[Download] Spy Myung Wol OST


— Part 1 —
01. Love is Scared – Bobby Kim
02. Love is Scared (Instru)

— Part 2 —
01. More Than Anyone in the World – Lena Park
02. More Than Anyone in the World (Instru)

— Part 3 —
01. If You Love Me More – Suju’s Ryeo Wook
02. If You Love Me More (Instru)

— Part 4 —
01. To Be Able To Love – Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi
02. To Be Able To Love (Instru)

Download ALL 4 Parts // MIRROR

Alice: Here you go! For OST-hungry folks! If you want individual part, request!

It’s nice to hear Wookie’s voice again. I missed that dork!


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  1. Rushwas

    Many, many thanks! I've been after the Lena Park song since I heard it in the first ep. 

  2. Zniwzz

    i want to know the name of song in ep.6 when Kang Woo and Myung Wol running in the forest… it's very cute song and cute scene! <3

  3. Nadiamoi

    i can't download megaupload,can u download that song in mediafire..tq

  4. lazz

    Woohoo! Big Thanks for the Spy Myung Wol OST! But can I request for the individuals parts in OST Part 4 thru mediafire mp3? Please? Thanks a lot! Love this blog.

  5. alicechen

    Folks, when I said individual part, I meant individual ZIP part and not mp3. If everyone requests for each mp3 song, I'd go nuts.

  6. Zamarock

    A great thanks to alicechen… More Than Anyone In The World is my favourite…

  7. irfan

    i'm can't download this album.. my mozilla and goggle can't support.. please help me.. how too download in another way….

  8. pianokitty

    Thank you so much!  That Bobby Kim / Gil Hak Mi song is killer – a kind of Korean 'Islands in the Stream' :-).  I've been looking for it everywhere!

  9. lanarnia

    Thank you so much! <3

  10. Guest123321

    2nd part is corrupted.

  11. Guest123321

    Thanks Alice 🙂 How about it's instrumental? Im one of the hugry for osts. 

  12. Guest123321

     Nah its alright. 🙂

  13. guess

    cannot dl any solution

  14. Guest123321

    Its like you're downloading an episode.

  15. Koumamo Piebo

    wow hopes  you computer is getting  to you soon, because for some reason Megauplaod file are not getting open.

  16. wakka (jw)

    I would assume that's because of the government ban on some filesharing sites in Malaysia. FAQ#13 to bypass it or you can wait for Alice to upload it to MF. ( I would do it but it would be much much much later)

  17. Ling_lol

    how come cannot download any? 

  18. Şeyma88

    wow thank you so much i always follow your blog…
    i want to ask the name of the song during the seduce scene ep.5…
    do you know that song? 
    i really really loved that song… :))

  19. lucia

    thanks. i always follow your blog. It's very nice.

  20. Şeyma88

    i've been checking up here everyday but i can't find answer for my question…

  21. alicechen

    I must say, when it comes to songs, there's no guarantee of an answer. If people know the song, they'll respond.

  22. Şeyma88

    ok^^ thanks this is an answer to me 🙂

  23. Pachai Ilip

    does anyone know the title of the song near the end of episode 2? it's english, something like, "i wake up with a smile, heaven's all around…"

  24. Şeyma_88 √

    i found the song… yay^^ "bliss feat sophie barker-calling" 

  25. neeth

    hi alice, can u help me? i cant DL from all your link..
    thx b4

  26. Perfect World

    Please create a new links …thanks

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