Bae Seul Gi joins Best Love

If you don’t know already, the Hong Sisters are back with an upcoming drama called “Best Love”. Since their last hit, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I’m expecting uber cuteness and chemistry from the cast. Leading the drama are Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won.

Bae Seulgi will start her activities again as an actress.

Bae Seulgi has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama, “Best Love,” and the first episode will be aired next month. She will be playing as Han Mina, who is in the same girl group as Gong Hyojin.

Bae Seulgi has shown her ability as an actress through parodies and musicals. This will be the first mini-drama she will be featured in, and it will be the official start to her drama acting career.

She participated in a foreign film called “Final,” where she played as the mafia boss’s daughter who also happened to be a killer, but unfortunately, they had to stop filming, leaving Bae Seulgi disappointed. Because of her dreams of becoming an actress, Bae Seulgi is expecting great things from this upcoming drama.

The staff of the drama were satisfied with casting Bae Seulgi because she was once in a girl group, which will influence this upcoming drama greatly.

Bae Seulgi debuted in 2005 as a member of a girl group called “The Red.” Afterward, she released solo albums and also appeared on various variety shows where she showed her various talents. Bae Seulgi will appear in the middle of the drama, where she will create additional tension.

Best Love” is a story about Goo Aejung, a former girl group member played by Gong Hyojin, and her love story. This romantic comedy will feature Gong Hyojin, Bae Seulgi, Yoo Inna, and Baby V.O.X.’s Lee Heejin.

Alice: In case people don’t know, Bae Seul Gi is my favorite Korean girl. Down-to-earth and bubbly, I can’t fathom why some people dislike her (is it because she paired up with YOUR favorite male groups? Yep, I KNOW! SHAME.ON.YOU). She is popular known as the Bokgo Princess/Queen for reviving the old school dance back in 2006 on variety show, Love Letter. Youtube folks!

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