Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

Tears. Rain. More tears.

English Title: Missing You
Korean Title: 보고싶다
Cast: Yoon Eun Hye, Micky Yoochun, Yoo Seung Ho
# of Episodes: 20
Airing Days: Wed -Thur
Broadcasting Station: MBC
Synopsis: The drama revolves around a guy and a girl, who both experience a painful end to their first loves at the tender age of 15, and then meet again as adults by playing game of love hide and seek.

Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun) has been a homicide detective for 2 years and he is looking for his childhood love. Lee So Yeon (Yoon Eun Hye) is a fashion designer and often dream of Han Jung Woo searching for her.

Meanwhile, Kang Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) is a cold-hearted, charismatic fund manager, who tries to take revenge on Han Jung Woo because of the troubled relationship within their family. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: All Video Files are RAW. File Size: 700MB+
Subbing Group: DarkSmurfSub

Episode 1
360p HanRel // Mirror // Mirror // Mirror
720p // Mirror

♦ Episode 2
360p HanRel // Mirror // Mirror // Mirror
720p // Mirror

Episode 3
360p HanRel // Mirror
720p // Mirror

♦ Episode 4
450p Cobra // Mirror
720p // Mirror

Episode 5
360p HanRel // Mirror
(Didn’t see 450p version anywhere..)

♦ Episode 6
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 7
360p HanRel // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 8
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 9
360p HanRel // Mirror

♦ Episode 10
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 11
450p KOR // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 12
450p KOR // Mirror // Mirror

Episode 13
450p KOR // Mirror

♦ Episode 14
450p HanRel // Mirror // Mirror

Episode 15
360p HanRel // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 16
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 17
360p HanRel // Mirror

♦ Episode 18
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 19
360p HanRel // Mirror

♦ Episode 20
360p HanRel // Mirror

Episode 21 *FINALE
360p HanRel // Mirror


***Those who want 720p files will have to be patient. I don’t upload them, Anon the HD man does the uploads. He’s busy and usually uploads his files in batches at a time. Or he could have dropped this one. Just wait for his response.

Kap: Do I….want to do this? The number of download hits for dramas has been really low lately, drifters. I guess everyone has hopped on the Torrent train. I’m wary because most links die within 30 days of last download. Sigh.

I see that HanRel is back (or maybe it hasn’t been gone?) I saw 450p releases but they’re on paid Korean websites so you guys just have to make due with Xvid for now.

  1. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Uhm, is it just me or has FC lost its battle w/ DMCA? Grrr~ you sank my battleship! Not. Nice.

    The kid version for sure is gonna make me bawl outloud. *Cringe in anguish*

  2. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    I sure hope not Keane…. Kinda like FC. 😛

    Yeo Jin Goo is taking turns to have epic crying romance with all the young female stars.

    I’m just glad Kim So Hyun isn’t playing the same old villain again. She’s been typecast as the other girl since forever.

    A much cuter episode 2:

    From: Tumblr

  3. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    I hope Yoon EunHye promotes this drama by going on RunningMan.

  4. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    I want 450P UU Pleasee
    but 360P thank u so mch ^^

  5. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Sorry does this have subs?

    I just hasn’t watched any K-dramas lately. They just don’t interest me for some reason and after the BIG disappointment. Meh~ But this I’m very interested in because of Yoon Eun Hye. And like legions of fangirls, I am crossing my fingers for Running Man. Yoo Jae Suk should push it since he’s just ships them to much and was very vocally against when Moon was being teased to Joong kook.


    • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

      NOTE: ……”RAW” in above post.

      me too…kdramas….haven’t impressed me…..especially this season. =/

      hanrel has been glitchy lately too..are they losing their grip on encoding?

      about time YEH guest on Running Man. I swear if she doesn’t, im gonna blame YJS!!! LOL

      • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

        Ah yes I noticed the RAW. I honestly am downloading this from another site because they release mkv and is smaller in size but I read here for the comments and stuff.

        Kdramas are need some fresh air do something different. What I find weird is how similar stories are like today’s trend is time-travelling. Really weird. I’ve been resorting to watching jdramas or rewatching old shows or just watching US series.

        YEH might guest when I miss you ends like the actors from Moon embracing the Sun did. YEH has been mentioned so many times in RM. Highly anticipated. Any site that features her new drama has comments about RM so I really wish the PDnims would invite her. But it really looks to me like there’s still something between them especially how KJK reacts(hasn’t moved on?). So we might not be able to see her. hehe

        • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

          oh don’t worry, with the unstable internet, people want to store more files onto their harddrive. not many can afford HD content like some people…. *coughpeoplearoundherecough* LOL we actually recommend people to medianreencode when they want smaller files. it’s all cool here. 😉

          time-travel dramas have come to an end i think. they were prominnent in the first half of this year. i hope there’s no more cause our brain is fried. lets see what’s the next “theme” these korean writers pick up next. they seem to harp on the same subjects… like they’re in a meeting and just decide on the next topic for korean dramas. haha

          yea, i have the same feelings too… han ga in guessed on the show after MOONSUN ended. so we have to wait for at least another 2 months. the PD did invite her and she said she’ll come when the time is right. she owes him that much since it’s the same one from Xman which made her well known.

          i really cannot imagine kim jong kook’s face when she comes on. and YJS’s epic teasing with HAHA and kwangsoo. i hope its not awkward since they were my favorite warrior couple!! sorry moon geun young. lol.

