Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19


Tell me guys, is there anything this slowpoke can’t do? I love how detailed he is – the bangs, the little hat, the chubby cheeks, and the small knife! I keep smiling. My love for him keeps increasing with each episode. He’s all sort of awesome here, doing everyone a favor, even towards his rival.

Episode 19

Do Yoon continues to embrace Joon Young as Jae Ha arrives and sees the intimate moment. He doesn’t act out straightforwardly and follows them.

Our slowpoke brings Joon Young back to the hospital and Baek Sul barges in after Do Yoon called her earlier. She tells Joon Young to rest, she will cure all her pains – legs, hands, whatever.


The men relocate their confrontation to the parking lot where Jae Ha says he’s going to ask some questions respectfully. Do Yoon doesn’t hold back on anything and answers each question honestly. Joon Young’s condition? It’s neuritis. What’s the cause? Do Yoon: “We don’t know yet but her emotional instability is more worrisome than her temporary paralysis. Plus, she feels guilty for ruining the contest. And the idea of not being able to hold up a knife again scares her, like a phobia.”


When the interrogation is done, Jae Ha drops his formality, “Who are you? As Arirang’s maknae, you’re following President Baek’s order to take care of Joon Young? Are you taking me for a fool? Your knife skill is not ordinary.” Do Yoon shrugs coolly, “Practice makes perfect. I’m relieved.” Jae Ha bugs out his eyes and punches Do Yoon. For what? Jae Ha: “For forcing Joon Young to hold a knife, she could have easily cut her fingers bastard!” Since you don’t know he’s the mighty Haemil, I forgive your ignorance, Jae Ha. But violence? *frowns*

Do Yoon doesn’t punch back and simply smirks, calling out Jae Ha’s passive personality, “The reason why you’re angry, is that it? Then you should’ve done something earlier! You could have dragged her out!” Oh yea! Good job! Call him out on his fake gentleman image. Do Yoon continues, his face serious, “I’m not sure why you’re hiding, but it would be best if you’re not late next time.”

Feeling the heat, Jae Ha appeases his poor soul by speeding up and down the road. Display of dangerous behavior, endangering his life and others. Check.


Still at the hospital, Baek Sul cuts Joon Young’s nail like a mother, wishing that she had a daughter to do these things with. Joon Young shares the same unfortunate sentiments after her mother passed away, there was no one who would bicker with her or scold her. Baek Sul wonders, “Do you want to be my real daughter?” Err, I’m sure she’s missing some words after ‘daughter’.

Baek Sul then wonders whether she has called Doo Hee to let her know but Joon Young is ashamed of the big disappointment she’s caused. To think that Doo Hee taught her the secret to Arirang’s meat broth, yet she failed to finish the competition. Baek Sul is surprised at the revelation, Doo Hee taught Joon Young the secret?


Waiting outside is Do Yoon, who laughs at his mother’s display of attachment towards Joon Young and searches for the real motive behind her kind words. Baek Sul flips the question back to him, “Then why do you like her?” He remains silent but warns her not to mess with them. Baek Sul doesn’t care whether he likes her or dates her, but marriage is out of the question. Whatttttt? Cupid Baek! When did you grow horns too?

Using his network, Young Bum found out where Joon Young stays at and informs Doo Hee. He urges her to go visit Joon Young since she’s her student and all, so she cooks some porridge that night. When In Joo asks who is it for, Doo Hee evades the question with a small smile.


Do Yoon spots Doo Hee from a distance and sends the bodyguards away so she can visit Joon Young in peace. Doo Hee cracks the door open slightly and sees Joon Young struggling to pick up the fallen cups and stops herself from rushing in.


She waits until Joon Young is asleep before she enters the room and begins her caressing session, like a mother. Unbeknownst to her, In Joo has followed her to the hospital and watches furtively at the door. These people are taking turns to spy lately?

Which is exactly what Do Yoon says when he spies In Joo in the hallway. He grabs her arm curiously but she warns him not to touch her that way.


