Recap: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6


Episode 5 recap done speedily by Mariah here.

Where’s the cute? Only in the last 10 minutes. Less cute, more creepiness. I like creepy/horror stuff so I’m fine (I actually want more dark!). The picture above cracks me up. I wanted to showcase one with evil Mama smirking but I don’t want to scare the weak-hearted travelers away. heh. 😛

Episode 6:


With a new thin scar aligned across his cheek (for failing at killing a, er, corpse), Joo Wal paces back and forth, stealing glimpses at the cabin where Mama Oh is staying. A scruffy voice breaks his concentration, it’s Lord Choi, having heard of his failed attempt at feeding Mama Oh. He laughs at Joo Wal for making Mama Oh an angry person. Lord Choi knows her well since he reveals he’s been in the same position, and even considers himself a sunbae to Joo Wal. I can see that he’s been drained by Mama Oh.

Since her hunger is not fulfilled until the next leap year, she’s bound to be agitated. Lord Choi sneers, “Do you know how the hungry Madame treats the hunter who couldn’t offer the game? She simply replaces him.”


Up in the deserted mountain, in a mysterious house where Arang’s blood is found on an altar like an offering, Eun Oh finds the hairpin he gave his mother.

I’m beginning to think that the hairpin is a lonely chopstick, the evil mama’s way of eating a soul out of one’s body. I know, I’m quite morbid.


Rushing inside the house is Dol Soe, exclaiming that he’s found something suspicious. He leads Eun Oh a few feet away from the place, confronting a secret underground hole. They begin to sweep the fallen leaves aside and at the same time, up in heavens, the Jade Emperor is cheerfully playing on his gayageum. Hell King notes that his brother’s excellent display must mean that something good is happening. Jade Emperor agrees to a certain extent – the beginning is good but Hell King, being his skeptical self, says, “It’s too early to conclude anything. I still don’t think those mere humans can accomplish greatness. So just take good care of that precious body of yours.” heh.


Down below, Eun Oh and Dol Soe try their best to lift up the wooden board. As the music increases in speed and intensity, Eun Oh gathers all his human strength and overthrows the board. A quick cut to Mama Oh, her eyes enlarged and sharp. As for Jade Emperor, he gives a small smile, announcing that Moo Young needs to be called in.

A quick look down the buried hole shows layer and layer of rocks until Eun Oh’s eyes land on parts of a human skeleton hidden underneath the white rocks. Without a second thought, he jumps into the hole, digs his way deeper into the ground and picks up more human skeleton. Shocked, he pleads in his head, “No, this isn’t my mother!” A frantic Dol Soe screams from above, worried about his young master but too fearful of the mass skeletons to jump down.


A few moments later, Eun Oh orders Dol Soe to bring the government officers to the scene. In the meantime, Mama Oh steps out from her room and bulges her eyes out at Joo Wal, who is kneeling dutifully on the ground, and demands that he goes to the “location” and have a look.


Hiding himself behind the thick tall grasses and fog, Joo Wal sees Eun Oh and his people digging up the contents and bringing everything back. He deduces that Eun Oh has followed him here the night before and took away the female corpse.


Lying motionless in her deep sleep at the office, but very much alive, Arang wakes up. Her hand flies to her head, trying to make sense of the situation, “Why would someone stab me? Why are they trying to kill…?” Then a horrific thought hits her – she was dead momentarily, after the stab. Was she revived? How’s that possible? She checks the wound near her heart. Gone. To confirm her healing powers, Arang takes a wooden stick and stabs her wrist. It hurts and there’s blood oozing out, but the cut is not there on her skin.

Perturbed by her new self, she pushes open the window and screams up at the perverted twin brothers, “WHAT IS THIS?!! What exactly do you want from me? Then…what am I? Am I human? HUH?!!”

As expected, Moo Young makes his way to Jade Emperor, who’s now holding a fan to completely his old-woman look (usually seen in Chinese ancient series). He sighs out loud: “It has been about 400 years since we first found the deaths which weren’t planned on the list, right? It sure is a tiresome bone-breaking murder case. As both the body and soul disappeared without any trace.”


