Merry Christmas Drifters!

Wow, it’s definitely a rowdy morning around here. So much fun happening when I’m catching up with sleep? Thanks a bunch to my lovely ladies – Keane and Nutella, for their recommendations! Remember to check those out. I’ll just do what I do best, posting pretty pictures of Christmas-themed photoshoots. Have a great holidays! Stay warm and cozy with your family!

Lots of cute coming your way~~

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Adorable theme song for Chinese Ver. of Dad, Where Are We Going?

 photo Dad19.jpg

After listening to the theme song, it’s indeed very, very cute. I’m not sure how many kids/dads participated in the recording so I put down all five, which should be correct. If you’re looking for the full theme song, you’re in the right place as it was dropped 2 days ago. I watched titbits of episode 3 and Angela cracked me up when she tried to climb the sand hill. Seems like her dad needs to learn the ways of his daughter. Isn’t the cookie cutter resemblance between the kids and the dads amazing? I look nothing like my parents. So… *whistles*

Check out the stills and music video after the cut.

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