Cvariety: Dad, Where Are We Going? (S2) Episodes

Summer begins with a batch of new kids. =)

Meet the fathers and their kids!

NOTE: In order to keep the filesize below 1GB for folks with slow internet speed, I have decided to use 450p resolution. Keep in mind, it’s a variety show, close to two hours long. This is the first time I’m releasing my encode to the public. 😉

Episode list:

♦ Episode 1
450p ASK (until we have an official team name)

♦ Episode 2
450p ASK

♦ Episode 3
450p ASK
– Yea…, will be dropping this project b/c it’s low in downloads and supporters.

Kappy: The kids are really young, why China? But I do love them already. Right off the bat, they have shown to be very kind and supportive of each other. As the oldest, Christian (or Dou Dou) is a big sister to all her siblings. Bei’er is a sweet heart (prettiest girl, ain’t she?), she cracks me up by standing on the sideline and covering her eyes while the dads fiercely fought for the soccer ball. How many balls does Gary Chaw have? He brought TWINS – Joe & Grace, along with him?!! Grace is a mixed between last year’s Angela and Kimi. Yang Yang is gonna be the crazy, explosive one. See this? LOL. The strictness in Francis Ng‘s parenting style…. Poor Feynman, but you see the boy has a strong, fighting spirit, getting up repeatedly no matter how many times he was pushed down. They need to pair Francis with prankster Lu Yi in order to deflate some of those tension in him!

How did you like episode 1?

  1. 4 thoughts on “Cvariety: Dad, Where Are We Going? (S2) Episodes

    Omg Yang Yang Yang was so cute when he saw the Ng family coming to visit.
    I love how Grace wants to be called jei jei (older sister) lol. I feel bad for Gary having to care for 2 kids, but joe seem pretty self sufficient.

    I still miss Kimi and Shi Tou and the others

  2. 4 thoughts on “Cvariety: Dad, Where Are We Going? (S2) Episodes

    LOL~~!! yang yang yang!! what a name! and what a crazy kid!! flashing his friend to the whole world!! 😛

    the kids are pretty mild this season huh? gary chaw made the decision himself to bring twins, can’t blame anyone. lol. joe has yet to show us his unique side, maybe he’s the quiet one of the two, it’s always like that with twins.

    doudou is such a cool kid. very calm and helpful. beier is a girly girl with her perfect hair!! 😀

    feynman is a little off…did you notice how he likes to stick out his tongue during the soccer game? francis is all about tough love. so yea.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Cvariety: Dad, Where Are We Going? (S2) Episodes


    came across here while searching for episodes of the 2nd season of Chinese Dad where are we going to download or to watch…. Watched some episodes of it while in China last month. Now I crave for the weekly dose of new episode of the cuteness of the babies and the father.

    Sad to see that you already dropped the project. Can you (or anyone reading this) recommend any place to watch or download them?

    Thank you…

    • 4 thoughts on “Cvariety: Dad, Where Are We Going? (S2) Episodes

      Sorry, lack of activity results in dead links really quick. I don’t want my effort to go to waste.

      But you can watch this show on youtube every week.

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