She comes back to Arirang and bumps into Jae Ha. They have a brief conversation, in which she assures him Joon Young didn’t get hurt because of him, so he shouldn’t blame himself. But Jae Ha has other ideas and wiggles his words out cautiously, “Joon Young probably made a mistake right?” In Joo becomes defensive, “What do you mean? You think I caused her harm?” Jae Ha chickens out, afraid of the terrifying truth about his former girlfriend. In Joo asks him to believe her, he does.


He then enters Grandma’s room, looking like a lost puppy. He lies down next to Grandma and closes his eyes, tired of today’s emotional rides. I kind of feel bad for him in this scene. It seems like he has never had a mind of his own, always following Grandma’s orders. So when his wishes oppose that of his beloved Grandma, he finds himself trapped, unable to make a definite decision. Let’s hope he grows out of the mold she set out for him.

Since it’s late, Doo Hee heads home just when Joon Young wakes up to find the hot porridge by her side. She’s touched by her Master’s doing.

Next morning (finally!), we see Jae Ha eagerly calling Mi So, hoping to find more info about Do Yoon. They met each other at the bar. Well that doesn’t help much because Jae Ha still can’t discern what is true and false from Do Yoon’s application form, which he submitted to Arirang eons ago. He thinks Do Yoon is involved with Baek Sul because even Assistant Kim bows respectfully in greeting. Could he be her son? No one can provide that answer, buddy. Weee ~

Do Shik is tasting In Joo’s new menu for Arirang and suggests they switch the sauce but In Joo is distracted, her mind full of Doo Hee’s extreme display of affection towards Joon Young last night. Do Shik sees through her wandering spirit and tells her to go rest a bit.


Instead of resting her mind, In Joo returns to her practice room and calls Joon Young, intent on rubbing in her wound, “See? You should’ve listened to me when I told you to give up the competition. Next time, when a friend requests for something, don’t reject it.” Suddenly, Joon Young’s brain clicks as she mumbles, “Don’t tell me….” Someone tell her already, I’m afraid of my violent nature. 😛


In Joo’s wish comes true almost immediately because Joon Young dashes out of the hospital to In Joo’s practice room. She greets Joon Young cheerfully, perfecting her friend-role by cooking a meal for her injured chingu. However, Joon Young comes with a mission, and asks, “It wasn’t you right? My hand, it wasn’t because of you right?”


In Joo doesn’t answer and walks over to the poisonous plant, musing, “This plant looks interesting right?” Joon Young presses for an answer but In Joo continues in her cryptic words, “This plant is called Araceae. It’s beneficial for stroke, high blood pressure, and facial paralysis.” At this, her eyes point to Joon Young’s hands. Holy crap, she confessed? Just like that? Slap the b! Slap her! Instead, Joon Young slaps the plant to the ground. OH MY GOSH! Use your strength towards the appropriate person! Not the innocent plant!

In her office, Doo Hee remembers that In Joo asks her to taste some dishes and walks over to the practice room…oh, this is all a plan but I wonder how In Hoo has precise timing for everything. Imagine if her mother comes 5 minutes earlier?


Joon Young glares at In Joo, “I will not forgive you!” In Joo doesn’t bat an eyelash and mocks, “I think I have heard that line before. What happened then? All you do is talk and talk.” Joon Young reaches out to slap her but with that snail speed, of course In Joo catches her hand. This is so frustrating.


In Joo challenges Joon Young to hurt her but we know our heroine won’t stoop that low. In Joo grabs a boiling pot and holds it next to her hand. Joon Young stares in shock, “Stop putting on a show!” and moves to hold the pot to stop In Joo from pouring it over her hand. When In Joo hears the door open, she spills the hot water over her perfectly healthy hand. Darn it. Now Joon Young is the one holding the pot, ultimately being labeled the vengeful disciple/loser while In Joo cries victim.


