Kdrama: Bridal Mask (Gaksital) OST


— Part 1 —
01. Goodbye Day – Ulala Session
02. Instrumental

Download Part 1 // Mirror

— Part 2 —
01. I Couldn’t Do It – 4Men
02. Instrumental

Download Part 2 // Mirror

— Part 3 —
01. When the Sun Sets – Gavy NJ
02. Instrumental

Download Part 3 // Mirror

— Part 4 —
01. You In My Arms – Bohemian
02. Judgement Day – Lee Jung Hyun & Joo Won (!!)

Download Part 4 // Mirror

— Part 5 —
01. That One Word – Melody Day
02. Instrumental

Download Part 5 // Mirror

— Various Artists —
01. Goodbye Day – Ulala Session
02. I Couldn’t Do It – 4Men
03. When The Sun Sets – Gavy N.J
04. You In My Arms – Bohemian
05. Judgement Day – Lee Jung Hyun & Joo Won
06. That One Word – Melody Day
07. Love and Love – Joo Won
08. It Doesn’t Work – Jung Eun Byul
09. Unrequited love – Han Chae Ah
10. It hurts – Lee Seul Bi
11. Blue and Red – Ji Seo Yoon
12. Gaksital
13. Holy
14. Destiny
15. I’m Right Beside You
16. Guardian
17. Unrequited love (Orchestra Ver.)
18. National Flag On This Land

Download VA Part // Mirror

Alice (6.13.12): WEEEEE!! I got so excited when I saw the release that I felt a strong desire to post it up right away (usually I wait for at least 3 parts). It’s powerful and moving all in one!

Preview for my upcoming bannerrrr! The broody boys. Them boys… 😀


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  1. Kappy

    English Subbed Version of the Song!

  2. nonski

    awesomeness! thanks 🙂

  3. Mariah

    Thankkkkssssss a millllliiiiiooooon times infinity Kap!!! Been waiting for this song for ages! And I just love the picture in the MV above! I am head over heels for Gaksital! ^^ hehe!

  4. Kappy

    ^ haha! Mariah, you made up all the thanks for the lurkers around here!!

    I had to laugh when I saw the photo because it looks like they took a picture for the sake of adding it as a cover album because our Mok Dan’s eyes are squinting, but in the episode they’re fully closed! 😛

    Haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet! Going to marathon tonight! Weeeee ~~

    1. Mariah

      Hehe, I just love this OST n the drama, hence the infinite gratitude to you for providing it! 😉

      Yeah, Dan’s eyes aren’t fully closed in this picture. I thought it was one of those behind the scene photos during filming or something. Anyway, how’d you like this week’s episodes? 😉

    2. Kappy

      Mariah, I didn’t like this week at all. ALLL tears and sobs. Can’t believe the writer is willing to go so far so early. I hope he/she has good plots for killing my beloved characters all in one go like that (well, not Kenji, that heartless jerk deserves it! Too bad his disgusting assistant didn’t go with him).

      But in the end, I love it….love its cruelty…love the sorrow that it brings…. I must be crazy!

  5. coby

    thanks! many of those 🙂

  6. osaka

    there is song like rock in this show what is it? plz i like it

    1. kate

      yes osaka i would like plss to know that too plsassss somebody!!!!you can listen some of this track at the end of episodes 11-14!!plsssssss someone tell me the title or where i can find it!!!!thanks!!!

      1. Sara

        yeahhh me too this song has repeated some eps right!!! kind rock song!! wanna know the name!! who knows :/!! even fight scene
        and this too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c64oGzib0Uk&playnext=1&list=PLC73B4AE9574E04A2&feature=results_video daebak!

        1. Yuni

          Thee song in that fight scene is by Joo Won & Lee Jung Hyun – Judgement Day.

          Awesome song~ (:

          &&thank you for thee link(s) <3 (:

    2. osaka

      thaaaaaank u for the ost.finally.found it 🙂

  7. Meera

    Hello everyone,

    Can someone tell me the name of the music which is in Episode 5 in Part 2, when Lee Kang to wash his

    face by water ?

  8. Sara

    anyone knows some rock songs? :/ not by Joowon ft Junghyun sigh!!

  9. Anthony

    The links for Part 4 don’t work! Can someone reupload!? 🙁

  10. Alexandra

    Thank you !

  11. Tamara

    Thank you so much!!! This is the only place i found the full version!!! Thank you!!!

  12. krjplover

    thanks for the full ost.. i try to find the last song on the last episode at the past where they play the clip..

    because i too attached with the drama.. the clip played with this song is very perfect to leave me kind of sad feeling..

    1. krjplover

      it’s okay.. i found it already.. it is the track number 15.. 🙂

  13. hadi

    진짜 좋아..고마워요….

  14. I eat every 3hrs

    TQ. love the drama

  15. Apple Pendragon

    Thank you so much!

  16. Bia

    Links off.

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