Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

Nope. I haven’t finished Last Cinderella yet. And I’m more inclined not to after being spoiled by this certain brat in a friend. But here are two dramas I’m intending to pick up. Of course, my favorites are involved but I welcome suggestions!

Trailer for Summer Nude:

  • Synopsis (My Clip-note version): There’s a man (Yamapi) who was ditched by his former girlfriend (Nagasawa Masami) and he lives on without knowing why. He’s not the unlucky one though cause he meets another woman (Karina) and forms a bond over broken hearts with her. Wait, he’s still not the unlucky one because throughout all these ordeals, he has a friend (Toda Erika) who’s been there for him ever since high school. What’s more frustrating is her one-sided love for him.
  • So it’s basically a drama about Yamapi’s feelings (or lack thereof) for 3 women. And might I ask why my lovely Erika is pining after Yamapi when there is a long line swooning after her? This is Unacceptable! She’s not even 2nd lead! Is there a need for another woman thrown in the mix?
  • Yamapi is not very high on my Jap. Actor list okay. So I’m watching for the ladies. But the moment it becomes painfully clear it’s flying over the cuckoo’s nest, I’m gone.

Trailer for Gekiryu~Watashi wo Oboete Imasuka?:

One from youtube w/themesong:

  • Synopsis (Clip-note): The premise reminds me of I Know What You Did Last Summer, but in this case, it’s been 20 years since the “incident” took place. Two decades later, the missing student decides it’s time to vendor into the technology world and send each of her five friends a sweet email. Well, is she a ghost? Is she back for revenge? Tune in for more.
  • I only recognize a few actors/actresses here. But I’ll be honest and say I check it out because my sexy boo Kenta is here! So underrated an actor.
  • This drama has already aired its first episode two days ago. I’m waiting for the 720p version!
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    lol. my uncle went by my computer while i was viewing this post and he was like “Summer Nude? Sounds like a porn movie.” i was like this is japanese drama!! and then he was like “Figured out that much from the name.” LOL

    but yea, Toda Erika needs to get a lead in a NORMAL ROM-COM already. it’s interesting how she’s playing these weird/against type of roles. its cool but i just want to see her normal and in pretty clothes. she was awesome in SPEC and now she becomes a 3rd lead in here for Yamapi!!!??? i swear this girl is attracted to dramas with them idol boys from JE!!!

    lol. you and your love for Kenta.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

    Oh my… Last Cinderella, I didn’t watch the last ep cus I got spoiled as well and let’s just say sighhhh 🙁

    But aniwhos, I’m looking forward to Yamapi’s drama!! I think the last thing I saw him in was Buzzer Beat and Code Blue 2. I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I do have a problem with Erika being 2nd (??) lead… she’s one of my favorite actresses and for her to be second lead to Karina… I dunno. I like Karina too but I like Erika better lol. Since Yamapi and Erika didn’t get together in Code Blue can they get together in this series?? LOL.
    I think I wanna wait this drama out and hopefully it won’t be another Last Cinderella ending…

  3. 6 thoughts on “Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

    Frea, your uncle cracks me up. I agree with you about Erika’s choice of dramas! It’s interesting but she should balance it out. We want to see her beautiful side once in a while too. And of course with a dashing lead partner!

    Rin, we’re on the same boat that sank right? hehe. I expected that much from the writer. He/she wasn’t the type to go against the traditional storyline. Here’s hoping that the older man would win some day.

    Yamapi just doesn’t do anything for me so you can have him all. 😉 But if he breaks my girl’s heart in the drama. We’ll talk further. 😛

  4. 6 thoughts on “Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

    So are there nude scenes?

  5. 6 thoughts on “Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

    wow.. luckYamapi 🙂

    masami, karina and erika.. if there’s another name like ueno juri or inou mao, all i can say is.. the most lucky man in japan right now is Yamapi.. hahaha…

    can’t wait.. since i love the casts! especially yamapi for sure..hihi

  6. 6 thoughts on “Two Summer Jdramas I’m looking forward to…

    I hear and see Kenta i’m there! Keep the Jdrams coming, currently enjoying Take 5 although the subs are taking too long

    Saw the last ep of Last Cinderella and it was ok i guess.

    Ditto on Erica

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