Movie Date with Keane (22): My Paparotti

Korean Title: 파파로티 / Pa-pa-lo-ti
Cast: Lee Je-Hoon, Han Suk-Kyu, Kang So-Ra, Oh Dal-Su, Cho Jin-Woong, Lee Sang-Hoon, Lee Do-Yeon, Lee Jae-Yong, Jin Kyung, Yang Han-Yol, Bae Sung-Woo, Kim Young-Hoon, Kim Ji-Suk (cameo)
Date Released: March 14, 2013 (Korea)
Download Links: HDrip 2.81GB (mp4) // Softsubs
Watch trailer: here

Plot: Sang-jin (Han Suk-kyu), a formerly promising vocalist, now works as a high school music teacher after suffering from a vocal cord tumor. His ordinary life becomes full of drama when Jang-ho (Lee Je-hoon), a local teenage gangster, is transferred to Sang-jin’s school. Jang-ho is a thorn in Sang-jin’s side, but upon hearing Jang-ho sing, he is deeply impressed with his natural talent and decides to commit to his training. As the two develop their special bond, an unexpected conflict arises between the two gangs in town which forces Jang-ho into a critical situation. Will Jang-ho overcome the obstacles and fulfill his destiny as a world-class vocalist?

Keane: BROMANCE GALORE! It’s pretty adorable how guys operate when they’re the “hyung” in the kinship. Just ’cause, well, “hyung” knows best. Here’s what to expect, a lot of swearing but it comes with the territory. You’ll see. And so I don’t want to give away much, in order to provide a hint of curiosity, there are three bromance scenes where I got teary for and those tears were dedicated for three different men. I’ve already given clues for two out of the three scenes here. You’d really strike my fancy if you happen to know which third scene I’m thinking about. (=

I love Kang Sora, especially after seeing her movie called Sunny. I believe her character, Sook-hee, carries a Busan accent in My Paparotti. She’s no A-PINK Jun Eun-ji, Busan badass, but her accent surprised me. Good enough for me. Ya know, before Answer Me 1997 came along, I had a hard time following Busan accent then 1997 just reformed me and now I can pick up some verses here and there. It’s not alien to me anymore. I think that’s cool, how a trending drama can extendo one’s knowledge a wee bit grandis fortuna.

This movie was ALMOST inspirational to the utmost degree since it’s based on a true story… until… Lee Je-hoon messed up his lip-synching near the end of the reel. Tsk-tsk. Not yet a sucker I am. SIGHS. It’s been a long while I haven’t immersed myself within a movie. Record still holds. Almost. Perfect. Movie. =/

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (22): My Paparotti

    The poster makes me all happy at 5AM!!

    No actors/actresses should be involved with FK! I’m still resenting his character in that drama. haha! Maybe this movie will erase that foul impression.

    Thanks Keane, churning out a double date!!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (22): My Paparotti

    I adore Kang So Ra in here and in Sunny. I can’t bare to watch her in that terrible drama that is DH2!! They totally put a stain on her career profile. lol.

    One more thing since I’m a blogger too and have been downloading your movies and noticed this in your posts.

    A tip for your post format: press “enter” in the “html” version below and on top of each picture to separate them from the text. It looks less crowding that way when there’s space between the text and image. just an advise for visual organization. 🙂

  3. 4 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (22): My Paparotti

    Hi Do you still have subs for My Paparotti?

    • 4 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (22): My Paparotti

      Reupped for ya, apple. Enjoy! Virtual Kleenex sent your way. LOL~

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