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The beloved MC – Yoo Jae Suk

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*Episode 176:
Guests: Male cast from drama “President” – Choi Su Jong, Yoo Min-Ki, Jung Han Yong, Lee Sung Min
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Choi Su Jong is another ideal husband, but please wait for your wife to go home together..yea? 🙂

*Episode 177:
Guests: Lovely Actors/Actresses from the beloved drama “Dream High” – Kim Soo Hyun, Miss A’s Suzy, Lee Yoonji, Eom Gi Joon, Lee Byung Joon
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: The ajuhmmas spazzing over Soo Hyun…who doesn’t want to feed him?! And Suzy is so adorable being caught on camera, mesmerized with Soo Hyun, who is busy trying to look cool. Ya! He’s my boo! But if you’re HM then…SD is all yours. hehe =P

*Episode 178:
Guests: Cast from drama “Believe in Love / My Love, My Family” – Park Joo Mi, Lee Jae Ryoung, Moon Jung Hee, Han Chae Ah
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: First time I heard of this weekend drama. It is slated for 50 episodes…Any followers of this drama? Hope Shin Bong Sun gets the headlines that she wants soon, the woman has an amazing personality. ♥

*Episode 179:
Guests: Dalshabet’s Jiyool & Soobin, Jung Seon Hee, Lee Soo Geun, Jung Sia
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Jung Sia looks beautiful as a mom. It’s funny how she described the labor process and the baby just “popped” out. haha XD And naturally, we have stories of the men’s fear of their wives. heehee The girl Soobin cracks me up big time with her antics. This episode is a win!

*Episode 180:
Guests: Jung Jin Young, Lee Moon Shik, Seon Usun, Kim Sook
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Lee Moon Shik is playing the shameless role of Beggar Jang in “The Duo”.

*Episode 181:
Guests: T-Ara’s Soyeon, Ze:A’s Gwanghee, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jang Hoon, Aurora’s Jung Eun
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Funny episode as the fight between Old Kpop and Modern Kpop erupts. ha! Jang Hoon is older than Jong Shin ajusshi? This is the case like Joong Ki and Kwang Soo from Running Man. Sigh, these people and their youthful faces! Hmps! My first time seeing Gwanghee…he’s really open about having plastic surgery. I like his honest perception: “you need to be pleasing to the general public”. It’s a sad statement but very true in the entertainment world. I understand Jang Hoon’s frustration, there are so many new girls/boys groups debuting every week! I gave up remembering their names.

*Episode 182:
Guests: Ahn Mun Suk, Yoon Son Ha, Dalshabet’s Soo Bin, Kim Tae Hyun, Heo Kyung Hwan
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Aww! Star Golden Bell’s regulars! I missed KTH and HKH! This episode focuses on the accents/dialects/misconceptions in different regions of Korea.

Shin Bong Sun: I didn’t throw it away! I placed it in the trash! haha!

*Episode 183:
Guests: DBSG’s Duo – Max & Yunho, F(x)’s Krystal – Sulli – Luna, Shinee’s Onew
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Too many guests in one small room. I just want the focus on my long-legged boys!

*Episode 184:
Guests: Choi Ran, Kim Bo Min, Shoo, Lee Yoo Jin
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Cute episode with the ladies bragging about their athletic husbands. I laughed so hard when one of the husbands (a basketball player) told his wife to step back so he can attempt to shoot popcorn in her mouth. haha XD

*Episode 185:

Guests: Cast from drama “Thorn Birds” – Han Hye Jin, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Min Jung, Seo Do Young
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Kim Min Jung looks gentle here, very different from her usual villain role. She’s such a cutie! Joo Sang Wook’s voice sounds exactly like when he’s acting. He should be in more variety shows, the man is hilarious! Do Young and his cute line, “I study abroad” whenever Jae Suk asks him a question. hehe. I must say though, the ladies are much better at handling the water-guns. Hye Jin’s reaction! haha! “Change in Heating Method” sounds so hard! Hilarity ensues as the cast act out some scenes…

*Episode 186:

Guests: Cast from drama “Crime Squad” – Song Il Gook, Lee Jong Hyuk, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Joon, & Kim Junho & Kim Daehee
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Ji Hyo! Running Man’s Charm! It’s hard to imagine the serious Song Il Gook doing pranks on his cast mates. I would love to see that. Such a quiet man. Not much on Jong Hyuk, he just smiles..yep that bright smile of his. Poor him though, he got sprayed like 4 times! My new ajusshi crush! ^_^ The active men are Junho and Daehee…Junho cracks me up when he imitated Action Director (Lee Philip) from Secret Garden! haha XD

*Episode 187:

Guests: Old Kpop Male Groups: Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo, H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun, and Sechs Kies’ Eun Ji Won
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: No time to watch this week….T_T

*Episode 188 has its own post here because….well, it has one of my favorite girls, young-girl warrior YEH!