Doo Hee thinks Joon Young is doing this because of Jae Ha but Joon Young can only mutter, “No…my…hand…my hand.” OMG. Why are you stuttering babo? In Joo inserts, “I think she has a misunderstanding, thinking it’s me who caused harm to her hands.” Just then Baek Sul bursts through the door, bellowing, “Why shouldn’t she be a suspect? In Joo has a motive, of course she is suspicious!” Baek Sul turns to Joon Young and chides her to speak up, it’s not her fault so why is she being meek?! Thank-you, please do that more often.


Baek Sul glares at Doo Hee and tells her to be fair towards her student but the mother has no ears for reason and instead declares presumptuously that she’ll never forgive Joon Young for what happened today. Joon Young pleads for her case but it’s no use because Doo Hee proves that she’s capable of holding the pot. She places the pot in Joon Young’s hand and as expected, it falls to the ground. Doo Hee tells her to stop putting on a show, “You were holding it 3 minutes ago!!”

Interesting. Me thinks Joon Young has selective paralysis. When she doesn’t let fear intervenes, she can work her nerves as usual (jumping to stop In Joo) but when she’s fully conscious of what she’s doing, fear takes over. Like the doctor says, her mentality is the main cause.

Outside, Grandma greets Joon Young jubilantly but the latter excuses herself, so Grandma blames Baek Sul for cooking up more troubles between the master and the disciple. Baek Sul widens her eyes, incredulous at her master.


Doo Hee sits in her office, conflicted feelings brewing in her head, whether Joon Young is the one behind everything. Grandma enters the room. Doo Hee confesses that sometimes she cares for Joon Young to the extent that she does not think about In Joo. Grandma asks if she believes Joon Young? Doo Hee: “I would have been deceived this time if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.” She sighs. We all sigh.


Do Yoon visits Joon Young, who is staring listlessly out the window. He notes the uneaten food, sits down, whips out his game, and mutters, “If you want to worry, at least eat something.” Instead, she muses aloud, “I’m filled with this kind of hatred, enough to kill someone. It feels horrible to hate someone and be hated. She hates me so much that she could do such a terrible thing.”

In Joo calls Baek Sul for another favor: take care of Fake dad. Baek Sul: “Of course, but there’s no free lunch in this world, I must get something in return. The secret to Arirang’s meat broth.” In Joo refuses at first but her conviction is shattered once Baek Sul reveals that Joon Young also knows, thanks to Doo Hee. Ruh roh.

She bends over the fallen poisonous plant and promises, “Don’t worry, once I remove all the toxin, I can make the most healthiest dish ever.”


Finally, Jae Ha decides to visit Joon Young that night. Do Yoon sees him from a distance and makes an effort to call the guards away, again. You’re such a considerate bum! Gah! The writer better open up her eyes because some heads will be rolling if his effort continues to go unnoticed like this!

Joon Young is having flashbacks of her 5th birthday as she frowns in her sleep. Jae Ha presses on her forehead to stop the worry lines. This is so Secret Garden, unfortunately, he’s not Joo Won. He moves to hold her hand, and the touch causes her eyes to flutter open. Awkward stare before they relocate to the lobby.


Joon Young tries to initiate the conversation by saying that she stumps his plan of sneaking away right? He replies, “What kind of woman is so sensitive?” She continues her confession: having him in her life makes her happy and thankful. He doesn’t feel good about that and pleads that she screams and kicks him for being a bad boyfriend. She would.


She takes his hand and places the ring in his palm, which elicits a strong opposition from Jae Ha. Joon Young professes that her eyes have opened, “Before, I wanted to close my eyes and pretend not to know just so I can grab onto my happiness. But now, people are hurting before my eyes. I can’t do it any longer.” Jae Ha: “Then don’t! If you get tired, just collapse in my arms and I’ll embrace you.” What nonsense are you sputtering again boy? What happens then? Will the problem magically disappear? I’m going to call you Mr. W&W or Wiwa now. For being wishy-washy.

