[Preview] Can You Hear My Heart?

MBC’s upcoming weekend drama, “Can You Hear My Heart?” starring returning Korea’s #1 Mr. Nice Guy, Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum, Nam Gung Min, Go Jun Hee, and Lee Gyu Han. Hear!

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Preview Clip:

Alice: This is interesting, Evil Mastermind in Giant, Jo Pil Yeon, has transformed into a mentally challenged father of Hwang Jung Eum in this new weekend drama. In Giant, his character hated her to the guts and used various methods to send her away from his son, Min Woo. Quite the change of character.

Anyway, yay for KIM JAE WON! One of my first few crushes, along with Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin. The premise calls for a lot of character growth and development. Looking forward to this!

Quick Synopsis from Soompi:

Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won), a Chaebol {Rich Man} who loses his hearing due to a car accident meets up with Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum), the “candy girl” who’s always ‘cleaning’ the mess and troubles caused by her “mentally retarded” father through a twist of fate. The drama will be also focusing on how people stand up and overcome their sad fates with determination, cheerfulness through the love they receive/given from the others around them.

  1. 5 thoughts on “[Preview] Can You Hear My Heart?

    Oh my goodness… The Hair!!!!
    Can't they give her a better style than a bowl cut?
    The bowl cut only suit geeks/nerds in manga and manga only…. it doesn't transfer to real life or even drama land…. urgh….

  2. 5 thoughts on “[Preview] Can You Hear My Heart?

    I hear ya! It's puzzling how stylists perceive bowl cuts as the defining trait for "innocent/dumb/slow" girls. >.>

    And short hairstyles = evil second leads. haha XD

  3. 5 thoughts on “[Preview] Can You Hear My Heart?

    Lol, I agree with Eve. I don't really like her bowl cut hair. She should of kept her long hair, it would of been better. Anyways, Kim Jae Won is looking mighty fineee! I'm loving his look, handsome!

  4. 5 thoughts on “[Preview] Can You Hear My Heart?

    Looking forward to KJW… He's a mighty fine eye candy thus far… his acting leaves little to be desired but heck… you never know….

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