Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

 photo SULSG1.jpg

Suzy is mature and sophisticated for Harper’s Bazaar in France while Esquire magazine’s editor saturated Lee Seung Gi‘s photos with too much purple. And for god’s sake, the location is in Hawaii, you could at least show the beautiful scenery with blue oceans and sea life (read: shirtless goodies.) But all you have are face shots. REALLY? Why did I include them together? They’re hot off The Gu Family Book, as we all know.

Also check out Mnet’s award video of Suzy meeting the fake Kang Chi onstage. Cute.

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[Recap] Can You Hear My Heart Ep. 7

Ah, while picking out the cover screencap, I see this one. I like it. It speaks for their relationship don’t you think? Jun Ha is always looking at mom, observing her actions, taking in her demeanor. While Dong Joo’s arm is like a bridge, connecting him with Jun Ha, a hyung he looks up to. I’m actually a bit worried, remember the phrase Jun Ha told Hyun Suk years ago? “If you die, take me with you!” The same phrase has been repeating itself 3 times already. No, I don’t want anyone to die, but once Jun Ha finds out the truth, he’s prepared to go as far as he can with her – to the pits of hell?

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[Recap] Can You Hear My Heart Ep. 5

And this drama keeps getting better! In this episode, we say bye to the charming kids, and welcomes the beautiful adult counterparts. Hwang Jung Eum has a natural high-pitched voice so when she screams, it’s top-notch. Kim Jae Won, how excited am I to see you smiling angel? To top things off, you incorporated your own lopsided smile too.

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