He turns to face Moo Young and reveals that soon he’ll have work to do, it’s about time this madness wraps up. Quiet for a second, Moo Young voices his curiosity; he asks carefully, “Back then, the person who untied the red robe was you?” Jade Emperor looks at Moo Young with a knowing smile.


Night time. Still sitting in Eun Oh’s room, Arang finally decides to change out of her bloody hanbok into a set of clothes placed at the door by Eun Oh earlier this morning. She heads to her own room, sees the blood stain on the mat, and begins feeling the painful pangs of death all over again. When she can’t take it anymore, she closes the door abruptly.


As the Bang Trio rolls back the contents and the deceased’s belongings, Eun Oh searches through the barrow with a keen urgency. Turns out he’s trying to locate any items belonging to his mother. None. He guesses that she isn’t dead yet or else her ghost would’ve come to see him.


In a distance, Arang’s appearance brings out a forceful look from Eun Oh as he charges in heavy steps towards her and drags her off. Midway outside, Arang yanks her hand free from his grip, warning him to tell her where they’re going and stop taking her lightly.

Standing before the skeletons, the Bang Trio shows no sign of sympathy, and instead worries that this matter would disturb their flow of “goods” in the storage room, now that Miryang’s the center of attention for the mass murder.

Eun Oh explains to Arang that he wants to take her back to the empty house in the deserted mountain because his mother’s hairpin is found there. She’s thoroughly confused, what has that got to do with anything? He breaks down his reasoning: since Arang woke up dead with the pin, it means that Lee Seo Rim died in the same place. By going there, Eun Oh wants to stir awaken her lost memories.


He reaches for her hand but she shakes his hand away, saying that she can’t go there a second time because she’s scared. Blinded by a strong desire to find his mother, Eun Oh loses himself for a moment, barking, “Even if you die, you can live once again anyway! What are you worrying about?!!” Dismayed by his attitude, Arang calls him out for his selfish ignorance of one’s death, how terrifying that moment might be for the one going through the pain.

She spits right back at him, “I’ll go when I have the desire to know. Not when YOU want to know, Magistrate, but when I want to know!”


Now that her carefully constructed bone tomb is discovered, Mama On is displeased. She wants the newly appointed Magistrate killed and the corpse brought back to her. Joo Wal: “What about the bone tomb?” Mama Oh: “Your dad will handle the rest.” Such an affectionate term….

Joo Wal leaves the cabin and comes face-to-face with his father, Lord Choi. The man laughs himself silly, reminding Joo Wal that he’s disposable.


Still laughing when he enters the room, Lord Choi is struck suddenly and falls to the floor, which leaves him reeling, panting for breath, and muttering out, “Save me…Madame, sa–…” She watches him sprawled on the floor without batting an eyelid.


Broody night. Scratch that. A night of revelation as Arang stands in the middle of a meadow, speaking and questioning about her death until she finally realizes that her lost memories might contain truths behind her death. She figures it’s because she saw something that fateful night which leads to her memory loss.

Now strengthened with a clear mission, she skids down the street and through the mountain, back to the deserted house.


She pushes the door to the empty house slowly and steps inside. The moment her eyes scan the altar where her dead body was placed the other night, fear clutches her stomach causing her eyes to shut tight. However scared she is, Arang makes her way to the altar and lies down in the same position.


A few moments later, she jerks up, angry that she still can’t recall a single thing. Irritated with the perverted twin brothers for messing with her life, she steps down the altar, trips over the hem of her dress, hitting her head against the wall. The forceful hit to the head brings back one piece of memory – she remembers taking the pin from someone’s hair, when that person’s back is facing her. That’s it? Wha…Whu???

Acting on the order of Mama Oh, Joo Wal takes out is dagger that same night and leaps over the wall like a ninja.


Seeing that she’s not yet home, Eun Oh walks out the magistrate’s office, and wonders where she is. Eun Oh: “Memory loss, I finally understand your words so you can come back now.” He continues down the street, even considering of seeking help from the nearby ghosts.


Sensing another presence, Eun Oh turns around in search of some movement. Why does people not look UP? Joo Wal is sitting comfortably in a tree, waiting for his chance. But that chance is not tonight because Arang comes running along, calling Eun Oh. He’s clearly relieved but remains cool while Joo Wal can’t believe the corpse of yesterday is skipping around town today.