Anyway, he adds, “I will love and protect you from now on.” He searches her eyes for approval, yet to his dismay, she doesn’t say anything in response to his repetitive declaration. He hands the ring back to her, truly believing that this is not the end for them.

The crew at Arirang gather around to watch a soccer match. This is actually a show to reconcile Do Shik and Boo Joo since he misunderstood her last time causing a ruckus around the kitchen.


Joon Young lies in bed, deep in thought, and quickly closes her eyes when Do Yoon enters. He tucks her hand beneath the blanket and notices a tray of play doh on the table. GAHHHH! Omg. He uses the play doh to make a mini Joon Young chef figure! This is sooooooooo cute! Heeeheee!! She better see it in the morning!


For some reason, Fake dad visits the hospital and stumbles into Young Bum. The two men sit down for a chat, in which Young Bum hopes that their previous conversation won’t get to In Joo’s ears. It might stir unnecessary troubles. Too late, papa doc. Fake Dad’s conscience is pricked when Young Bum laments how his daughter’s image would pop up ever so often, making him mistake other young kids for her. Young Bum then unintentionally reveals that Joon Young is in the hospital…Fake dad gasps!


Do Yoon insists to massage Joon Young’s hands, saying it’s the doc’s order. C’mon writer, what’s the annoying towel doing there? I want skinship! SKINSHIP! Wait, where’s my play doh chef at? Did she see it?

As he gives her personal therapy, he mumbles, “When you get well, I will go away even if you hold onto to me.” Joon Young can’t say thank-you because she feels sorry for everything… Just then fake dad’s loud voice roars outside the door. He’s being stopped by the bodyguards! haha XD But dude, you have the worst timing ever!


He speaks 50 words per second, asking her all sorts of questions. She answers that she’s fine. And he turns to Do Yoon, eyebrows arched, “Who are you?” Of course he remembers this blunt person but wonders why he’s here? Before Do Yoon can answer, he comes up with the cheater’s storyline, “You two will get punished!”

Fake Dad orders Do Yoon to get out and Do Yoon says innocently, “I have no where to go.” Fake Dad sneers, “So after you quit being a cook, you turned and become a caregiver?” Do Yoon: “Yes.” haha, I love your cheeky answers.

He can’t really say anything now so he leaves, thinking that Joon Young must have a head injury, “How can she stay here with this lad but not with perfect son-in-law Choi?” Before he can dial and tattletale to Jae Ha, assistant Kim appears and escorts him to Sanarae.


Baek Sul spends the first minute sweet-talking him, telling him what a great person he is for raising a daughter that is not of his own blood and flesh. He gloats at the compliments and she delivers her main goal: She wants to make Joon Young a world class chef. And she can’t do that with him here. She gives him an envelop with enough money so he can begin a new life. Fake dad tries to look good but the temptation is far too much for his greed.

He gathers up his courage and decides to tell Young Bum the truth. Unfortunately, the doc is in surgery so he calls Jae Ha to bid goodbye. He comes to Kyung Hee hospital but the guards outside the door strip his nerves to enter.


Baek Sul visits Joon Young and lies about giving her dad money so he can open up a store and take care of their days ahead together. The moment Joon Young hears of money, she drops her gaze, knowing exactly what he’ll do with the money. She calls him. He picks up and apologizes for doing this again but the hospital’s announcement gives away his location, he’s in the hospital!


Joon searches frantically around until she’s outside of the hospital and sobs that he can’t abandon her again. Her phone alerts her of a message. From Dad, who is hiding a few feet away behind a pole.


Fake Dad: Joon Young-ah, when I told you about your real dad coming to Udo Island wasn’t a lie. I’m doing this last good deed for you. The doctor who treated me….is your father.”

Alice: She knows! She finally knows!

