Recap: Queen of SOP Episodes 8 & 9

Hello! I’m back! I’m sorry this has taken so long! I know the drama has ended weeks ago. But I’ll still continue and finish this up. I’m doing the screenshots myself this time. Additionally, you can expect a few gifs in my posts from now on! ;D Let’s move on to the recap! 😀

Episode 8:

Xiao Jie cries while saying that once you’ve gotten used to having someone with you, going back to being alone is unbearable. Tang Jun encourages her to open up, and allow others into her life. He also offers himself for company anytime she wants, or even as her new flatmate. He then asks her what she wants to eat, it’s his treat tonight.

Ji Qing is in Zi Qi’s kitchen, wanting to prepare dinner for him herself tonight. She cuts herself, burns her food and bumps her head while Zi Qi looks on worriedly. When he tries to help, or tells her to go out for dinner instead, she refuses, saying that she’s okay, and it will be done in 10 minutes. When he couldn’t take it and goes to her, she breaks down and cry. He wants to comfort her, but is pushed away. She cries her heart out, jealous that Xiao Jie can call him her boyfriend in public so easily, afraid that his heart will really be stolen by her one day. She leaves, saying that she needs time to calm herself.

Tian Tian comes in, asking Zi Qi about her, but his boss sees a gossip magazine about him and Xiao Jie. He flares up, Tian Tian tells him apprehensively to think about the proposal to Ji Qing, but he needs to take care of the problem with Xiao Jie first.

At Xiao Jie’s place, she and Tang Jun start talking in depth about the project plan they discussed briefly over dinner the other night. He calls it WIP, taking the idea from VVIP. She suggests holding a charity ball, where in the form of an auction, one party states a price he is willing to pay for a dance with someone he wants. The money will then be donated to a charity. She mentions Tom, and wonders whether he is online while checking her phone. Tang Jun asks her who Tom is, and she explains, and goes off to get the Peter Rabbit soft toy. He talks to himself while she is gone, wondering why she get so happy over a mere rabbit soft toy, but is secretly thrilled.

She starts worrying that he might hate her already because he hasnt been going online, but Tang Jun refutes, and even suggests that he might like her very much.

That’d be best, because I like him too.

He turns around and gives a smirk.

Turning back, he asks her why, because they’ve never met.

Because he’s the first to encourage me to chase my dreams. And although we’ve never met, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. What’s more, everytime I have a problem, he will somehow always be there.

He turns around and clenches his fist in victory.

Then… Tom and Zi Qi, who will you choose?


[loooooooooooooooooong pause]


Zi Qi… [he turns away in disappoinment] loses to Tom by a little bit.

Hiding his joy, he teases her, saying that it could be counted as a mental affair. She hits him with the rabbit, scolding him. He uses it to ask for 2 dinners and a movie treat. And then snatches the rabbit away. Trying to get it back, she chase him around the sofa.

The next morning, Xiao Jie wakes up to see Tang Jun staring at her. In his singlet, under her covers. She gets a shock, asking if anything happened between the both of them, and he nods. He leans in to kiss her…

And then she wakes up. And sees Tang jun beside her in bed. She sits up screaming, and he starts to explain what happened last night, but she hits him and covers her ears, not wanting to listen to anything. He grabs a hold of her hands, and told her that she had wanted to take responsibility for last night. Refusing to, she continues hitting him, and chases him out of her room, calling him names. He shouts back at her through her door, telling her that she had wanted to take responsibility because she threw up all over him, dirtying his shirt. She refuses to budge and he leaves.

She then sees his soiled clothing and is thankful that nothing happened. Tang Jun goes back to the hotel, and has breakfast with his mother. She takes a look at his proposal and is all praise for it, and him. He did not claim all credit.

Zi Qi is in a jewelry shop choosing a diamond ring.

Xiao Jie joins Tang Jun and his mother. The CEO praises Xiao Jie, and offers her a position in her company with a really high salary. She is rejected, but invites Xiao Jie to join her company anytime before leaving. They start chatting and Tang Jun was told that Zi QI is the reason she rejected the offer, and he was disappointed, but if it weren’t for him, she would have definitely have gone. ‘I’d be an idiot if I didn’t!

Zi Qi is seen buying flowers. The florist shows him roses, but told her that she made a mistake, and wants lilies. The florist then told her employee to delivery the roses first.

In Tang Lan’s room, she tells her son to take more initiative if he likes Xiao Jie. He tries to hide it from her, but she doesn’t believe him.