  6. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    OHH im going crazy!! i cant seem to download the episodes, it says download plugin not detected but i even installed that program >___< Theres download buttons everywhere but no says anything else than that, except the iLivid downloads. What to do?! 🙁

    • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

      Some tricks and tips… Like always, never DL any of the plugins.

      Sharpfiles: The key to DL from this host is “fast”. Load the page real quick, scroll down and click “Free Download”. Enter captcha, and when the link shows up. You have to click it before the dumb plugin ad shows up.

      Megaload.it: Click slow download, enter capcha code, wait 30 seconds. Click “create download link”. A new page shows up, press download.

      For tutorials on the other file hosts: https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/f-a-q #14

      And breathe, you can do this. 😀

      • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

        Wow thank you! I was trying real hard to be fast but somehow i didnt manage anyway. But today after reading your reply, even tho i did the exact ting you said before, it worked! Magic 😀 Thank you so much!! MWAH! <3

  7. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes


    The new trend might be using those kids on the drama. How many dramas do they have? didn’t he got his own drama after Moon Embracing… lol

    when YEH guests I wish it would be a 2 episode thing. a couple race would be mind-blowing but definitely 2 episodes. We don’t know when YEH might appear again so better maximize it. What I’m imagining on how they can introduce her is like that introduction where they used the girl groups song but introduced old actors instead (the first one where it was totally unexpected). But instead of that use Choi Min Soo as bait to scare the RM first. Whahahaha…

    • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

      LOL you’re so evil…but i like the idea. I DO HOPE THAT choi min soo is invited to do a normal episode instead of the hunting…. too long and it has lost its scary factor.

      2 episodes…couple games/race…. you’re my twin???!!! 😀

      • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

        yeah it really isn’t as thrilling as the other ones. i hope they do the hunter being hunted instead like the episode of Oh Ji Ho where he was trying to escape the country. that would freshen it up. haha

        If YEH would guest definitely a two episode since big stars usually do that. But yeah the ratings would definitely be astronomical. hahahaha

        Everybody wants YEH to guest. I’m hoping before Christmas… hahahah as a christmas gift to the fans.

        But for I miss you, so far so good. The kid actors are really pulling it off. I can watch this even without the pull of the older actors.

        I was cringing in the first episode when Soo Yeon’s father was revealed to be violent, I thought he would rape her but episode 3 came and just fucking blew my mind.

        It would really be hard for adult Soo Yeon to be happy after all the messed up things that happened to her so I’m excited how YEH would do this. Also if she would have chemistry with Yoochun since she always had with her co-stars.


  8. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    keep going! I appreciate your hard work 🙂

  9. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    I prefer 450p! better quality 🙂

  10. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    do you have 450p for ep 3? Thanks for sharing!! ^^

  11. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    I prefer 450p versions! Better quality =D
    Keep going! I really appreciate your hard work, thank you! ♥

  12. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    do you have 720p? thanks for uploading btw!

  13. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Many thanks for the uploads.

    I seem to be in the minority but if you could possibly continue with 720p also, that would be great.

    Thanks a bunch!

  14. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Hi. I seem to be having difficulties with the links for ep 3 and 4. None of them seem to work for me. It says “Wrong IP” or “Invalid Link” every time i hit the download page.

    • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

      Yichung’s suggestion from another thread: “If you get a “wrong IP” message on Billionuploads or other download site, it probably means you are attempting to download the file through a VPN or similar setup. This has to do with how you are able to access the internet. A possible solution is to connect using a proxy site. However, the details of how it will work depend on your setup.”

      • 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

        hi! thanks for the suggestion! Apparently the nekka one works well for me so, i guess i can stick to that if other nekka links are available! 🙂

  15. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    nekaka.com for 450p & 720p version plz

  16. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    please dont stop posting direct download links~~~~ i haven’t n most probably won’t hop on torrent train..ever!!! Thanks for uploading direct downloads… i’m okay with either 360p or 450p…

  17. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Hi! I’m really thankful for your patience in uploading these direct links. Please do continue with nekaka 720p. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  18. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    hey can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays in ep 5?its during the time when Kang Hyung Joon and Lee So Yeon are driving and then he receives a call saying that his aunt is dead.its around 47:15
    can someone pls help me?

  19. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    it would be great if we can get nekka 🙂 its the only one that works for me currently 🙂 for both ep 5 and ep 6 the dl links are unavailable or “the public traffic is exhausted”

    thanks for the great uploads so far! appreciate it greatly!

  20. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    thanks for uploading. If possible, please continue with 720p.

  21. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Hi, will you continue to release 720p ver?
    Thanks for the hardwork 🙂

  22. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    Hi! 🙂 I really love you for providing these direct links for us. PLEASE do continue your nekaka 720p uploads. Thank you so much!

  23. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    is it possible to continue uploading the 720p? ):

  24. 34 thoughts on “Kdrama: I Miss You Episodes

    for episode 5 and up…will there be 720p HD version? I am waiting for it…thanks a million for all the wonderful uploads!

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