Goddess of Marriage: Episode 2 “To marry or not?”

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Nice, she finds a new way and place for brooding! Take that shower-dependent dudes!

Episode 1 is to fool you guys. The cute, the perfect meeting, and the sexy night. All is just a brief dream-like sequence in the heroine’s life as she escaped the hell trap in Seoul. Now that she’s back, episode 2 is a much better indication of the tone for the rest of this series. Which is full of angst, bad decisions, and psychotic behaviors. Hopefully, the writer intends for a lot of character growth. Because so far, he/she fails at balancing the light and dark moments.

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Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

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Ladies, this is NOT the right reaction when you’re in LSW’s arms, alrighty?

Ah, I’m so torn about this drama. There is one aspect that I really love (the three leads) and A LOT that I wish is cut down. It seems like the writer enjoys writing about unhappy people. Most of her male characters are cheating, decadent scoundrels who live believing that their wives should grovel beneath their feet. And the women, why? WHY submit yourself to such a suffocating life? Cut the drama, give me the cute!

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Trailer for ‘Goddess of Marriage’ with Lee Sang Woo & Nam Sang Mi

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Interesting line-up for the males. We have 2 experienced second-lead heart breakers. All because of their character status – never evaar getting the girl. Except Lee Sang Woo has done it before. Sometimes I wonder if Do Yoon fans from Feast of the Gods still hang around here, still bitter and upset (I know I am)! In Goddess of Marriage, the main male lead is not really clear yet so fans from both side can still breathe, just prepare Kleenex and duct tape, for your eyes and heart. The female lead lands in Nam Sang Mi’s hands and I’m neutral with her. She’s cool but lacks the screen presence to pull me in. The story will follow her and other ladies as they love and discover the not-so-cool side of marriage. Of course, you can’t forget about the entangled love triangles. Isn’t all premise like this? One day you’re jogging along a flower-filled road, and then Mr. Sunshine pops up from behind? 😉

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