Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

Ah, another milestone in our journey. I’m never good with age (snerk!), so anniversaries tend to pass by when I see wrinkles. Hee. I actually contemplated real hard whether to make this AVV’s 1st birthday because it’s our first year in a self-hosted blog. But then again, that would mean not acknowledging all the efforts we’ve put in for the past 4 years. And that’s just not cute. Raise your hand if you’ve been with us through it all (broken friendships with file hosts and all), from You’re Beautiful to now? I doubt I’ll get a handful. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kap: Ha! Looks like it’s just you and me, Keane. More power to us. ๐Ÿ˜€

Hey, look! There’s Jeff! Cue Music~

Keane: Photobucket
Where’d everybody go?
PhotobucketPhotobucket To! All!

ECHO.Echo.echo. Okaaaaay, I suppose I’ll give A-GO at it by saying… hmmm, (blank stare) I forgot how long ago when I first visited here. Maybe sometime in between the airing of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Bu Bu Jing Xin… I thereafter got more proactive around here. Aw~ (finger counting as a toddler) It’s like my second year, while others are trotting off to primary school, age 5, here I am barely breathing free off nappies (that’s British for diapers) XD. In all my forgetfulness, I remember I became the first few who recommended the subbing group giants WITHS2 to post a referral link from their “help” pageย back here for RAWS. I recall a very convincing email was sent — short and sweet. Nowadays, however far I adrift away from our HOME I shine a bigger grin, whenever I read Drifters doing the same by referring US in other sites, that we’ve become resourceful here like a lighthouse at bay. It’s an awesome feeling to find our lighthouse holds a strong guided light beam connecting fans-to-fans across the 7 seas. So tis here proof that good karma does travel all the way around world. =)

Well, let’s toast to another 5 years in the making. And hope our Drifters will stick to us like glue… or drive us madly… like so… Photobucket Who knows? Our very own VIP Drifters may one day take my position and join US shipmateys.


Jeffย (aka mochi): BOO! I’m MIA a lot these days, actually I haven’t really been back either… but Alice made me write something for this 1 year anniversary for AVirtualVoyage. Yes… Aliceย made me because she’s the scariest Kaptain out in the ocean! All jokes aside, it’s been a wonderful experience for me joining Alicechensworld back in 2011. I started out as a volunteer for the Tdrama Drunken To Love You, but who knew that I would continue onto my first project,ย Heartstrings.ย It’s quite nostalgic thinking about how far this blog has come in only 2 years (for me anyways, 5 for Alice!!!).

The transition from ACW to AVV was quite difficult and long thought out. As we said our farewells to our small boat and boarded the new ship, storms attacked. Our small crew at the time (about 5ish members) frantically searched for new file hosts as our reliable sources began sinking, one by one. However, our ship continued to sail and we’ve been growing ever since! I’m amazed at how many crewmates we have now. (I wonder if I’m still maknae… hmm there’s NO WAY I still am.)

Well then, where is this ship headed to in the future? Hopefully we can keep expanding and continuing what we’ve always been doing. As for me, I’ve taken a hiatus while I adapt to university life. So what’s going to happen with me? Well I’ve been looking for an opportunity to return and continue with this blog. Not many dramas have piqued my interest (well there are a few) so I may just be doing twitter projects like reuploading old dramas. My request from me to you? That you continue supporting this blog and for those silent watchers to show yourselves :3


Kaptain A: Eee! Sometimes, I wish I’m attacked by the eloquent bug so I can read poetry to you guys. But here we are in our 5th year and I’m quite speechless, still excited nonetheless (it will be my 8th year of blogging but you guys should not know that.) I’d like re-emphasize some goals of this blog to some folks who have sent inquiries to my email.

1. You guys don’t upload many Kdramas anymore! Why is that?
Well, this blog is never advertised just a download blog. My goal remains the same then and now, to build a community where goodies are shared, laughter is heard, and most importantly, a place where drama addicts exchange their squee!

As many already know, I don’t assign projects to my members because I find it tedious. It would be better and healthier for the mind and body if one uploads something well-loved in their treasure box. Forget Fashion King the unforgivables!!

