Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST


Track list:

— Full Album —
01. Late Night
02. Up
03. Next Innovation
04. Freezeenjoy
05. Elastic
06. Pinch
07. Daily Life
08. Trauma
09. Waver
10. Rich-man
11. Program
12. Rock4you
13. T-D-W-P
14. Poor-woman
15. Business
16. Bamboo Grove
17. Momoiro!
18. Poor-woman- (PfMix)
19. Accident
20. Workaholic
21. Poor-woman- (FlowMix)
22. ヒカリヘ (Acoustic Guitar version)
23. ヒカリヘ (Piano version)

Download FULL OST provided by hanayori, THANKS!
Mirror 1 provided by Kap’n-A, THANKS!
Mirror 2 UPDATED: 130510

— Part 1 —
1. ヒカリへ Hikari e (main theme song) – Miwa
2. Napa – Miwa
3. HiKARiE Remix ~English version~ – Miwa
4. ヒカリへ Hikari e ~instrumental~ – Miwa
5. 僕が僕であるために Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni (bonus track) – Miwa

Download Hikari e (ONLY)
Download Part 1 [Buy the album via YesAsia]

— Extras —
01. ヒカリへ Hikari e ~fan’s acoustic guitar riff~ // MF Mirrorprovided by Nutella, THANKS!
02. ヒカリへ Hikari e (ringtone/music box version)✫MY FAVORITE, I was hoping for this release✫
03. ヒカリへ Hikari e (piano version1)
04. ヒカリへ Hikari e (piano version2)
05. ヒカリへ Hikari e (Norihito Ogawa Remix)
06. ヒカリへ Hikari e (K.S dnb Edit Remix)
07. ヒカリへ Hikari e (humming×piano version) [320kbps] // Mirror [128kbps]provided by Nutella, THANKS!
08. ヒカリへ Hikari e (humming×guitar version)
09. HiKARiE (Acoustic English×guitar version RADIO) (◠‿◠❀)FAREWELL SHOW! BON VOYAGE~
10. HiKARiE (Acoustic English×piano version)
11. HiKARiE (Acoustic English×guitar version)
12. ヒカリへ Hikari e (Acoustic Japanese×guitar version) // Mirror
13. Seeing Stars (inspirational score) // Mirror

— Vids —
1. Miwa ~ ヒカリへ Hikari e (PV)
Download: ultra-HD(ts) 211MB {screencap} | HD(mkv) 117MB {screencap}
2. Miwa ~ ヒカリへ Hikari e (Music Fair-TV perf)
Download: ultra-HD(ts) 299MB {screencap} | HQ(mp4) 52MB | LQ(mp4) 15MB
3. Miwa ~ ヒカリへ Hikari e (CDTV perf)
Download: ultra-HD(ts) 331MB {screencap} | HQ(mp4) 48MB | LQ(mp4) 14MB
4. Miwa ~ Napa (Music Fair-TV perf)
Download: HQ(mp4) 48MB {screencap} | LQ(mp4) 16MB

Keane: So… I had this EP laying around not having the chance to watch the show yet. I figure, why not? Well, without further ado, HD quality is Oh! So Sweet, yeah?

Oh, don’t mind the file titles I’ve made… Feel free to edit your copy. =p ‘K, I fixed the link to Part 1.

AND, if you have additional tidbits or songs to share, please post ’em here and let us know you love our community. 😉 R/L.130510

  1. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    Well you’re right, the link is working but my anti virus program automatically block access to this site. So is it possible to upload it in mediafire – thank you 🙂

    • 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

      MF is my arch enemy, lol… dropbox, okay?

      UPDATE: DONE! Enjoy the music… see you around soon. (=

      • 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

        Ok, no problem – thank you very much 🙂

  2. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    You are the best 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    Hello there, thanks for sharing these great OST. But may I ask you to compile all the extras in one album? It’ll be easier, thank you so much!

    • 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

      You are too kind…. Sure, after I watch this series I’ll make a compilation.

      Still no motivation to do so though. Please be patient with me.

  4. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    Hello again,

    Glad to see the RIP could be useful, and really happy to see that the original version was found ! Thank you Nessie!!!

    Still, it seems a version of Hikari e is still missing – you can hear it on episod 8, around 18:00.
    Does anyone have an idea where it could be found?

    Thanks again for the sharing.

    • 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

      v v

      It’s called “ヒカリへ instrumental synth theme.” I think I’m done w/ this OST. I made quite a list here on a whim since I had some tracks laying around, then it took off like a beast thanks to kind contributions. 😀

      If you MUST have it then please support the artist and get it on iTunes.

      I’ll share a snippet ~ http://up.ht/19o2MSY

      This is a loving community. Share if you dare.

      ^ ^
      ^ ^
      ^ ^

      • 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

        Thank you for your great help!
        So it was only available on the Japan store. I couldn’t find it though when I looked for it : I wasn’t even able to find the exact name actually. I will definitely support the artist.

        Seems like the “Delight” instrumental synth theme really doesn’t exist though, since the movie didn’t get any special OST 🙁

        Anyway, thanks again!

  5. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    hello there! this is brilliant! thanks so much for sharing these awesome songs. i love rich man poor woman so much! :] it’s a great rom-com drama! :]

    would just like to know if you also have the instrumental synth version of the song Hikari E? it’s called “Hikari E (instrumental synth theme) as well as ヒカリへ instrumental synth theme. I’ve been searching everywhere, i can’t find it. i think it’s included in her Whistle – Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi album, the regular edition. i only got to download its Type A and Type B editions and the instrumental synth theme is not included in both A and B. we can only find it in the regular edition cd. please help, i need this track badly huhu! it was played like three times throughout the series, i remember it in the first episode and then somewhere in episode 8 or 9 i think (when asahina asked for hyuga’s ID because he just got fired). please help. m already getting desperate ;] thank you!

  6. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    So from a mens point of view what kind of characters they will
    be deserted by all, and when they cry out in their loneliness and
    anguish there will be a strict pull-up. How many times have
    i told you that you will have where to find a rich man to marry to go for candy?

    And you give up, he has nothing to hide, and is surrounded by enemies.

  7. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    Thank you, i really love this dorama.
    It’s hard to find full list of soundtrack, especially for instrumental section.
    Really great.

  8. 125 thoughts on “Jdrama: Rich Man, Poor Woman OST

    Thank you for sharing Rich Man Poor Woman’s soundtrack, I love it! Thank youuu <3

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