Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

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Ladies, this is NOT the right reaction when you’re in LSW’s arms, alrighty?

Ah, I’m so torn about this drama. There is one aspect that I really love (the three leads) and A LOT that I wish is cut down. It seems like the writer enjoys writing about unhappy people. Most of her male characters are cheating, decadent scoundrels who live believing that their wives should grovel beneath their feet. And the women, why? WHY submit yourself to such a suffocating life? Cut the drama, give me the cute!

Episode 1 Summary:

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Meet our leading lady, Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi), a radio writer, who’s traveling to the beautiful island of Jejudo to rope in her friend’s husband as the upcoming guest. However, despite the little smiles she gives to many people, alone her face reads not a hint of happiness. She isn’t a people-friendly person you see, placing her luggage in the compartment and taking up ALL the space. Our gentleman guy, Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) doesn’t bother her and tasks it upon himself to shift and organize the compartment to fit in his own stuff.

He sits down beside her, and before he knows it, her book and pencil has fallen out of her hands. He picks them up, noting that she’s sleeping soundlessly. There’s this awkward moment where he looks at her posture and decides it’s best that he holds onto the book rather than being seen as a pervert by placing them in her lap.

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Hyun Woo casually opens the book and her commentaries on the side amuse him. He continues to flip through the pages with a smile on his face. Hello there megawatt smile. 😀 Long time no see.

After they land, Ji Hye drops her book in a hurry, and Hyun Woo picks it up for her, but he misses her by a second to a taxi.

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Cut to another unhappy woman named Hong Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran). She treads with heavy steps into a spacious condo, where her pig husband, Kang Tae Jin (Kim Jung Tae) is asleep next to a young woman. This sight must not be new because she isn’t shaken by his infidelity. After she gently wakes up the girl, she stirs him awake, and places his suit, pants, and underwear onto the bed, reminding him to go to work on time.

Hye Jung then returns to her in-laws family and reports to her rich mother-in-law that she made sure her cheating husband is on his way to work. The grumpy old woman lifts a casual brow, “Did you make sure he eat breakfast?”

Er, and you thought Joo Won’s mother from Secret Garden is worst! Check out this monster!

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Jejudo Island must be small because these two wanderers meet again while touring the pretty scenery. Before this, Ji Hye was told by her friend to be careful, a murder took place recently. (AND WHY THE HECK DID YOU LET HER GO ALONE? I know. The killer would wait for her to make the call for help before he cuts her up. Got it.)

So when Hyun Woo shows up in her face all smiley, she’s confused, and a little worried. Until he unzips his bag and we watch her eyes go wide. She turns and screams, “Umma, help me!” while running down the alley. Hyun Woo’s like What’s wrong with this chick?

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A little while later, they meet again. This time, he doesn’t approach her directly but heavens forbid that to happen because a group of students run past her, tipping her balance. Hyun Woo has no choice but lends a hand to catch her… right into his arms. Recognizing his face as the creep from earlier, she yelps, “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

This is funny. He looks mortified. He lets go of her and demands that she stops her insanity. He returns her book in broad daylight and they clear up their morning misunderstanding.

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And thus begins the 3-day vacation where two lonely souls seek out each other’s company, and finding that it’s a pleasant surprise.

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I love these slow-mo shots. Sometimes, it feels like a CF for couples. ha. Having spent the whole day together, they now stand before the sea and let the crashing waves flow back and forth beneath their feet. Feeling an attraction with his new friend, Hyun Woo takes the first step and bravely asks her out for dinner, “Do you want to have dinner with this psycho?” She teases him in return, “Won’t it be dangerous?”

They smile and he oddly takes her wrist. She hesitates under his touch and gradually allows herself to be guided down the beach.

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This part is so cute! Hyun Woo’s attempt at flirting and he fails miserably. Love his shy nod to the side! It feels like Lee Sang Woo is blushing for real in this scene. He’s a quiet man in real life, so saying these cheesy lines must have been awkwardly embarrassing for him. Cute for us, so gobble up ladies!

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Ji Hye is letting her guard down around this stranger. How could she not? Looks what he’s doing above. He’s treating her like a queen! A truck crawls up behind them and he urges her to start running. Then he lifts her bag to decrease the weight on her shoulders. So sweet.

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HAHA. Another funny scene. Ji Hye steps in cow poopoo and looks at him flustered. “Can you do something?” What else would he do? Hyun Woo marches over and throws her over his broad, muscular shoulders, and carries her off. She’s taken aback but doesn’t argue.

