City Hunter Episode 19 Preview

Alice: Someone! Anyone! Please take my heart and care for it. What’s Sae Hee doing? Why does she have a book? Don’t hurt HERRRRRRR!! Young Ju, you’re going to save her right? Please grab hold of this awesome woman!

The psycho reveals something to Yoon Sung…about Kyung Hee. The real DAD? GAHHH *drops*

And heads up folks, I won’t be home tomorrow so no early download links from me. The earliest I can say is around 5/6 o’clock in the evening. If you guys can wait that long….

Here’s a making of Episode 18! Poor Young Ju! Getting flipped repeatedly!

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    EEEEEHHHH TOMORROW! omgomgomg Saehee was holding the Sweep Missions book! AHHH FIGHTFIGHT LMH ^^

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    Ah, she is? OMG! Exactly how many copies of that book is OUT THERE? Give me one right now! =P

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    hahaha cant wait to watch it alice! where are you going?? i want to download it right away!! geez! 

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    Why does this story play with out fragile hearts so roughly?? 
    I almost didn't want to watch the preview because I didn't know it I could handle it but I couldn't resist. It's too compelling! Wow the danger circle is growing ever larger catching more and more people. Yoon Sung and Young Ju need to work together and defeat all those bad guys ASAP!!
    Don't worry about the download sweetie, you're always so quick and you dedicate so much time to providing us with downloads and info. As for me I will be trying hard to hold back watching until I have subs anyway…I might give in depending on how quick the subs are and how busy I am tomorrow.
    I've loved other stories but I haven't been so excited and nervous and emotionally involved all at once for another story in a while.

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    Tina, girl is impatient eh?! I went to Six Flags with my family. Enjoyed a day without worries.

    Maggie, thanks for your understanding. 🙂

    I've watched episode 19 raw and I can lend you a Kleenex box. I won't
    spoil it for you but remember, stay away from discussions if you want to
    be stunned speechless.

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