I’m so glad we have that scene with Jae Ha and Joon Young in the lobby. It emphasizes how similar these two are and why I think they wouldn’t work out. They are best when it comes to shoving problems under the rug. While Jae Ha likes to have things settle peacefully on their own, Joon Young prefers to plaster on a smile to cover up the hurt and pain. I threw up my hands in happiness when she acknowledged what a weak person she has become after meeting Jae Ha. With recognition, I’m hoping for growth and change. If two people in a relationship solve problems with the same passive attitude, I could only count the days until one of them breaks, physically or emotionally.

We have enough of victimized Joon Young. The one who cries and cries some more. Only 12 episodes left writer, get the wheels going for this train please.

  1. 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

    Thanks for recap! At least the wheels are turning faster now. Can’t wait to see how JY and DY’s relationship blossoms : D

    • 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

      Thank you so much for you recap and work hard to make us understand this drama but most of people support JY and DY for me JH will never leave JY and they really love each other and I hope they will find the way at the end because JY is real IJ that mean they suppose to be together.

  2. 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

    Honestly, I’m kind of glad JY got hurt, cos it gives DY more time to be with her (and win her cold heart too! :D) but it kills me that bits and pieces in the drama seems to be pointing out to the chance that DY might leave JY…like when he said he’ll leave when she’s better even if she holds unto him/ the part he lovingly made the playdoh doll for JY but the writers didnt even show her noticing it in the morning….

    Gahhhh… writers please please please let the next few episodes be about JY realising who’s the man that’s been loving her patiently. I’ll be of the opinion that many things can still happen since there’s 12 eps to go. And the fact that DY is Haemil is still not known yet, so i’m hoping this will be used to raise JY’s awareness to our ever-so-considerate loverboy.

    i think the writers will be in for some threats if they don’t make our ship set sail! 😛

    • 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

      Ah, I have the same nagging feeling too when he said that line. But I breathe in and out, thinking, “Maybe Joon Young will be the one to miss and CHASE after our slowpoke in the last two episodes?!!” 😀 Or maybe earlier so they could have more time for a wedding and making cutie babies. ha!

      *positive thinking.positive thoughts.positive ending*

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    thank you for the recaps.
    I totally agree about how you think JH is being so wishy-washy!
    but the thing I hate the most of JH’s character is he always acting so arrogance toward DY, this guy always put himself first, and even though he love JY, but compare to what DY have done for JY, JH’s way of love just so superficiality!
    so JY still wearing the ring, but I could see her love for JH slowly become the burden that JY have to endure!

    • 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

      Seriously! JY needs to chuck that ring back at his forehead!

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    First let me say the underground parking lot should by now be given casting credit. What an inexpensive, generic venue but so many confrontation scenes taking place there .

    More personality revelations -very realistic I think for we are not all made of similar capacities . Though I am vexed that JY seem to have softened the more she stayed at Arirang then Sanarae. Was it to make DY her pillar of strength ? On the other hand, her weakness seems to be what makes DY the man she can lean on. I wonder what will make JY the avenging angel ? Is she in for more pain and tears before she will finally claim her rightful place? Or more challenging options?

    In contrast IJ seem to have made the pact with the devil (is it DY’s mother ?), though she knows it, but has not made any remorse at all. Why ? Because no one is stopping her . She is asking already to be stopped with all her hints and admissions which are are giveaways .

    With JH I am disappointed like you I can call him the no backbone BF. He wants the safe life under grandma’s skirt . Why was he raised by her -is there no backstory there ? He seemed to have been a juvenile delinquent before as grandma reminded him in a past episode.

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      Lol! Yes, please put that car lot in the credits:)

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    Thank you very much for the recaps <3
    Appreciate it :))

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    let’s seee he’s a play doh master, plumber, a masseuse, a chef, a loverboi, a knife weilder, a perfect boyfriend, and an ideal husband!!

    im still very very enraged that they didn’t show JY’s reaction to the dolll..maybe she tucks inside her bedsheet to look at it when she’s sad? MUAHAHAHASHHAHA 😛

    by the way, im upset with doo hee in this episode., she’s so fast to judge her disciple, the one she claims to know and love. its not like she doesn’t her daughter has the potential to be evil!!

    give that ring back! it’s suffocating JY! when will she stop feeling guilty every time they are together and In joo shows up? it’s a burden JY! step away from the kdrama mold!!

