Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

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Nice, she finds a new way and place for brooding! Take that shower-dependent dudes!

Episode 1 is to fool you guys. The cute, the perfect meeting, and the sexy night. All is just a brief dream-like sequence in the heroine’s life as she escaped the hell trap in Seoul. Now that she’s back, episode 2 is a much better indication of the tone for the rest of this series. Which is full of angst, bad decisions, and psychotic behaviors. Hopefully, the writer intends for a lot of character growth. Because so far, he/she fails at balancing the light and dark moments.

Episode 2 Summary (minus the crazy stuff, but craziness still seeps in):

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We take a few steps back to reveal Hyun Woo’s decision. I believe he always intends to show up that night. Due to a sudden change at work, he flies back to Seoul to finish the construction mapping before he returns to Jejudo Island that night, to find the beach empty. He stays there all night, not knowing that Ji Hye has flown back to Seoul that very morning.

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For Ji Hye and Tae Wook, they have relocated their conversation to a fancy place, sitting across from each other. Kim Ji Hoon behaves like a modern emperor with his nose in the air. As she’s sipping coffee, he scans her from head to toe and interrogates her vacation in Jejudo, “Did anything happen?” He’s being casual but she appears defensive and tells him to stop his questioning manner, they’re currently not at the stage to be talking on friendly terms.

Tae Wook leans back in his comfy chair and says, “You seem impatient after the trip, where there are guys who have been dumped two months prior to his wedding.” Oh mister. Then in a monotone fashion, he admits he was wrong for taking things too lightly. He asks her to take him back. Tskk tskk, this man is so emotionless, you feel like smacking him than taking him back for sure.

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Then the conversation steers to the problem of their relationship: He doesn’t understand why her pride is hurt, does she not like money? He’s giving her 1 million dollars for their wedding, in which she’s to hand to her mother-in-law as gifts (but it’s from him) and she’s refusing the check because he’s insulting her family. Most importantly, she now realizes their families don’t match each other, and she can’t measure up to him either.

The resolution is nowhere in sight for these two and he feels stuffy inside this room, suggesting that they talk outside. She doesn’t budge so he forcefully grips her wrist.

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Back in the castle of doom, Tae Wook’s mother and father are discussing his problems. She doesn’t like Ji Hye at all, citing that the girl seems nice but cold, innocent but opinionated. In short, she thinks Ji Hye shouldn’t complain about anything since she’s dating their little jewel, even with her low status as the daughter of a fruit shop owner.

It’s funny that the husband has a different train of thought from her. He thinks girls with an average background are easier to handle and have less chances of using their rich families to rob his fortune. Lord, these two are a perfect match. It’s then that Hye Jung, their second daughter-in-law, brings in bedtime tea. Mother takes this chance to change the breakfast menu and Hye Jung nods subserviently, although outside their room, her sharp glare is not to be taken lightly.

Back inside the room, father-in-law calls his wife terrible for sending Hye Jung to the hotel where Tae Jin was sleeping with another woman. She flips the table around and says that she’s done the same exact thing for him when he was younger. Rich men cheat, she replies. Oh, so you want others to go through the same pain as you? That’s how you roll. H’m Kay.

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Parking over a bridge, Tae Wook gets out and stands before the driving cars below him. Ji Hye joins him and he immediately launches, “What are you so disappointed about?!!” Her eyes remain stuck to the ground as she speaks coolly, “I’m not disappointed.” He’s exasperated, referring to her stone face. “This is you being not disappointed?” She responds that she’s upset about him hiding his rich family status from her for the past 3 years while he knew and have seen everyone in her family.

He states his reasons for doing so is exactly what’s happening now. He fears that once she knew, she would run away from him. And because she didn’t know, she has stayed with him for 3 years. Oh boy, where’s the confidence you displayed just now? Or do you know that she has every right to feel choked over your family’s attitude? She speaks out that marrying him makes her feel like she’s being sold. That’s exactly what his 1 million dollars means. He’s offended and screams, “What would you do if I were dirt-poor with an ailing mother?” She finds it unfair, those are two different problems, but he doesn’t think so, calling her reserved and innocent, “but in the face of marriage conditions, you’re exactly the same as other women.”

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She stares at him, indignant, as he continues to say that he grew up like this, he can’t be the kind of man that lives in a small house with his in-laws, therefore, “if you love him, just come to me. Because your stubborn attitude makes a man feel inferior!!”

I’m not sure about you guys, but at this point, they’re going in circles and I’m laughing because Kim Ji Hoon sounds hilarious in his argument. “Saying that mother is shameless in her bragging, don’t I look noble (to you?)” hahah XD

Basically, she doesn’t want to appear desperate and lowly in front of his family but he’s making her feel that way by throwing money at her. Yet he can’t change because he was brought up this day. What about her, you cricket? Why should she give in to you just because you’re the rich one here? Whut what?

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Then he gives up and tells her to think positively for once, “That everything will be fine. It’ll be fine.” He steps closer, trying to hug her but she resists his touch, until he directs her to stay still. Even hugging is so hard between you two. It’s alarming for bigger problems, no?

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With a tearful Ji Hye in his arms, Tae Wook promises to protect her no matter what. She relents but it’s important to take note that she isn’t returning the hug, rather she just drops her arms altogether.