Xiao Jie gets a bouquet of flowers from her boyfriend. The card says,

I know I have neglected you recently. The things I’ve done have also angered you. Please me a chance to make up for it. Will you have dinner with me tonight? Let’s welcome 10th of April, this important day. Let tonight be the night we will cherish forever.

Tang Jun goes online, and she starts talking to Tom. He stands up from his chair and sits in one next to her. They ponder over the special reason for dinner that night, and realise that it’s the 100th day they’ve met. Tang Jun give a pout when he realises that it might be a proposal, and calls her to meet that night. Tom also encourages her to, since Tang Jun said that it’s something important, but Xiao Jie complains that is very irritating, always asking her to pay for his food. Coming up with more excuses, she finally agrees to meet him for 10 minutes that night.

A delivery guy goes to Ji Qing’s agency to send her a bouquet of flowers and a fellow model offers to bring it to her senior. She wonders what it is, and reads the card attached. It is the same card that Xiao Jie got, and she informs a reporter about gossip regarding Ji Qing.

At home, Xiao Jie is deciding what to wear, and sees the bag containing the dress Zi Qi gave her for Valentine’s.

Ji Qing receives the flowers and is thrilled. Her manager wonders who the secret admire is who knows that she loves lilies and not roses while she reads the card.

Xiao Jie takes a taxi to meet Tang Jun, but the taxi broke down half way. Tang Jun waits anxiously, as his driver will be coming to pick him up for a dinner with Tang Lan, Zi Hao and his father.

Arrangements have been made at a restaurant – a VIP room is booked and Tian Tian will be the one serving the food so no one will know of the proposal plans.

Tang Jun tries to get Xiao Jie on the phone, but could not get through. His mother arrives to pick him up, and tells him to get into the car immediately.

Episode 9:

Tang Jun takes one last look before leaving with his mother. Xiao Jie finally reaches, but does not see Tang Jun around. In the restaurant, mother and son are having dinner with Zi Hao and his father in a VIP room. She requests to borrow Xiao Jie and Ji Qing for the charity ball. While Ji Qing is not a problem, Hai Yue’s CEO is reluctant when it comes to Xiao Jie.

Outside, Tian Tian is carrying 2 glasses of wine, when he hears Xiao Jie calling out to him. He gets a shock, and ‘accidentally’ spills wine on her dress in a bid to stall for time. Tian Tian pushes Xiao Jie into a lift, telling her to get a new dress.

Ji Qing comes out of another lift a minute later, Tian Tian then escorts her to the VIP room.

Tang Jun explains that it was Xiao Jie’s suggestion for the proposal, thus her help is wanted for its completion. A few days for consideration is requested for, and then continued with dinner.

As Ji Qing is seated, a violinist starts playing the violin. They toast, and he asks her if she has ever thought of their future before. She is shocked. He talks about how they can spend their lives together in future, and if she has ever thought of going public with their relationship. Suddenly, they hear reporters outside, and she becomes flustered, but he takes out a ring and go down on one knee to propose. He then puts on the ring for her as she smiles. She then has flashbacks on her popularity and her times and arguments with Zi Qi. He says to go public with the reporters outsides, and moves towards the door, but she stops him.

He steps out to ask the reporters what happened, and invites them to check the room out for themselves when they say they want to wish Ji Qing happy birthday. One of them attempts to look under the table, but is stopped. At this time, Xiao Jie comes back, and asks Tian Tian what is happening. Zi Qi walks by her side, telling the reporters that they just want to have a dinner together, and tells them to leave. All the while, Ji Qing looks from under the table worriedly.

When Xiao Jie takes a sit, she sits on the ring box, and it drops onto the floor. When she bends down to pick it up, Ji Qing tries to hide. Xiao Jie does not notice the other party. She is surprised to see the ring box, and asks if he wanted to propose to her.

Yes, I intended to propose to the lady sitting opposite me tonight.

He gets down on one knee. Ji Qing cries silently under the table. Through the net, she sees Zi Qi putting the ring onto Xiao Jie’s finger right in front of her.

Xiao Jie wonders why the ring is so big, and he replies, while looking at the table,

Yea, I’m too silly. I proposed even before I got the situation properly. No matter how much effort I put in, if I don’t know what the other party wants or is thinking, the worst scenario is my own embarrassment.

She says that she was just joking. Helping him up, she assures him that he is every girl’s prince charming.

Every second I’m with you, I feel like I’m in a dream, like it’s not real. I’ve often wondered what our future is like, if we actually have a future. So the foolish one is me, not you. Although the ring size is wrong, I’m still happy. Happy that you did this for me.

