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Korean Title: 플레이 / Peul-le-i
Cast: Jung Joon-Il, Lim Hyun-Il, Lee Hyun-Jae, Jung Eun-Chae, Kim Su-Hyeon, Glen Hansard (of the Swell Season, cameo)
Date Released: June 23, 2011 (Korea)
Download Links: DVDrip 1.36GB (avi) // softsubsre-sync subs by +1.0 sec. I’ve compiled 2 original formats in this folder (.sub & .srt), choose either to your liking, however I simply renamed the srt format myself to watch.
Watch trailer: here

Plot: Joon-Il happens to hear Hyun-Il’s music at a cafe. Joon-Il then lets Hyun-Il hear his song. Afterwards, Joon-Il proposes that they start a band together. They recruit Hyun-Jae to play drums for their new band “Mate” – specializing in modern rock. The band makes music with emotional melodies with lyrics concerning their dreams, love and youth. The three of them decide to perform on the street during a concert for renown indie band Swell Season. Their performance changes their fate forever.

Keane: This is a depressingly dark movie with the least comedy relief. Stepping out of my comfort zone for this one. If it weren’t for a few awesome inspirational sounds in this film, man, I may fall into a depression.

Ya know, my first impression wasn’t all that great for this movie. Is it a movie? I more over treat it as a biographical documentary. The band members re-enact their own tales but from a female screenwriter’s interpretation. For sure this isn’t an autobiography. This is my first time watching a movie role played in that nature. Honestly, my skepticism raised doubt before watching this movie so I skimmed through this film to check if it’s really worth my while, and… I didn’t like what I saw. Then again, I do have a soft spot for the underdog so I managed to give this film all of my attention one late night and sat through it from start to finish, then something happened, this movie moved me in ways where their lyrics and melodies just turned on the teary faucet off my vampiress face. Ack, pretty good movie! Killer soundtrack too. My first time really noticing the band. I knew hapa stud, Hyun-Jae, was in a band ever since Shut Up Flower Boy Band but I kinda brushed off his profile check aside since I had my lust on another band member. Shhhhh~ I’m not telling… who he is. =p

My favorite member in this band is Lim Hyun-Il. He’s soft-spoken and mellow, such a cool guy to chill with it seems. Doesn’t he look like a hybrid of Kim Soo-Hyun and Daesung of Big Bang? (i0 , o”) Although I must confess, it’s hard not to draw initial attraction to the visual in the group, who is Lee Hyun-Jae. I mean, just take a quick look at their movie poster. It’s hard to diverge your gaze elsewhere when Hyun-Jae is the only bandmate who is hypnotizing you with his stare. Hyun-Jae reminds me of one of my close friends, who does modeling on the side (where my friend hates doing) to help him open doors to his true passion and that is making music. So I can’t help but imagine how Hyun-Jae was on the same path as my friend. As for Jung Joon-Il, he’s eclectic in so many levels. I was more invested in his relationship with his GF than anything else about him in this film. I hope Joon-Il and his GF are still together; she seems pretty cool because that boy put his GF through freezing hell and back so he better know she’s a keeper. I can’t say the same for Hyun-Il’s GF. She kinda lost my popularity vote for being cold towards Hyun-Il’s feelings. The weakest link needs to have more confidence falling in love. =p

Anyone who can help re-time the original subs and share your work deserves a bear hug.

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    Yay~ you finally checked out the movie~ I admit, it the movie was way dark and reminded me of a less intense version of All about lily chou chou.. But the music!! As for retimng the subs.. I can try.. Although I’ve never done it before.. Any programs anyone recommends that can work on a really old and slow computer? (I wasn’t able to drag my good one with me T_T)

    Also… Keanie has cool friends *u*

    • 6 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (21): Play

      Testing your version…. I still can’t get ’em to sync. I’m new at this too. I gave up after a few alternative attempts on my own.

      Thanks for trying. Hope you enjoy the movie.

    • 6 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (21): Play

      I’ve tried luci8le’s subs.. still need adding 1 sec. thanks btw.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (21): Play

    The softsubs no longer exsist!! Help me TT_TT

    • 6 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (21): Play

      REup’d for ya softsubs. Enjoy!

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