With that I hope you drifters understand that we don’t sail like other sites. Yes, there are thousands other DL sites and I’m happy that you have alternatives. You ought to be best friends with Miss Google. ๐Ÿ˜›

And to my lovely members, thank-you all for being here with me through thick and thin. Oops, cheesy mode is on! First off, a huge virtual hug to Jeff, our resident mochi, for being my only partner for the longest time! It was definitely lonely being the only uploader but since you came to spam help, blogging life turned colorful as well. If I could, I would give Keane a box of puppies for her new year. I think she’s the only uploader who takes on those hardcore projects – Taiwanese dailies with over 50 episodes. To think she re-uploads from time to time, is crazy dedication in itself! And Yichung (JC), our variety show man! I love LOVE it when faithful readers become part of our team. And this is the case for Yichung as I remember him chatting with me on the cbox for several months. His love for female idols is endless and I do hope one day he finds the idol of his โค. Many may not be familiar with XYZ because she slips seamlessly behind the scenes all the time, translating abstruse song titles and articles for the site. Needless to say, she’s funny and I do wish you all get to know her (and Arashi too)! Don’t we also have one Cool guy on the team? Yesh, you, who is currently uploading School 2013. Cool is also one of the older members who knows the ins and outs of many techie stuff and is extremely helpful if you need him. Don’t be shy. A shout-out to Anonymous for his HD presence. He soooooo spoils you guys! Some of you already abandoned me and my pathetic 450p files.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Members that are not mentioned in detailed but still made an impact in one way or the other: Angelic (BBJX drug dealer), bluapaul, gowoonie (you’re still a baby new), keevek, Ranooosh, seopseop (awesome awesome post for 1N2D), Whoopie, and XJie23. Seriously, we have 15 members?! This fact still amazes me. Please continue to update me on your life. Some of you are gone for too long without any news. Did I scare folks off with my outfit that day? :/


Anyhoo, I’ll stop raining cheese on ya’ll and get right to the goodies. To thank everyone for their support and love, I’m posting three soundtracks from 3 different countries (Mainland China, Japan, and Korea, respectively.) Try and guess the OST name with the hints on the gift box, then roll your mouse over the image to see the answer. Click on the image for DL links. (I know I’m dirt-poor so this is all I can give you guys. ‘Kay.)


Move your mouse over me

Gift #2

Move your mouse over me

Gift #3

Move your mouse over me

*row, row, row, your boat.*

  1. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    ,happy birthday!

  2. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Well, so yes. I’m that behind-the-scenes person. Though I have to say, I’m quite sure I’ve been making more appearances recently! /coughuncompletedqueenofsoprecapscough/ And with all the mentions here and there from Kap in comments and posts related to Arashi and/or Toma. Heh Heh.

    I’ve been here since ACW days, so that makes it more than a year ago, though I’ve no idea at all exactly when I joined. >< I've had my on and off periods, and if Kap didnt ask me to do recaps for SOP, I probably would have ended up in that last paragraph. ๐Ÿ˜› I'd like to think that I was the one who steered AVV slightly more into the Jdrama world. xD

    It’s been a lovely 1+year here with AVV. Coming on at random times to check on posts, post a few comments, participating in the tagboard once in a while. And even if I just suddenly entered the conversation that’s going on, I’ve always felt welcome. <3

    I lose interest/patience pretty quickly, so chances are you won’t see me uploading dramas unless I like it that much. ๐Ÿ˜› But as an anniversary present, let me know if there are any Jdramas/movies any of you are looking for, and I’ll take a couple requests! ^^ Priority goes to those dramas I already have in my hard drive, but I promise you, I have quite a few. ;D

    Happy birthday, AVV! <3

    Some gifs may or may not be random. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Only months after SNSD debuts ACW begins, later showing them appear on various tube Channels with Star Golden Bell, Invincible Youth and Happy Together 3. Two of the shows have since ended, but I happily got hooked on variety shows this way. Thanks Alice for allowing me a venue to watch the 9 girls steadily grow into women these last 5 years. Also KARA, After School, 4Minute, Wonder Girls, 9Muses, T-ara, Secret, Sistar, Miss A, F(x), Jewelry, Rainbow, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Girls Day, 5dolls, ChiChi, Brave Girls, G.NA, IU, NS YoonG, Son Dambi and a bunch of other singers and groups that have become too numerous for me to keep track of.

  4. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    awww!! happy birthday to my beloved website. i dunno when i came here…but i do remember yichung chatting intensely about shows with alice on the cbox. ๐Ÿ˜› and then there’s annette too.

    dunno when but have became very attached to this website. kinda like a second home to me. i visit EVERY day. am i a lonely teen girl? WHO CARES! i do what i like!

    you guygs have done more than enough for us. thanks to each and everyone one of you. hope there is more years to come. =)

  5. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Looks like it’s just us crew – front deck to all the way back.