In the other room, when Zi Qi’s father finds out that the couple is also in the restaurant, he decides to go say hello. Outside, a cake with the words ‘Would You Marry Me?’ is being brought to Zi Qi’s room, which Tian Tian is too late to stop. Stepping into the room, when his father saw the cake, he told Zi Qi that a proposal cannot be so simple. To which, Zi Qi says,

If there is no one who objects, I’m going to propose now.

Ji Qing continues hiding under the table.

I object!

Tang Jun comes out from behind.

Are you sure of your decision today? Can you make sure that you won’t leave her alone, ignore her calls or deceive her in future?

What are you trying to say?

I’m just saying that you’re very fortunate. If you’re really taking her as your wife, I want your promise that you will protect her, and not let her shed a tear for you. Can you promise that?

He flashes back to when Ji Qing pushed the ring back to him, and promises Tang Jun. Tang Jun then wishes them happiness. Zi Qi gets down on one knee again, and asks if Xiao Jie is willing to marry him. She agrees. His father claps in glee, while Tian Tian gives an ‘oh shit’ face.

At home, Xiao Jie updates her Weibo status; I’m getting married! Tang Jun is drinking at a bar, and Ji Qing waits for Zi Qi outside his house under the rain. Zi Qi tells her that this ending is a result of both their prides. They kiss for the last time, and he tells her that the next time they met, they’re strangers.

The next day, Zi Qi catches a flu. He sees a magazine with Ji Qing on the cover scribbled with the words ‘fool’, ‘stupid’, ‘blind’ and asks Tian Tian what that’s about. He says that that’s his stand now, and goes on about how he will be loyal to only Zi Qi now. Zi Qi reminds him about the one who suggested the proposal, and he walks away sheepishly. In the office, Xiao Jie is told that she will be sent to Shanghai for WIP, and Zi Qi will accompany her. Watching the press conference of the couple’s marriage in her living room, tears trickle down Ji Qing’s cheek while munching on pizza. She also thinks about the times she spent with Zi Qi at her place. She starts wailing and stuffs food into her mouth.

Tang Jun and his mother are back in Shanghai. Her staff greets her, and she introduces Tang Jun to them as her special assistant. He looks at Chu Chu (Zhang Meng) and gives her a wink. She smiles back, and they follow the CEO back to the office.

Looked at this gif repeatedly to make sure that it’s alright, and realised that Zhang Han can’t wink properly. xD

In the meeting room, Tang Lan and Tang Min (Du Ruo Xi), after coming from the doctor’s, have a hot exchange about the plan for the the upcoming event before Tang Lan tells her daughter that Tang Jun will take part in the event this time. He holds up a hand in greeting at his sister but is ignored.

In Taiwan, Ji Qing goes to Zi Qi’s place with air tickets to Paris. He tells her to leave, saying that he’s busy, but she asks for another chance, saying that it’s not fair she has to give up everything for him.

– End of Episode 9 –

2 episodes down with another 24 more to go! How did you guys find these episodes? I felt like Ji Qing was such a b!tch! If she loved him that much, why couldn’t she go public with him! She’d still get the attention she wants. Besides, he’s also a public figure. And the look good together. What’s there to be hatin’ on? Poor Xiao Jie and Tang Jun dragged along in this mess. And now we have Chu Chu thrown into the mix…

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    I’m glad you’ve finally put up your suggestion (gif) to the recap. It captures Zhang Han’s expressions better than any words could. 😀

    Oh, Tang Jun, “taking responsibility” is serious business! ha!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episodes 8 & 9

    Tang Jun is so adorable! I loved his little victory dances, they really made the episode. (And the gifs were a great idea.)

    Uuggghhh, the proposal scene. Honestly, I hated Zi Qi far more than Ji Qing in that moment. What kind of lowlife proposes to two women, right after each other, with the same ring? He may not be doing it intentionally, but he’s totally playing around with both of them and hurting them deeply. It just shows that he doesn’t love either of them. Maybe I’m just bitter because he’s a big cheater pants >:(

    • 4 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episodes 8 & 9

      Not that I support him playing around with Xiao Jie, but at least he was willing to go public with his rs with Ji Qing. He would have to face the music of the whole world knowing that he played with Xiao Jie, but he was willing to go through for for a future with Ji Qing. She’s not the only one who has to face the public.

      • 4 thoughts on “Recap: Queen of SOP Episodes 8 & 9

        Yes, he was willing to go public, but only AFTER he went around in secret with Ji Qing for a while. If he truly loved Ji Qing and wanted to be with her, he should have cut it off with Xiao Jie right away after the supermarket opening in ep 6. Not saying that Ji Qing’s an angel, but they’re both bad guys in my mind.

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