Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

Do you love medical dramas? Because I love Sooyoung. bahaha

English Title: The 3rd Hospital
Also Known As: Third Ward
Korean Title: 제3의 병원
Cast: Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Min Jung, Choi Soo Young
# of Episodes: 20
Airing Days: Wednesday/Thursday
Broadcasting Station: tvN
Synopsis: A drama about medical war, based on neurosurgeons and their different views of medicine. (Credit: HanCinema)

Note: Files are RAW .mp4, 720p WITH= 800MB+
Subbing Groups:

♦ Episode 1
– MF: 01 // 02 // 03 // 04

♦ Episode 2
– MF: 01 // 02 // 03 // 04

Jeff: Well you probably know I’m watching this because Sooyoung is in it. I don’t actually know how many of you like medical dramas, but if downloads are too low I may not continue with this project. (:

This page will be taken down soon. SO IF you wish to continue downloading, follow the twitter for updates. This is because it is a cable drama, and we already received warnings for previous cable dramas

  1. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    if the subs out quickly, i might watch it.
    i like watching bol dang hee and ER…so…let’s see
    thank you K…and…mochi *grin*

  2. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    [email protected] tagline. such fanboy jeff!

    ajusshi kim seung woo is in here too. and mr.dimples. so gorgeous. and sooyoung! hope her role is big enough.

    i want some green tea mochi! 😛

  3. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    Awww~ Jeff is showing us his passionate side.

    1. I would expect Sooyoung’s name be first in line on that cast list, no matter who is the sunbae/lead. Kkk~

    2. Jeff needs to update that poster w/ Sooyoung in it. *coughs*PS-ing her in is also acceptable*coughs* =)

    3. Neurosurgeons? I know knowledgeable things about their practice, maybe a few too many. > , <

  4. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    Keep updating this drama! I Really love Sooyoung. And I hope the subs will keep coming, too. 😀
    I’m on the medical field, too but that’s not the reason I’m watching this. It’s all because of Sooyoung. 😀

    Thank you for uploading these videos.

  5. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    thank you so much for ths. ^^
    i wonder if darksmurfsub will sub this drama and I hope they will. and if, i wonder if it will be in 450p. ^^
    I hope you wont mind, please post Hanrel too if there’s available. 🙂

  6. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    just finished watching ep 1.
    never thought that OJH and KSW has deeper relationship, childhood flashback showing they’re living together in the same house.
    the actor who’s playing the father is the same as LDH grandfather in Panda and Hedgehog,
    for those watching Gaksital, you’ll see Shunji’s nanny in here, she’s playing OJH patient.
    possible love line: KMJ and OJH (they bickering a lot because some misunderstanding)

    the premise looks good, i just hope some fansub will do the subtitling.
    i know it’s hard coz …*cough*… medical terms

    thank you jeff and mochi 🙂

    @keane: who’s the female lead? CSY or KMJ?

      • 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

        ahh…i get it now
        i thought its keane=mochi
        guess my eyes get blinded by sooyoung *grin*

        btw, i think the pace of the story seems fast or….is it just me watching without knowing what they’re talking about…
        i know it’s cable which usually 45mins(cmiiw) but i compare it with Panda & Hedgehog which story is a bit slower last weekend

      • 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

        LOL~… and for future reference keane & 小淩 = same person ^ , ^ v

    • 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

      No problem xD
      I think it seems faster because of all the blood and medical tension. Honestly, I have no idea how this drama will turn out because I haven’t read a synopsis yet xD

  7. 16 thoughts on “Kdrama: The 3rd Hospital Episodes

    will you be uploading drama in 720p format?

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