Happy Kim Ji Hoon screencaps for you fans:

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Cheater Tae Jin returns home from work and expects Hye Jung to communicate with him. She doesn’t. He follows her around and acts like a puppy, which makes me feel creeps all over my body. He explains that he sleeps around with women as a mean to exercise his body only, but he wants to talk to her only. She doesn’t care. He grabs her and throws them both on the bed. They’re husband and wife, I know, but when she looks horrified and disgusted by his touch. That’s rape!

See guys, the day Hye Jung turns on this family, it’ll be the end of peace for them.

SKIP. SKIP. Crazy Family. SKIP. Cheating Husband ashamed of wife. SKIP.

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Tae Wook brings Ji Hye to meet his mother. The mother-in-law says nicely but very firmly that Ji Hye should be visiting them daily from now on to build their relationship. She literally jumps out of her seat when Ji Hye admits it’s her fault for lacking. The old woman likes to be controlling and right. She makes it clear that Tae Wook cannot take her side.

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On a deserted road with only two cars. One has Tae Wook driving a stone-faced Ji Hye home, and the other car belongs to Hyun Woo, who happens to be driving home after checking out Ji Hye’s profile at work.

The two men look in her direction. But she’s aloof to their attention.

Kap: My verdict? Too crazy. I’m at this point in my life where controlling drama people aren’t going to engage me anymore. I do however think that Kim Ji Hoon has the meatier role here. It’s always good to start your characters lacking and inflexible and then develop them as the story progresses. In this, Tae Wook can learn to stand up to his overbearing family. He’s too timid and uptight, just like Ji Hye. They need to relax and live. Which I think is the purpose of Lee Sang Woo’s role in their lives. He’s been the perfect prince up till now and I guess that’s it for his character, pining after Ji Hye for several episodes before he knows she’s engaged. Then he would bang heads with Tae Wook and develop bromance.

For Ji Hye, I hope she doesn’t marry into his family in the next 20 episodes or else I won’t sympathize with her at all. She saw the fire twenty feet away, but if she decides to enter the cave, then she only has herself to blame. I also can’t understand her. She feels it’s not right to marry him but she’s constantly seeking assurance from someone else. Girl, it’s your life. It’s one of the biggest decisions! Her sister is definitely not the voice of reason. And can I just say how annoyed I am with the Director for the excessive close-up shots of Nam Sang Mi’s eyes? Twice is enough.

I felt sorry for Hye Jung but my sympathy wore down pretty quickly when I learned that she visited the demon’s household for 3 long months before she married into their family. Unless she had a life-and-death situation, I won’t waste my energy to care. To be honest, the Kang residence is not the place you need two inspections to discover that all the fake smiles and nice words is merely a front to maintain their classy appearance. The suffocation smothers throughout the castle of death the moment you step foot into the entrance. One look and I’d be zipping towards the opposite direction. No need for gas. I’d use my own blood if necessary.

Unfortunately, I won’t be following. Peace! *waves*

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

    Hahaha! Kapn’n you’ve already jumped ship?! Can’t say i blame you, this mother is s crazy as it gets.
    I kinda did feel sorry for Hye Jung thinking maybe just as Tae Wook promised Ji Hye he’ll protect her, Tae Jin probably did the same thing. I was looking at their pictures together, seems like in the beginning when it was all lovey dovey she thought it was going to be ok despite the crazy mother. She realized too late that she’d flown into the cuckoo’s nest, hopefully Ji Hye’ll fly over it

    I think she really does not want not be with him – or deal with the drama that comes with him, as you pointed out she did not hug him back, although she still went to meet the mother. Maybe she went there for the last time cos she really needed Thor’s hammer to hit her with a dose of reality for her to get the conviction she needs to detach herself from the 3 year (?) relationship.

    I’m not sure how i feel about this drama, If eps the next eps don’t entice me i’ll prob jump ship too

    • 5 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

      heh. I learned Annette! The hard way! With Feast of the God, Lee Sang Woo’s character was at least mysterious/intriguing as Haemil. Here, his character is purrrrfect, which leaves barely any room for character development.

      Then that means Tae Jin must be a good actor for fooling Hye Jung into marrying him. My question now is WHY is she staying in this oppressing life? Planning revenge? I note that she has this vicious look whenever she brings them tea. Poison!? 😛

      I really want to know what Ji Hye sees in Tae Wook for the past three years. It stinks that we’re dropped in the middle (or is it end?) of their dating life. We only get stone-faced from Ji Hye and not an ounce of happiness, as opposed to her short vacation in Jejudo.

      Please let me know if this drama goes some place interesting. Important is Ji Hye’s decision. Yes or No. Girl better not be crazy. Tskkkk.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

    i just came to say that its funny how you used kim ji hoon’s waving picture to say goodbye. funny. lol.

    thats all.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

    I would like to update our Kap about the story’s progress. Ji Hye married Tae Wook and LSW is engaged to some other girl who’s obsessed with him. That is, after a year passed from their short time affair in Jeju. Still more episodes to go. I am about to give up watching this as it takes a lot of space in my ‘puter. 😀

    • 5 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

      Aw, thank-you didyay. Very sweet of you. I didn’t even bother to check out what’s happening ever since I saw JH’s wedding photos with TW. Crazy girl. She was like mummy’s bride that day. Same for the groom.

      Stream my friend, streaming online is the way to go for lackluster dramas. 😉

      Some girl obsessed with LSW? You’re sure it’s not one of us fan girls? 😛

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