[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

The writer has been flaunting our characters with death every now and then. But nobody actually dies. Are they saving deaths for the big finale?

1. To Dad’s Rescue

Standing back-to-back, Dad growls, “Why did you come?!” Yoon Sung: “Now is not the time to talk about that.” Dad, just shut up and let him save you! You almost said hello to the Master of Hell two seconds ago!

Chun Jae Man’s main minion, Suk Doo Shik, recognizes Yoon Sung as the City Hunter from their previous encounters. *gasps*

They split up, each handling some minions. Dad suffers some major blows from the metal pipe and somehow doesn’t use his sword-cane even when they unsheathed it for him! Yoon Sung saves Dad from being poked to death by his own weapon. Seeing that they can’t win, Suk Doo Shik escapes with his men.

At this office, Chun Jae Man grumbles over his company’s debt and its staggering debt ratio, at 500%. Bankruptcy here I come! He’s too enraged to pick up Doo Shik’s phone call, who is desperate to tell him the identity of our City Hunter.

2. Nana, it’s your turn to be in Danger

In the mean time, Doo Shik decides to kidnap Nana. AHHHHH! He uses her phone to call Yoon Sung, who is at the hospital, checking on Dad’s condition. Doo Shik asks Yoon Sung to come to Hae Won Sea World. Why? WHY the Aquarium of all places?

With her legs and arms tied, Nana’s head hangs barely above the tank. This seriously freaks me out. Yoon Sung is forced to handcuff himself so that Doo Shik can freely beat him up. Or else, he will push the trigger, sending Nana deep…deep down.

Doo Shik whips out his knife and Yoon Sung lunges forward, knocking him to the ground and the trigger out of his hand. Doo Shik quickly grabs the trigger and presses the button. *Splash* Nana’s rope is cut! Enraged with worry, Yoon Sung uses his flexible long legs to kick the living daylights out of Doo Shik. Woohoo!

Yoon Sung takes Nana’s hand, trying to bring her to the hospital, but she declines his worry. Just because he told her stay away, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t wait for him. She bluntly tells him she’ll wait for him, to the ends of her life, forever.

She can’t see the end of it all but if they do it together, it won’t be a solitary task. “Let’s do this together, Lee Yong Sung.” She walks a few steps away before Yoon Sung calls out, “Wait for me. Wait a little while more. I can see the end now.” I sincerely hope that the end would be you two making Little Yoon Sungs and Little Nanas. My eyes are blind to other endings.

Yoon Sung has got to be kidding me. Out of all places, he decides to keep Doo Shik in his house! He also assigns Ajusshi to take care of the dangerous man. Does anybody else think this is the WORST idea Yoon Sung came up with? Ajusshi adorably asks Doo Shik what food he likes to eat. Oh gosh!

3. Father & Son Bonding Time (pshhh)

Yoon Sung returns to work the next day to the curious eyes of many about his judo skills, after flipping Young Ju from last episode. The President asks to meet him. On his way to the office, Yoon Sung is stopped by Nana’s boss, head of the Security Office, Park Ho Shik. The man warns Yoon Sung not have ulterior intentions in the Blue House.

The President takes Yoon Sung to go fishing, a hobby he finds peaceful during stressful times.

4. Chun Jae Man Crashes

Desperate about his impending bankruptcy, Chun Jae Man calls his friends for help, but none of them want to step into this black hole and are drinking tea with Jin Pyo. At wit’s end, Chun Jae Man kneels before Jin Pyo and offers the sealed documents in exchange for his help. Jin Pyo plays dumb and calls security.

His company is officially announcing bankruptcy. Young Ju and Yoon Sung both worry about the millions of jobless workers if the company goes down. Therefore, Yoon Sung poses himself as a fund manager from New York and buys Hae Won Chemical at the price of 10 cents (the coin given to him by Young Ju, who received it earlier from a City Hunter’s fan boy). This is so awesome, like a direct slap into Chun Jae Man’s face for being so condescending!

As a result, the company promises to give 51% of Hae Won Chemical shares to its workers, and they will be in charge of paying back the debt with the generated profits. Hae Won Chemical also acknowledges its careless handling of hazardous chemicals and will take full responsibility for the medical costs of all employees. City Hunter, how much do I love thou right NOW?!

Leaving behind all the damages, Chun Jae Man intends to fly and hide out in L.A. Unfortunately, our City Hunter is on his tail. Yoon Sung calls Young Ju and tells him to wait in front of the Prosecution Office at 4 P.M. At the airport, Yoon Sung swiftly knocks down Chun Jae Man and his two minions. TADA!

But Young Ju is not idle this time, he has called in the SWAT team, surrounding the Prosecution Office to capture our City Hunter. When a masked man approaches, Yoon Sung proves once again to be the wise one. The masked man is actually a City Hunter’s fan boy, eager to meet his Hero at 4pm wearing a mask. The hilarious thing is…there’s more than one fan boy and fan girl. hahaha!

In a distance, lying on the ground unconscious, is Chun Jae Man.

5. Cat-and-Mouse Game Ends Here

Determined to capture the City Hunte, Young Ju races after him with a gun by his side. Yah! You’re not planning to shoot him right? No, he shoots Yoon Sung’s tire as to stop him from driving away.