He pauses and she questions his sudden stillness. His jaw clenches and the camera pans down…to his shoe being stuck in another mass of poo. 😛

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Cut to another messed up family. Obedient housewife, Kwon Eun Hee (Jang Yung Nam), who’s ordered to stay home at all times like she’s a guard dog. Her husband, No Seung Soo (Jang Hyun Sung), is a news anchor who’s also cheating on her with another pretty, English-speaking female.

Because of her, he forces his young kids to learn English too. And there’s a terrible scene where he’s speaking on the phone with the pretty female in English in front of Eun Hee, saying stuff like, “It’s okay, she doesn’t understand what I’m staying. BTW, you’re so HOT.”

Oh My Gawwwd. I need to find that killer because there are men in need of reconstruction!

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Ji Hye’s and Hyun Woo’s first clash. She reveals her dreams to him, being happily married without the burden of status and wealth. She states that she’s willing to live in a hut with him. Hyun Woo finds this thinking of love outdated/unachievable with modern women. Thinking that he’s mocking her, she walks away from him.

Aw. His puppy tendency is to follow by her side, not speaking lest he irritates her further. But then rain pours down on them. Immediately he pulls out his jacket and covers her. She’s touched by his action, curious at the same time. Why is he so nice?

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And here’s our fourth crazy family. The daughter is a plastic barbie who’s obsessed with fixing her face in hopes of catching a rich man. O_O Above is her raging mother after finding out what her daughter has done, again. New nose.

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The sudden rain requires Ji Hye and Hyun Woo to stay at a resident’s house for the night, together in the same room. She’s taking the bed and he’s lying on the floor. But her constant visits to the bathroom makes him uneasy. He gets up to sleep outside, fearing that his presence in the room is the source of her distress.

She speaks up, explaining that he’s not the reason why she can’t sleep. Then she stops, and just looks inquisitively at him. Overcome by passion, he grabs her for a kiss. She pushes him away.
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Seeing her unsettled expression, he does the best thing possible, he pulls her into his broad chest, caressing her gently until she closes her eyes, sinking into his sincerity and warmth. And she kisses him back.

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Next morning, they brood over their sexy one-night stand. She stares listlessly into space, guilt joining her already stormy emotions. While he’s overseeing the vast sea, contemplating about last night.

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Ji Hye’s leaving this Island and returning to Seoul today. She sees Hyun Woo and begins to run away, as if the sound of his voice could change her mind. Anguished to do the right thing, Hyun Woo wishes that they can settle down and think this over, he doesn’t want to let her leave this Island feeling ashamed. He proposes that they take another few hours to think this over and if they both desire the same thing, meet him at the same place they met.

She doesn’t reply. But we do see her running in a lighter mood to that place, but gloom quickly engulfs her, and guilt magnifies itself.


Because she’s engaged to another fine, fine man, in Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon), who’s enraged that she ran away without telling him. BTW, he’s the cheating husband’s brother. Not that one, the other one. Who’s keeping tabs here?

Anyway, Tae Wook enlists people to spy on Ji Hye’s flight schedule and silently waits for her in front of her house. He isn’t shy to let her know that he’s fuming with her sudden disappearance and slams the door of his car with a bang.

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We don’t know what their problem is yet but from the way he wrist-grabs her, the lady isn’t fond of that move. He’s different from sunshine Hyun Woo, that’s for sure. He’s strict and almost inflexible.

Kap: I didn’t expect Lee Sang Woo and Nam Sang Mi to have such natural, easy-going chemistry with each other. They’re cute together but she’s so bogged down in her relationship that I feel will torment Hyun Woo down the road. Do I have to see his broken heart look twice? He should stop playing nice guys.

We only have one minute (or ~40 seconds) screen time for Kim Ji Hoon, so I can’t judge him or his character yet. But I will say this, good-looking male in a suit. 😉

  1. 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

    Oh gosh, you just got me soooooo interested in this one. Not sure if i can fit it into my already bloated k-drama schedule but…

    • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

      Let’s hope the cute will balance out the crazy drama. I’m not into extreme makjang elements at the moment. heh.

      Episode 2 will determine whether I stick with this or not!