Walking a few steps behind Eun Oh, Arang is in a hurry to tell him what she remembers but he’s busy explaining HOW he’s not worried about her or anything; he was simply curious of the stray dog he brought home. Don’t talk to him Arang! He’s mean!


But she tells him anyway – that she grabbed the hairpin from someone. Who? She couldn’t see the face. Then why did she grab the pin? She doesn’t know. What was she feeling at the time? She doesn’t know. He’s exasperated with her. Eun Oh: “Why didn’t you ask me to come with you?! Even you said you were scared!” Arang: “Ah! Whatever! Even if you came along, you think it would’ve helped me? You would’ve nagged me to remember about your mom first! Such a Mama’s boy!” hehe 😀


They continue down the road and stop only because Joo Wal, now completely changed into his scholar clothing, comes forward with his eyes widening, looking at Arang. Wow. He’s fast. But not as fast as Gaksitttaaaaal! 😎

She recalls that he’s the young master who’s helped her a few days ago. She’s glad to meet him again, with Eun Oh grumbling quietly on the side, “What’s so good in seeing him?

Eun Oh grabs her wrist and bids goodbye to Joo Wal since it’s getting tooooooo dark to travel at night. Ha! Is that jealousy in the making?

Shocked, Joo Wal stutters, how on earth is he going to report this mess to Mama Oh? Oh…..


Back to the office, Arang marches straight to Eun Oh’s room, but he quickly grabs her from behind, and she confesses, “I’ll wash my feet tomorrow!” hahaha.

He’s not fussing about that. Eun Oh wants Arang to sleep in her own room. He’s cleaned up everything already. Aw. He’s worried about her reputation and honor. As a human!


As for Joo Wal, he’s heading back to Mama Oh’s cabin. He stops outside the door, noticing his father’s shoes. Announcing his visit, he’s met with Mama Oh’s menacing words, “Your father is sick now….” and the light in her room goes out. The camera moves inside and we see Lord Choi with his bloody mouth, mumbling soundlessly.


Mama Oh: “What a useless old man… Your behavior lately is bothering me. Who should I save? You or Joo Wal? He can easily replace you but there’s something I still need you to do.” At this point, Lord Choi promises to do everything if she can cure the disease he’s suffering under. She smiles at his resigned attitude and moves to disrobe herself. GAHHHHHH. What happens in that room, STAYS IN THERE!

Cut to Joo Wal carrying Lord Choi (without his outer wear) back to his room. The old man warns Joo Wal to put up his guards, “Soon you’ll experience the same thing.”

Outside, Joo Wal is curious why his father send his right-hand man, Geo Dol, to Kimhae.


Next morning, Eun Oh stands before Arang’s room, not bothering her because he believes she has done everything to the best of her ability. Having probably the best dream ever, Arang orders the peaches to line up in her dream. Why is she so cute?!


Grumbling about his young master’s recent behavior, Dol Soe remembers how he pledged his loyalty to Eun Oh with a tight hug on the street. The door to his room swings open and Eun Oh wonders if Dol Soe is up for a trip to the bone tomb. Dol Soe continues his silent treatment and contemplates whether to tattletale to Lord Kim, Eun Oh’s father. In the end, he can’t make up his mind.


Watching over the countless skeletons, the Bang Trio is bothered and slightly terrified at what’s to come if Eun Oh carries on this search. One of them has been suggesting throughout this episode: “Let’s bury him.” It’s at this moment that the other two looks at the option with interest. Ye Bang thinks it’s better if they talk to Lord Choi first.

Cut to Lee Bang trying to enter the Choi’s residence but is turned down because Lord Choi isn’t feeling well. Joo Wal comes up behind him and seeks information regarding Arang. Lee Bang answers that she’s the wily daughter of Eun Oh’s master.

Finding Eun Oh’s room empty, Arang asks the Bang Trio for help and successfully startles them without knowing that they’re planning to assassinate Eun Oh in some ways.


When she spots Dol Soe, she throws out the same question but he’s all angry, acting like a jilted lover. She keeps prodding him until he reveals that Eun Oh went to the bone tomb by himself. She’s displeased with his act and sprints up to the mountain.


