CMovie: The Fierce Wife Finale OST

Track list:

— Full Album —
01. 幸福難不難 Happiness Is Hard – Yisa Yu
02. 一個人生活 A Person’s Life – Freya Lim
03. 幸福回不去了 Happiness Cannot Go Back (instr.) – Jim Lee
04. Love You More Than Any One – Adrian Fu
05. 一個人 A Person (instr.) – Jim Lee
06. 五天幾年 Five-Day Years – Freya Lim
07. 忐忑 Flustered (instr.) – Jim Lee
08. 指望 Hope – Yisa Yu
09. 再談一次戀愛 Talk About First Love (instr.) – Jim Lee
10. 這樣愛你好可怕 Loving You Like This Is Scary – Freya Lim
11. 一個人精采 A Wonderful Person (instr.) – Jim Lee
12. 暖心 Warm Heart – Yisa Yu
13. 三人行,不行。 Threesome, Won’t Do (instr.) – Jim Lee
14. 不痛不快 Won’t Hurt Won’t Be Happy – Freya Lim
15. 幸福需要冒險 Happiness Requires Risks (instr.) – Jim Lee
16. 好想你也在 Thinking of You – Yisa Yu

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I was scavenger hunting for more tracks on In A Good Way OST and stumbled upon this gem. I haven’t seen the drama nor movie finale (okay, I skimmed it) however I got word fans were tricked. No matter how bad the acting or story telling came to be, the movie did in fact produce a great soundtrack. I’ve been stalking Adrian Fu’s fb; wish he’d come out an LP soon. Pretty talented guy, IMO. Without further ado, enjoy the wonderful tunes Drifters.

  1. 4 thoughts on “CMovie: The Fierce Wife Finale OST

    Will check out the songs, me too I haven’t watch this drama yet. Heard about the movie as well.
    O/T: Have you heard about TVB producing a short series, Chris and James will be playing the male leads but the female lead is Kate Tsui? Such a coincidence the two of them,again.

    • 4 thoughts on “CMovie: The Fierce Wife Finale OST

      Knowing Tvb, it is probably not a coincidence. They want to warrant a hot fight between the guys again for the second time. Which is good for exposure because of the intense devotion from the fans.

      Like you guys, I haven’t watched either productions from this franchise. My list is getting too long. =/

      Nice share Miss K!

  2. 4 thoughts on “CMovie: The Fierce Wife Finale OST

    i skimmed the last few episodes of the fierce wife and found the final ep ost here. i am so grateful for your post because i am officially an adrian fu fan now. i’m so late…i know, but better late than never. 🙂

    • 4 thoughts on “CMovie: The Fierce Wife Finale OST

      You said it best, “better late than never”. C’mon, sing with me, anglvue…. Hello, Good Morning Hard City….

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