Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

Track list:

— Part 1 —
01. Baek Ah Yeon – 캐논의 아침 (Morning of Canon)
02. Baek Ah Yeon – 캐논의 아침 (Inst.)

— Part 2 —
01. Jeff Bernat – Be The One
02. Jeff Bernat – Be The One (Instr.)

— Part 3 —
01. MeGan Lee – Ready for Love
02. MeGan Lee – Ready for Love (Instr.)

Download Parts 1-3

— Part 4 —
01. Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal) – 운명 같은 너 (Destiny Sonata)
02. Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal) – 운명 같은 너 (Instr.)

— Part 5 —
01. Ken (of VIXX) – My Girl
02. Ken (of VIXX) – My Girl (Instr.)

Download Parts 4-5

— Part 6 —

Must you strip all my fiery and crumble me down into a fetal position?
Beautiful lady, Beautiful voice. Ailee, hwaiting!

01. Ailee – 잠시 안녕처럼 (Goodbye My Love)
02. Ailee – 잠시 안녕처럼 (Instr.)

— Part 7 —
01. Melody Day – 사랑을 몰라서 (Because I Don’t Know Love)
02. Melody Day – 사랑을 몰라서 (Instr.)

Download Parts 6-7

— Album (Official) —
01. 운명 같은 너 – Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal)
02. 잠시 안녕처럼 – Ailee
03. Be The One – Jeff Bernat
04. 캐논의 아침 – Baek Ah Yeon
05. My Girl – Ken (of VIXX)
06. 사랑을 몰라서 – Melody Day
07. Ready For Love – MeGan Lee
08. Momento (Title)
09. Destino
10. Stars
11. Tristeza
12. Joie
13. Cordialite
14. Awaken
15. Lyrisme
16. Agnes

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Keane: I’ve fallen dearly for FTLY (KOR remake). I cried last week, mainly for the female lead’s sticky situation being the “other” woman. C’mon, give a show of hands here whom also cried along. ( T___T ) I predict my heart is gonna get yanked out of me when we reach the tragic climax to this one. Ack, my hands are shaking just thinking about it right now. I’m a softy, ya know. Kappy and I are both Scorpios, so you have an idea how lethal we can be. Mwahaha~

So without further ado, its soundtrack. Part 2 single is my favorite track so far. Which is your fav? Enjoy! (=

  1. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    So many….freakin dramas!

    I know about the original but it didn’t stick to me (pun intended). 😛 However, my mom LOVES it to this day. Ming Dao’s brother. LOL

    She wants to watch this version! But I have no time to sit and verbally translate (one of our favorite past time activities). So she’s grumpy. Sigh~~

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    LOL! Y’all enjoyed TW-ese vers. BTS’s that much too eh!?! Le sigh, I wanna be like Joe Chen. She makes her men go out of their way for her. I want her POWER! Kiikii~

    Spare your mom all the pains of waiting, to just live well and marathon it later. I’m STRUGGLING to live after today’s episode 07’s cliffhanger. Gahhhhhh~ The Korean remake cuts off so much beefy stuff; we’re already up to Se Ra’s (aka Anna’s) return in tomorrow’s episode 08 broadcast.

    There’s a new track in today’s ep.07 – the music selection is purely awesome in this show. What’s new, right? 😀

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      She does have that power. Remember the tail incident at the press conference? They practically lined up to hold her dress. 😛

      • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

        Yup, I still recall that moment. Male instinct, I tell ya. Male species will do whatever it takes for any sexy body (female). Haha~

  3. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    I know right Keane? This show I must say just has… SOME MUCH FEELS xD Especially Jang Nara. She’s really nailing this role.

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      Yesh, Jang Nara is doing her best in this Korean version yeah!?! She has two more judgment days in this story though; will have to wait and see if she can transition her character well as Joe Chen had done. If Jang Nara is not careful developing her future Mi Young persona, then the popularity vote will more over shift in Jang Hyuk’s character’s favor latter on instead. You may already notice the shift trending now, which is not suppose to happen until latter.

      I feel bad for the supporting cast in this Korean remake though, ’cause everyone was so lovable in the Taiwanese version not only OTP. Can’t help but find all the choppy parts in this remake a short sale for the rest of the cast. I believe that’s the successful formula to why Taiwanese dramas get highly popular, is that not only OTP get vastly recognized but the entire cast as a wholesome unit get that same attention. Best of the best kinds of dramas produce that successful formula.

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      I had it all along, however I was hoping for new releases this week to add on at one go.^ ^

      Thanks for sharing the link.^ ^ v

  4. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    Good to know that both Kappy and Keane are Scorpios. So am I. 🙂

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      Woob-woob~ Scorps in da haus! (=

  5. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    For this summer,’Fated to love you’ is one of the two awesome dramas that Korean have done so far,recently(in my opinion!).This one is nice,pretty funny and sad sometimes.It has quite all in itself(even if,I have to say,it’s too but really too sweet at times).The other one that I completely and totally love is ‘Marriage Not Dating’.I don’t know why there’s no trace in here but it’s the most original(I have to say crazy funny) one these days.So I will recommend to take a look even for the first two episodes.Anyway,let’s enjoy watching more awesome asian dramas.

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      Some of us have been spazzing about Marriage Not Dating in the chatbox… since it is a cable show. I totally agree with you, Ryoki, about it being the most original rom-com this season in Kdramaland. I watched up to the fake pink diamond ring. The actors’ silly antics/faces make the show pretty refreshing to watch. Lovin’ its OST as well but will have to make that one a twitter project. (=

      • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

        Can I write some spoiler here? 😀 I Just love It. ..in The Last ep I saw. . .no no no, it’s better to watch it yourself And to laugh as a crazy one later. . .IT’S A MUST TO SEE&ENJOY

        • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

          Spazz all you want. I particularly like gif spoilers. Hint. Winks.

        • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

          I can’t believe that there’s only 2 eps left. . .I just saw the 14th ep and I wanted to open a hole and put myself in there..that’s how embarrased one can be if your mother-in-law got to his son’s House in the morning and get to see you naked (or better to say that’s the feeling)..I really can’t imagine the situation. ..it’s too esilarating this dramma, chongmal..if you need to see the other eps you can find them to mp4soju.blogspot.it

        • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

          Not sure what you mean. I need to catch up with this show… like NOW. You had me at nekkid. Pahehe! 😀

  6. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    OMG-sh! WTH… was that finale? The most unbearable last scene between Daniel and Sera, I couldn’t watch it, ’cause of the bgm… which totally ruined the moment for me. I couldn’t recover from all the mixed messages derived from that one scene. Siblings wanting to be husband and wife? Like WTH, music director!?!

    I still prefer the TW version better. Thank goodness this one is over. Gotta toss this one in the trash.

  7. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    does anyone who knows the song title fated to love you episode 3 in minute 34:00
    i want to download that song, but i can’t found what’s the title 🙁
    help me, please

    • 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

      You mean the instrumental played when Mi Young returned home to tell her mom she’s pregnant?

      I don’t think that actual track was released. The closest track would be #11. Tristeza, check the official album LP.

  8. 21 thoughts on “Kdrama: Fated To Love You OST

    yes, the instrumental playing when mi young back to her mother’s house
    i was check, but that’s not tristeza 🙁
    but thanks, by the way..

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