Having heard that Eun Oh is up in the mountain alone, the Bang Trio smiles gleefully, thinking that even heaven is on their side. I swear no one makes assassination sounds so hilarious like these three idiots.


On the other side of town, Bang Wool sets up her station for another day of work. She prays not to meet the same rough brute from yesterday just as a voice rings over her head. It’s Dol Soe. She squints her eyes and all she sees is the wet version of him. haha omgosh.


His Purpose: he wants her to write a talisman to rid of a wench. Her face lights up, declaring that her talisman always works for such trivial matters. What she needs to know is how “far” he went with the girl. Puzzled, he looks at her with a dumbfounded expression. Realization settles in and he grabs her shoulders, shaking her for possibly staining the pure image of his Young Master. Her wandering hand touches a lid and she bangs it on Dol Soe’s head, buying her some escape time.


Eun Oh makes it to the mountain, carefully searching to see if any ghost is around. He’s surprised and slightly terrified that not a single ghost inhabits a mountain known for being haunted. A closer look around the bone tomb and he finds 4 black pieces of cloth with weird markings on them. Surrounding the area, he spots another one clings to a tree trunk.

His eyes grow wide and he runs towards something while everyone else (Mama Oh, Hell King, Jade Emperor, Moo Young) watches in bated breath.

Kap: Oh! Finally, we can see the bigger picture of this whole mass murder mystery. The heavenly beings know the shady business but sometimes they can’t intervene because the dark forces is almost always much stronger.

Whether or not Mama Oh is the true big villain, I think it’s safe to say that she distanced herself from Eun Oh because she wants to protect him from the “bastard” who massacred her whole family, hence she looks reluctant to part ways with her young son. If the extent of the tragedy includes all family members, I think his family all carries some special powers within them. Like a clan of mystic folks.

To exact revenge, she needs to hone her skills and become more powerful. This explains why she eats virgin souls to enhance her powers and thus begins her journey on the dark road. Just like any power or weapon, if used properly by the user, it heals and helps, if not, it crushes and eliminates.

The other theory is that Mama Oh has sold her soul to a soul-eater and the demon is now occupying her body to bring greater harm to the people. Less potential conflicts for Eun Oh here.

  1. 4 thoughts on “Recap: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

    LOL @ Jade emperor’s chinese lady hairstyle!!! i didn’t think of it before but it actually looks the part. fancy/rich ladies have two strands flowing down their chest just like him.

    what does lord choi have? SENILE? i can’t figure what does he want or WHY does he want to keep that kind of weak, old body for eternity.

    that joo wal actor is terrible. he’s so stoic and stiff.

    thanks for the recap kap!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Recap: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

    joining the creepy club with you Kap…

    i haven’t seen any actresses do creepy licking like mama evil does in ep 5.
    though i watch it in raw, i get the crawling feeling of horror on my hairneck.

    in ep 6, i wonder what she did to Lord Choi that cause him fall down on the floor and can barely walk if not getting any support from joo wal.
    more question: how joo wal change from the boy who eats cow food into lord choi’s son???
    i wonder when this mistery will be unveiled

    • 4 thoughts on “Recap: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

      Joo Wal turned to a Prince thanks to Mama Oh. She chose him as her next “hunter” when he was young. Since Lord Choi is already, er, old and weak. She needs new blood to feed her soul-eating addiction.

      Welcome to the creepy club WeWe. heh. 😀

      Frea, exactly so! His hair makes the whole episode not scary! hahaha XD

  3. 4 thoughts on “Recap: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

    Okay, it was totally creepy the way Evil Mom smiles at Dad! Man, she should not be allowed to smile, it should be made taboo, an offense punishable by death!! 😛

    This is the first series I’m encountering with supernatural stuff that is taking things so darkly. On one hand, I’m surprised and liking it and on the other, it really does give me goosebumps at times! >_< But one things for sure-I am loving the show! And simply because of Mina and Junki together! I love their characters and their interactions! And I'm loving anticipating what conflicts are going to develop because of the Mom-Eun Oh-Arang triangle! And most of all, I think I'm loving the fact that this drama can make me laugh out loud and give me goosebumps in the same breath! Every character is so fun-Dol Swe, Bang Wool, the idiot Bang Trio!

    Hwaiting Arang!! ^^

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