A Virtual Voyage turns 6!

It is 5:30A.M and I have 20 minutes to write this post before I head to clinical. Frankly, I didn’t even remember until my schedule alerted me last night. Yep, I’m never good with all things wrinkle-related.

This year… I want cookies and cakes. 😉

I’m sure I’m supposed to say something meaningful and deep, but my brain has nothing valuable to sputter this early in the morning. Nada. I initially wanted to hold a fun giveaway for our supporters but my status (read: jobless bum in school) doesn’t allow for lavish gifts! Maybe next year after I graduated. ^^?

Now down to the real deal, something more personal (my emo side is very strong this morning). If you recall, I said a few weeks back that I made some big and small decisions for the new year? The biggest one is keeping this blog running. Perhaps it’s the blue bug hitting me but there was a period of time where I felt completely lost and stressed out about keeping this ship afloat. You know the saying right? End things when they are in their best state? Well, AVV is nowhere near that ideal state yet…. it’s been stuck in a standstill these past few months. I need resolutions for myself and this ship!

*looks at clock* Running out of time!

Anyway, It’s not easy to run a blog, so I would like to give virtual hugs to all bloggers (and my lovely group of members) who slave behind their screen day in and day out, ensuring that their visitors always have something new to read. You guys rock my boat. Quite literally in my case. 😀

Lastly, have a kiss from my favorite Lady of the Wind!

Good day everyone!

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    awww!! another year has passed for my favorite blog! 😀

    don’t feel stressed out my friend, you have school year round, we understand your lack of updates, so dont close this blog! i have too much memories here of having fun and fooling and ranting and raving! i like AVV because it’s low key and everyone is really nice and helpful.

    keep going! me luff you!!

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    Happy birthday AVV !!!! Thanks for this amazing blog and thanks to all the nice people on this ship!!! 🙂

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    Happy 6th birthday, Alice & AVV. Wishing all your hopes and dreams come true. I wonder if our other fellow bloggers remember this day or not? Ring in the Year of the Ma. My promise is to continue bringing the joys of music for the least.

    Pardon all my recent tardiness. Recovering from tonsillitis. My first time being infected and hopefully my last. I’m glad this is a blog and not a podcast for that. Heh!

    Sidenote: Our friends’ gravatars are funny.

    Ka Yau, Batman!

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  4. 17 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 6!

    Happy birthday AVV! I wish you all the best! ^_^

  5. 17 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 6!

    Wow! Can’t believe AVV turned 6 already. Happy Birthday

  6. 17 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 6!

    Happy Birfdai to you, Happy birfdai to you, Happy birfdai dear AVeeVeeeeeeeeee, Happy birfdai to youuuu~

    I am so sorry I am late! Bad things happening in real life >.<;; Thank you so much Kappy for 6 years worth of purty HDD goodies and split-my-sides-laughing post. You will never have any idea how much this blog (and the bloggers behind it) are appreciated, because in order to tell you so I would sound ridiculously sappy. Safe to say I love this place ^u^ I know all too well about real life getting in the way, and therefore really appreciate the effort you all put in here, and so it doesn't matter if posting is slow or whatever… we just want to know you are there. Hell, I'll stick around even without the goodies, I love ya'll that much <333 May this blog have many many more years of awesomesauceness~

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    WOW!!! 6 Years!!! It’s an accomplishment for ANY blog!!

    I’m usually a lurker but I just want to speak up today. I remember finding this blog through You’re Beauitful and then the rest is history. I absolutely love the compiled albums you guys have up for download. The mega album from Heartstrong, Dream High, Whats Up are all in my collection. What will I do without you kind people?!!

    Happy Birthday! 😉

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    Happy Birthday! 6 years = a great accomplisment! Still my favourite place to drop by to chat about anything and everything under the Asian entertainment sun! Well done, K! 🙂

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    Happy Birthday 🙂 hehe…I’m just one of those silent readers who passes by every so often. I remember when this blog was called Alice Chen’s, if I remember correctly, writing about Charmaine Sheh. Looking back, this blog has expanded so much, keep up the good work!

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    Yes, happy birthday AVV! Keep up with the interesting latest contents that I enjoy to read time to time. I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out this blog was previously AliceChen’s world, where I used to go years ago to download OSTs. Glad to have found it back 🙂

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    Woooohooo! 6 years! one of the longest blog around for goodies! You guys lasted and persevered through a lot. I’m amazed and glad to be a part of this amazing trip.

    Wishing for more years to come!

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    Thanks for taking your time and dropping a lovely note people! I appreciate and enjoy reading every single one. It’s been hell of a week for me. There has never been a time where I searched for sleep so desperately these past few days of the new semester. I’m a night owl so waking up at 4:30 every day and coming home late is taking a toll on the time I can spent updating this blog, unfortunately. And the list of school assignments! *BAHHHHH*

    Nevertheless, stay with me now ~~

    And it still surprises me when people mentioned ACW. ğŸ˜Ž Very good memory!

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    I am so so so late (like a week!) but Happy Belated Birthday AVV!!!!!!! (I also remember your previous blog too, oh it brings back memoriessss~) Keep up the great work and I look forward to your posts – love the variety here. 🙂

    • 17 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 6!

      Thank-you Kat. You remember this blog’s previous name too?!!! o_o Woohoo! I guess I did something right somewhere. X)

      I hope I last a few more years before my teeth and hair start falling out! ^^

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