch the stars with her. AWWWWWWW. Why do you need to go so far, sweetie, two stars right here!

 photo WGM250-29.jpg

The silly couple pretending to act out those car scenes in dramas. haha. So Eun repeats So Ji Sub’s famous line from the drama I’m Sorry I Love You, “Do you want to eat? Or date me?” haha causing Jae Rim to laugh from ear to ear. Ah, that theme song.

 photo WGM250-30.jpg

 photo WGM250-31.jpg

So Eun whispers that she lost a lot of weight when the topic of pushing up fats to fill out the wedding gown is mentioned and Jae Rim worriedly looks over at her, “You’re all skin and bones.” And my eyes follow the motion of So Eun caressing Jae Rim’s cute thumb.

 photo WGM250-33.jpg

He comments in his interview that she does a lot of skinship but HIS LIPS remain an untouched land (HOW I READ IT). LOL.

 photo WGM250-34.jpg

The talk of Min Kyo’s hairy throat triggers more touching and hand-holding. Her cold hand was his biggest hint.

 photo WGM250-35.jpg

 photo WGM250-37.jpg

At the park, Jae Rim becomes a lumberjack and chop logs for his woman. What an odd activity to do on your wedding day, no?

 photo WGM250-39.jpg

 photo WGM250-40.jpg

In his interview, Jae Rim thinks it’s cute she wanted to try chopping the log….she wants to try everything others do…except for kissing. heh. You pervert.

 photo WGM250-43.jpg

He brings out a warm pillow for her hand and a blanket. He would not be Jae Rim if he wasn’t so meticulous. ^_^ He even bagged along fish cake and fish-shaped red bean bread to cook.

 photo WGM250-44.jpg

When So Eun goes back to the truck to get fish cake, naughty Jae Rim knocks on the door as if he’s a regular customer waiting for the kind-hearted ajuhmma.

 photo WGM250-48.jpg

 photo WGM250-49.jpg

So Eun plays along and soon the ajuhmma becomes a single lady working alone that night, “Should we grill the bread together?” Jae Rim’s face lights up instantly. Look at their naughty faces!! MUAHA!!

 photo WGM250-51.jpg

The MCs comment that it’s like some weird romance. True true. So Eun talks about a discussion she had with this one director, who also directs films and such, but he’s looking for an overweight actress, so So Eun suggests herself – she would eat all day and night. At that, Jae Rim pleads, “Baby, don’t do that. I’ll earn money.” He holds her hand…

 photo WGM250-53.jpg

 photo WGM250-54.jpg

She asks whether he would still live with her if she weighs over 100kg?”

Jae Rim chuckles, “I don’t mind. I look at people’s insides.” I believe him!

In their own interview, So Eun says she wanted to hear those words “Even if you weigh over that amount, my heart won’t change.” She concludes that he likes pretty girls. But Jae Rim, the MASTER of hard-to-get games, KNEW what his wife wanted to hear, but he won’t give it to her easily. Love that he’s so proud.

 photo WGM250-55.jpg

 photo WGM250-56.jpg

They continue role-playing and now So Eun is the poor heroine working day jobs and night jobs to earn a living for her and her brother. Jae Rim: “What can I do to help?” So Eun: “Do you have money?” LOL.

 photo WGM250-59.jpg

Jae Rim: “I’ll give you all that I earn.” AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. DING! DING! DING!!

 photo WGM250-60.jpg

 photo WGM250-61.jpg

He’s going on a business trip soon and asks what she wants to buy. So Eun: “You.”

 photo WGM250-62.jpg

He explodes into a round of aegyo-ness, completes with stomping and all, exclaiming, “Of course I’ll come!!”

 photo WGM250-64.jpg

 photo WGM250-65.jpg

Later, the two sit side-by-side and decide to use the black rope given as a gift to play the three-legged game. So Eun reaches for the rope in between Jae Rim’s thighs, located behind his right leg. He suggestively asks, “Where are you touching? OMO, HONEY.” HAH! Such a drama queen. He laughs and cups his WEE-WEE with both hands.

 photo WGM250-66.jpg

 photo WGM250-68.jpg

 photo WGM250-71.jpg

 photo WGM250-72.jpg

They walk around in circles before finding the activity boring and unchallenged. You guys are just that good at working together.

 photo WGM250-73.jpg

Watching the stars. So Eun: “No I don’t see any.” Jae Rim looks intensely into her face… “Oh! They’re here!” and grabs either side of her cute face. EEE!!

 photo WGM250-75.jpg

 photo WGM250-77.jpg

This episode is 2 minute and a half shorter than a normal episode! At least 25 minutes, PD!!

  1. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

    Aiiee they’re so cute they give me diabetes~~ They’re the only couple who’re managing to hold my attention.. I mean, I love Jong Hyuk and all (the fact that I watched Cyrano Dating Agency for him should be proof enough) but his couple bits have no attraction…

    Haha, I feel like the PD is like one of us students towards the end of the semester… just scraping by with the bare minimum he needs to survive.. either that, or they’re trying to save this couple’s stuff and show it little by little, while showing more footage of the other unpopular couples so that they have consistent high ratings.. like those artists who manage to sell whole albums because of 1-2 good songs…

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

      I only skim through the other couples to find SoRim’s segments. Lol. No comments on their chemistry.

      Yea, I get the feeling that they don’t meet up as often as we would like them to. One meeting usually extend for 2/3 episodes. But then again, I wouldn’t want to miss out any conversation of cheese that would take place. 😉

  2. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

    Thanks for your lovely recap.. really adore this couple but because I don’t want to miss their segment, I get to watch the other couples too. Believe me they’re catching up somewhat coz I find their interactions more cute now (YongAh cpl) and less cringey (Minyoung cpl ).

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

      If I watch other couples, I might never find my bed. Lol.

  3. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

    Oh man, I missed So many episodes Now got to catch up over break. Sorry to heAr that you have to work over the holidays.

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

      On Christmas Eve I get out at 4, off on Christmas, then back to the work on Friday. It’s okay. Someone has to work and newbies get the worst shifts. Fact of life! 🙂

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