Angelababy mesmerizes Michael Chen in new film, Love on the Cloud

Angelababy is pushing all my right buttons recently. With her fun and bubbly self on Run, Brother, I’m beginning to transition those good feelings to her filming projects. Not to mention she recently donated to a charity in Huang Xiao Ming’s name to celebrate his 37th birthday in the states. In her latest film, Love on the Cloud, she’s paired up with Michael Chen. These two are good friends and it’s not hard to see that when he calls her troublesome/handful on Run, Brother.

In the film, Angelababy plays a model who’s open-minded and looking for a one-night stand. They meet each other through Michael’s mobile app and she learns that he dreams of becoming a director, but is considered a “parasitic coward” in pursuing his passions. They have a chance encounter with a powerful investor and their lives change drastically to the demands of the TV industry.


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I laughed so hard when I read Michael’s character description because that’s how I view him on Run, Brother. There’s something intimate about him and the word “greasy/slimy.”

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LOL. They picked the right actor for this role. Michael has it down ten folds.

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Angela dancing in Beijing’s cold weather wearing a stunning red Indian dress.

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BTS & Trailers:

  • That Sharpei is gonna steal scenes from the humans! So cute!
  • Love On The Cloud hit theaters in China on the 24th of December.

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