*Episode 189
Guests: Lee Sang Yong, Wang Jong Geun, Kim Hak Rae, Park Sae Min, Kim Jun Ho
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Special Episode with Korean Legends…as described by YJS. To me? Ajusshi-packed episode!

*Episode 190
Guests: Shin Hyun Joon, Nam Hee Suk, Jun Noh Min, Kim Hyun Chul, Bebe Mignon’s Hae Geum
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Shin Hyun Joon and his laughing…haha XD Who would’ve thought this cheerful actor played one of the most heart-breaking second leads ever in Stairway to Heaven? I still remember how his character TRIED to save the main girl. O.M.G. Another endearing actor is Noh Min, who played the eldest son saddled with responsibilities in Family Honor! He has a gentle smile… *swoons*

*Episode 191 will start a new batch of Happy Together!

Alice: *3.23.11* I know I know, I have said before that I won’t upload Happy Land anymore, but my variety soul/fangirl got the best of me. As I was contemplating during my Spring break to delete or not to delete these episodes..I ended up here. Not sure how I’m going to proceed, I might just add new episode to this list.

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    you're the best <3

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    OMG Alicecheng you are so AWESOME!! HAHAH please keep it up! heheh 😀 i love watching this show!

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    i love this shows..thanks for posting this shows again

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    Thank you so much! I'm so grateful that you posted these. :). I hope you continue to post them, but understand if you don't. Happy Together is one of my favorites!

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    thank you!
    i hope you will keep uploading happy together, im waiting for the thorn birds cast episode because i cant find it anywhere..huhuhu..

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    please keep uploading this show!! you're the only site where i can find all eps. thank you!

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    Thanks so much for posting the show again 🙂

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    Thord Birds Cast would be next week ^_^ Can't wait!

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    Hi Alice,
    I check your website everyday but my 1st time to post. Just want to say thank you very much for the Happy Together episodes. It's one of my fav!!
    I didnt know about Thorn Birds & have watched it accidentally and this drama is a good watch. By the way, Thorn Birds is my 1st korean drama. Hahahahaha….
    Thanks for being such a sweetie for all the lovely lovely uploads you've done!
    Have a lovely day!

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    Hey there Eagle! Glad you decided to comment, it gets lonely around here!

    Thorn Birds is your first Korean drama?! I'm surprised! Hope you find more interesting dramas to watch around here.

    Agree, Happy Together is my weekly crack!

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    Yea but am glad to have found your blog!!

  18. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    I just binged on a whole glut of HT episodes!!! While watching the President cast episode, I have to say I suspect Choi Su Jong is gay…*gasp*…I know, but it was very awkward watching him kiss Yoo Jaesuk's hand MULTIPLE times!! This is a shocker because he is so famous for being a doting husband. Even my mom who doesn't know much about Korean celebs knows that he plans surprise events for his wife like every day. I also remember him planning two surprise events on F.O.

    Also, Jung Siah totally freaked out when she heard Soobin's ghost story. Her scream gave me a heart attack. I also love how she said she was so innocent that she didn't even go to clubs when shortly after she was asked about her shotgun marriage. She was like, I didn't go out much, but I did love a lot!! LOL. And Lee Sugeun robbed the cradle when he married!! I can't believe his wife is around the same age as Dalshabet's Jiyool!! She's also really, really pretty. I saw a pic of her on 1N2D. It kind of irks me though that some Korean men seem to think women in their 30s are like old hags >:( There is a general unfair expectation that wives have to be young.

    And for the Believe in Love special, I believe it was the first time I ever saw PMS being polite to someone!! He's always blunt/rude to guests no matter how famous, wealthy, and popular they are. But he was so sweet to Park Joo Mi!!

    I was also surprised by how pretty and cute Kim Min Jung was. I absolutely hated her in Thorn Birds, lol.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing HT episodes!!! Best show EVER!!!

  19. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Thanks for sharing Alice. PikeYenny skips multiple episodes, you are still the only source for the translations of most of them. right now, pikeyenny skipped 188, 189, 190 and went straight to 191.

  20. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Dear friend, your comment puts a grin on my face!

    Is this a new term? Happy Together binging? hehe Because I like it!

    You think Choi Su Jong is gay? haha I can see where that come from but aren't Korean men pro-skinship? (at least my friend says so…)

    Yes, yes, Min Jung is a ball of cuteness!