  2. 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

    Just watched the 1 two eps, i’m not too sure about the one night stand. I did not feel the sense they were attracted to each other like that, the casual like/interest i can agree with but the whole one night stand did not make sense. It’s funny how in Kdramas they seem to say that if a male and female are in one room they sleep together

    I am not liking Kang Tae Wook one bit – this girl needs to run for the hills and never look back, he has too many issues/baggage with his scary family. He is every bit as controlling as his mother and no he will not be able to protect her from his mother because he is completely under her control. He does not have the courage to stand up to her even though he thinks he does.

    Do not like No Seung Soo and his side dish, it will not end well for both of them atleast i hope so – btw who the heck is writing their eng dialogue! Lol! As i’m watching some of their scenes i’m laughing like who says that!! I skip their scenes – as i had mentioned before somewhere in this blog TW know how to insert eng appropriately and effectively. In Kdramas it’s always used in a condescending way

    • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

      I feel the attraction from Hyun Woo, he certainly likes her. But I didn’t feel it from her. It felt like she needs a release/escape route in someone, and Hyun Woo, who’s been so nice and warm, is conveniently the hot man in the same room.

      Not too sure about Tae Wook, haven’t watched episode 2 but from this eppy alone, he seems controlling enough. What’s with the spying on her flight schedule?!

      I’m just rolling at the English. I remember you saying that. Tdramas know how to insert those scenes very well.

      • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

        In ep 2 you get to see what Tae Wook is all about

        You are so right in there not being any attraction coming from her, that’s why that one night stand does not make sense at all

        In ep 2 you get to see how crazy Tae Wook’s family is, feel sorry for his sister in law. Don’t want to give away anything before you watch it so will wait till you do

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          The one night stand makes sense to me because they are both vulnerable in that situation and it could happen in real life. It’s a mistake no doubt, but we can’t write it off as an impossibility.

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          oh you two, relax. its just a one-night stand, no biggie. they’re fully grown adults and he thinks she’s single. she needs comfort and here he is all handsome and hot in the same room. it happens!

          but i wouldn’t be following this drama. too crazy mofo!

          me two cents. hehe

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          Alice i think you’re misunderstanding me. i’m not saying the whole one night stand situation is not plausible, it is but not with this particular couple. I see he likes her but she does not seem like she likes/is attracted to him enough to have a one night stand (maybe bad acting on her part). It’s just like you mentioned in your post above that you don’t feel it from her
          I understand the scenario they’re trying to put together and that they’re vulnerable. This actress is not showing or atleast convincing me, maybe she was trying to show some reservations but she comes off as being not that into/not having that connection with him – that was my point, but otherwise i agree with you about the scenario being realistic

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          Interesting discussion guys! Let me put in my 2 cents as someone who has had two one-night stands. Not sure whether you girls have one before. lol.

          For one, I was totally attracted to the guy. I slept with him, we were both tipsy. I wish we could’ve went further than one night. But it didn’t happen.

          The second time around, the guy definitely liked me (for how long, god knows), and I didn’t. But he was there at the right time and right moment. One-night stand is “spontaneous” and “lusty” girls. There’s no planning, as long as the guy is decent-looking (LOL). Nam Sang Mi might not have been the most expressive actress but when she closed her eyes, I believe it’s the director’s order for her to tell us that she’s taking that risky move with this stranger.

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          I get you Annette, but I still think it worked for these two. I agree that NSM might not have been the most effective in that scene.

          Thanks for the input Shelly, even revealing your personal life to us. That was interesting to read.

          I’m watching episode 2 atm, and lordy, the controlling freak show in this drama!

        • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

          Thanks Shelly. I totally get that it’s spontaneous but as you said there has to be an attraction. With this actress i was not feeling it – she did not convey it well

          Alice how about that dose of control freak !!! Will meet you in the second post

  3. 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

    thank you for this recap! i cant stop smiling here! oh my.. i miss him so much.. lee sang woo oppa.. and of course his beautiful smile.. oh looking at his smile makes me feel good!

    and nam sang mi looks beautiful..

    • 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

      Enjoy it while you can Yui! Episode 2 ain’t the same, sadly!

      Tskkk tskkk tskkk!

  4. 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

    i freaking hate this drama and stopped watching it. Full of cheaters, even the main character woman. She should just break up with her fiance and do whatever she likes instead of getting angry at him because he is from a rich family and tries to control her. But, whatever reason she has, meeting another man behind his back is not cool. Hate cheaters in real life and in dramas.

  5. 15 thoughts on “Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

    It is unique and funny at the same time. I hope you are not taking it too seriously.

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