    Thanks oozzeee!

    Jeff….nope, you’re not maknae anymore, my buddy. xD Sooyoung looks adorable.

    kxyz, is that Nino wishing us a great partay on the phone? Sweet brat!

    JC! haha, Omgosh, you manage to remember all the bands? Ready for new bands in 2013?!

    Frea, yes, I do remember you came around the same as JC. Thanks for supporting us all these years. =)

    • 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

      Well, if you take it that way, yes. ๐Ÿ˜›

      (I was actually just trying out codes for a random gif, but that didnt appear when I published the comment, but I couldnt delete it either…)

  6. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    ow..5th?! daebak! happy bornday.. goodluck!!!!

  7. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    though i dont appear much in the comments, ive actually been here since i dont even know when. it was during acw cause i totally remember clicking one day, and then getting redirected. i was so scared that day, cause i though you had closed down your site or semething. i really enjoy reading your posts about random things related to the asian entertainment industry. so thank you. for that, as well as continuing to maintain the uploading/download portion of this blog even after most (or all) or your stuff got taken down. i hope your blog stays with us for the next five, ten, hundred LOL years to come.


  8. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Thanks Yui! 5th is actually cutting down (excluded my personal stuff) a lot. Since I started blogging since 2005 (yes, I’m a pretty jaded blogger, but I started out young ๐Ÿ˜‰ )! Most of my stuff were deleted because they were full of expired pictures and screencaps.

    Thanks Stefanie for the cute comment. It’s heart-warming when readers take out the time to speak their heart. I know…I post many random things that sometimes (all the time?) don’t go hand-in-hand. ๐Ÿ˜›

    100 years! I’ll be a gumiho by then. heeee!

  9. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’m so glad this site was born; I’ve enjoyed all your hard work for about 4 years and personally this site is the reason I joined twitter; so even if you just continue with twitter projects I will be sure to follow to wherever this voyage might lead ๐Ÿ˜€ once again thank you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats on your 5 years.

  10. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    happy birthday! really greatful to you, kaptain to have this blog started. thanks to you and your team, to keep updating and sharing the dramas.

    think i’ve been following your blog since 2009 when i found it by chance. ever since i found this blog i’m quite updated with all the k dramas hahaha. checking out this blog is the 1st thing i will do everyday when i’m online. really appreciate every1’s effort for sharing despite all the busy schedules you guys have.

    pls keep it going….

  11. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HOME/SHIP!!!!!!! I can’t imagine what it would be like without everyone here. Love catching up with old friends and meeting new friends who later become old friends!!!

    I am so happy to have awesome comrades *going sappy for a second* I remember i stumbled on here as i was scavenging all over the web for Baker King Kim Tak Goo and google brought me to the Gem known as AliceChen’s World and i have never looked back ever since! You guys have become my good friends and i just love how i just type the letter a in my browser and there is AVV 3, can’t imagine you guys not being around

    *Sappiness turned off* Love how this blog has grown and continues to grow and evolve, there’re not enough words to express the gratitude to everyone working very hard to keep this ship running – Kap’n and crew – wish i was a wizard with words – but its been great guys and cheers to 5 or 25 or as Stefanie said 100 more years to come!!!

  12. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    I’m a bit late, but someone wise told me that it’s better late than never ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been more than half a year since I first joined the team, time flies fast
    I had fun working here, I still am,
    I haven’t been around much lately, because of Uni, hopefully, next term I’m going to have more time,
    Lastly, I’m glad I joined this team and I promise to work hard in the future =)

  13. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    happy birthday!!! I cannot remember the first drama that brought me here, but i’ve always loved this blog and always look to this blog for download links and plus the admins are really friendly and awesome! looking forward to sailing this ship down the years. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Itยดs late but Happy Birthday!!! I love this site!! Thanks to all!!

  15. 17 thoughts on “Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

    Just stopping by to say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am now King of MIA =p
    Sorry life got super busy… and I stop by maybe once a month and I get an email from Keane every now and then =p
    I gave up posting to file hosters… it’s too tedious and stuff gets taken down. But now I’ve moved onto 1080p kdramas and 720p hk dramas =p My harddrives can’t keep up.

    Great to see this ship has survived many beautiful sunshine and stormy weather so far. It’s been great!

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