Yoon Sung gracefully gets out of the car to face Young Ju. He swiftly seizes the gun out of Young Ju’s hand and aims it at him. Fearless, Young Ju stands in front of the gun and quickly unmasks the City Hunter. AHHHHHHHHH!


Alice: Finally! Congratulations Young Ju! What now? Are you going to turn him in or let him go? Cause deep down, you know Yoon Sung is a good guy despite the crimes he’d committed in the Blue House.

Looking at the story, it’s possible to have no deaths next week. As long as Military Dad doesn’t insist that death is the “only” solution. Buhhh that’s not the case right? Honestly, I think the final battle will be between Yoon Sung and Military Dad. Dad would most likely kill off Chun Jae Man and pressure Yoon Sung into finishing off the last target. The President should be easy to deal with because he’s the only one to feel guilty and is prepared to reveal the truth. However, this revelation is probably the cruelest to Yoon Sung.

He has to hand his father in to justice, bearing the burden that his father is a coward, responsible for the deaths of 20 honorable men. On the other hand, he has a military Dad who raised him solely for revenge. Although, I would like to argue that Jin Pyo does love Yoon Sung in his own twisted way (he might not even realize it). That scene when he asks Yoon Sung, “Why did you come?” pretty much confirms to me that he wants Yoon Sung to be safe, knowing full well that he could die without his son’s help. Their relationship may not be of warmth and happiness but is deeply intertwined in blood and trust.

** Predicting the F.I.N.A.L.E! Join in with me folks! =D
Nana should be fine from now on, she might have to fight her boss to help Yoon Sung. He’s a sharp guy.
Young Ju lets Yoon Sung slip with his crimes. Preeettyplease?
Ajusshi is in danger as long as that pyscho Doo Shik stays in their house. Borrowing Jae Man’s phrase, “Get rid of him!”
Kyung Hee is holding onto dear life for her son. Please let her live. If Doo Shik somehow manages to find her, I believe we might bid farewell.
Jin Pyo seems like the target for “I live to suffer” type of story line. The screen capture below makes me want resolution to his overbearing guilt of being the sole survivor. Is this the first time we see him actually lying on his back? Poor man.
Yoon Sung is the one I’m worried about. Everything points to a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown. I will truly hate it, HATE IT if he somehow falls into the ocean or tips over the edge, and goes MISSING. That’s terrible and I demand a Season 2.
Nana + Yoon Sung = Lots of pretty babies!


  1. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    hi alice. Do u notice that the presiden is yoon sung real father? He also the 5th target. i can't imagine what is the ending.

  2. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    something fishy here … YS mother give another handkerchief to YS .. is she want to tell the president about YS ?? 

  3. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    angah_yati, Yes.

    Yani, most likely, the handkerchief will cause suspicion in Yoon Sung once he sees the same one in the President's drawer! Kyung Hee can't spare the thought of making ANOTHER unique one eh? 

  4. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    I'm DESPERATE for a happy ending for Yoon Sung and Nana…to the point I might volunteer to deal with Jin Pyo myself just to let the two of them get away!!! Though…on second thoughts I might not survive that long enough to help but really, if they don't live happily ever after and have lots of beautiful babies I won't be able to sleep at night!! 
    I agree with you about Young Ju…I can't see him actually taking Yoon Sung in and making him face all his crimes because he knows that Yoon Sung is actually trying to do what's right. As time goes on I think he's putting more and more faith in Yoon Sung to do something good. He obviously doesn't agree with his methods but when it comes down to it I'm hoping he'll lean more towards that sympathetic side he's been growing lately.
    I can't believe this drama is ending this week!!! I think I'll most likely be in tears when I watch the finale, no matter what happens.

  5. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    hahaha bad mommy also own many-same-handkerchief …. i dont surprise if Jin Pyo also hv 1 … owh ya … the picture of YS mother with the other guy also will reviled who is the HOLE face … the president … !!!  

  6. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    Maggie, I'm sure thousand of fangirls will help you take/block Jin Pyo cause I'm one of them! We only need to take away his sword-cane and we're good to go! 😛

    Me too, I'll be a sobbing mess for the finale. >.<"

  7. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    Great, let's disarm him and then go for a surprise hugging attack ;o) I'm convinced the guy must have been starved of love and affection in his lifetime to turn out like that so if the two of us hug him enough we might be able to soften his heart ^^

    Let's sob together Alice, I'll lend you my shoulder and you can lend me yours…

  8. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    ha! Maggie, that's the cutest revenge EVER. Jin Pyo can use some of our hugging power! (I'm not used to skinship but whatever! haha XD)

    Yes, I'll sure lend my shoulder to you. ^_^ And now we wait for episode 19. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Is it weird that I'd rather Jin Pyo be Yoon Sung's real father as opposed to the President? Sigh~

  9. 9 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 18

    I agree.  Yun Sung and Nana need lots of pretty babies!  I love that couple.  I hope that Jun Pyo's character also comes to a good end.  I have hated him for a number of things he has done, but he did live through a traumatic event, so I hope he gets some respite from his revenge plans in the end.  I just hope he an Yun Sung don't have to battle each other.  As much as Yun Sung hates him for a number of things (which I love and agree with) I know he means something to him.

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