  21. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Hi there Yichung! I thought you disappear forever! I haven't visited Pikeyenny's site in a while so I don't know. But you're always welcome here to watch the missing episodes. ^_^

  22. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    I had soo much fun watching the TVXQ and f(x) episode, though I became super jealous of how close the girls were Yunho and Changmin. Imagine being able to say you’re hungry to Changmin and go to eat pizza with him!!! Changmin said he already ate pizza twice that day, but couldn’t refuse Luna’s request for pizza because she asked so nicely and cutely. I just about dieddd when I heard that!! That was so sweet of Changmin >_<. And then I became of jealous again wehn Yunho called Sulli “SM family’s pretty princess.” Sigh….the uncontrollable fan girl in me wanted to say, "back off from my man Sulli!!!" Actually, Krystal and Sulli both said that Yunho was their ideal man. Luna also admitted she had a crush on Yunho. Sigh…so much competition, LOL.

    I also was surprised by how Joo Sang Wook's normal voice sounds exactly the same as his acting voice!! I'm so happy he's getting more and more well known. I liked him in Kimcheed Radish Cubes and always wondered why I didn't see him in more dramas. But then, all of a sudden, he landed important roles in Paradise Ranch, Giant, and now Thorn Birds, all in like the span of one year!!! I'm sure people recognize him now~~

    And I loved watching the Old Male Kpop Idol special. I laughed at all their retaliatory, back stabbing, behind-the-scenes stories.They were so arrogant and petty back then!! And Moon Hee Joon's slip!!! I can't believe he implied he slept with his ex-girlfriend on national television!!! On HAPPY TOGETHER of all places -_-" That man is so funny.

  23. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Hi Alice. i didn't disappear, i'm writing the board exams so I have nearly no free time. Anytime I do have i just watch runningman, happytogether, 1night2days and oh my school. I'll try to catch up on all the soaps after I get through the exams! Right now I'm just so happy you were posting the back episodes of HT, since I really watned to see them!

  24. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    I was so caught up in outpouring my excitement about the new HT episodes that I didn't get to say how happy I am that you are continuing to upload HT temporarily!! It's a little embarrassing writing back to you after saying my heartfelt goodbye, lol ^^  But thanks for sharing these episodes and thanks again for replying to all of our comments.

  25. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    The Ajusshi special was really funny, but it was also sad in a way. All of these people were famous emcees/comedians, but they've become forgotten and neglected once they retired. I wonder if Yoo Jaesuk and Kang Hodong will be guests on shows like this when they get old and retire. Oh, and the story of the short grandfather only being able to afford ramen for his daughter's first birthday was also heartbreaking. My eyes became quite watery, but it looks he was a good father and his daughter also went to Korea's top university, so all's well that ends well 🙂 And it's cute that he still kisses his daughter now, even though she's over forty!!

    And OMG!! I thought I was the only one who liked Jun Noh Min!!! I really liked his quiet, kind and responsible character on Family Honor. I think I shipped the Jun Noh Min couple more than the Park Shihoo couple. I totally SA-WOON at his gentle smile too!!!

    And gosh, I remember crying buckets because of Shin Hyun Joon's character on Stairway to Heaven!!! I think he deserved Choi Jiwoo more than Kwon Sangwoo. I mean, he was willing to DIE for her. I still remember how he covered his eyes with his hands so they wouldn't get damaged. Gaahhh, sooo sad. He was also a much more interesting character than Kwon Sangwoo, you know, what with being a rebellious loner/artist who grew up in poverty, was spurned by his mother and tormented by mafia members. I mean, he was literally rescued from darkness by Choi Jiwoo and they grew up protecting and comforting each other from his evil mother. But I digress. Not a lot of people I know have seen Stairway to Heaven so it's cool to know you have!! Oh, those old melo Korean dramas. How they've dried out our eyes~~

  26. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Ep 190!! Thanks, Alice!!! You're a sweetie!

  27. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    you are awesome! 190!! I was waiting for this! 

  28. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    I love it when an actor or actress turns out to be such a surprise! It shows that they really have true talent in acting because they become someone who is nothing like themselves for their time on screen ^^ Seeing Min Jung so differently I am most definitely impressed by her talent :o) 

  29. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    Maggie, I'm surprised too at Min Jung's personality. Somehow, she always get the evil second lead roles!

    I felt that Sang Wook was sleeping too until the sleeping volcano erupted with laughter. =D

  30. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    OMG Alicecheng you are so AWESOME!! HAHAH please keep it up! heheh 😀 i love watching this show!

    you'll be blessed! kekek

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    Good luck on your board exams Yichung!!

    Happy Together Friends/Fans, Fighting!

  32. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    I just stumbled upon E177 DH cast and barely finished the show. Oh gawd, I laughed till I cried. I miss the funny. Suzy was so cute when she faked being all aegyo to KSH saying “I like you”…. did she want to throw up right after she said her line? That was priceless!

  33. 36 thoughts on “[Batch 1] Happy Together Episodes

    745940 266925A lot of thanks for the amazing post C I

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