    DY is so considerate here…i love it when he called away the guards. poor fake father…hahahah since he interrupted the massage session i guess it’s fair he isn’t allowed to enter!

    love your new avatar Kaptain!

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    Thank you for recap episode 19 and work hard to make us understand this drama . I wait for episode 20. Please coming soon.

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    thanks 4 the amazing recaps!!
    u r really doing a gr8 job X) !!

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    n yea if u guys can contribute 2 this poll
    we can show Jae hae fans how large r DY fans X)

  10. 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

    Thank you again for the recap! I feel like the weekly episodes aren’t complete until I’ve read your recap 😛

    But IF DY and JY do end up together… I think the way the writers will do it is by making Do Yoon leave a little while. And this will make Joon Young miss him, cause DY will no longer be popping out of no where to be her umbrella, a nurse, or whatever it is that she seems to need at the time.

    “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

    I won’t mind DY leaving for a while if this is what it’ll take for JY to SEE what we all see in DY! And of course, they better give us scenes of him in England 😉

    The pace of this show is KILLING me, but at the same time its gotten me more hooked than other dramas that are 16 episodes. I wish that I had the self control to wait till this is all over so I can just marathon it!!

    • 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

      Such kind words Shadow. 🙂

      When he is shipped to England, I hope we get to see Jane and her nagging. Love that girl.

      Hmm. The boys’ presents are telling of their personality too: JH gave a ring (convenient, traditional, close to dull) while DY handmade a chibi JY chef (creative, thoughtful). 😉

      • 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

        I agree on all points Kap! And i am wondering why there was no acknowledgment to the playdoe chibi at all from JY!

        But like u said, DY and his mom, and Jane are the most interesting characters in this drama. I hope that JY’s character development will make us root for her as much as them :/ I truly want to like JY, but a pushover lead can be frustrating…she should’ve had more fire in her ever since fake IJ admired to her actions!

        As a side note, doesn’t it seem like JH and fake dad both have a wishy washy personality? I’m sure they love and care for JY…but they’ve both been undependable when JY needed them…

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          Admitted** I hate u autocorrect

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        Yes a ring, good old mark your territory ring. None for him though, no public declarative statement about his feelings. Halfa** as usual for Jae Ha

  11. 20 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 19

    I don’t know about you, but I had a strong urge to go out and buy some play-doh:) Do Yoon consistently continues to show just what a great guy he is. I mean, really. Gentleman, chivalrous, knight, I could go on and on and on! Do guys like that even exist today? I’m thinking that Joon Young put that play-doh her with her Haemil scarf, definitely. And she takes looks at it whenever she’s feeling blue, which in her case is quite often:/

    Seriously, she needs to grow a backbone, like ten episodes ago. Argh! I was yelling at her to open her mouth and tell what a stinking liar In Joo is. Who cares if Do Hee doesn’t believe her. At least she could say she defended herself. I hate when the female lead holds her tongue and lets the EVIL one get her way. Why in the world does Do Yoon like her? Sigh. For his sake, I want them together. I know that DY is perfect for her, but she’s getting on my nerves. Show me some spunk and fight! That’s all I’m asking.

    In Joo grows scarier and scarier. I don’t see why murder wouldn’t be off her list. What else can she possibly do. She’s pretty much done it all except for that. Someone needs to turn her in for all the bad she’s done. Where is the justice here? Must I wait until episode 32?? Sigh. Looks like it. And Do Hee? I don’t care for her character at all. I would definitely write her out.

    Baek Sul is about to get scary again. I can feel it in my bones. Do Yoon needs to totally come clean about his mom. JY is dense as a box of rocks. Tell her the truth!! In plain old black and white. She needs to know that she is being duped. I’m looking forward to the next episode:) Thanks, Kap, for all your hard work. You are super appreciated!!

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