Rooftop Prince releases 7-minute trailer


GAHHHHH!! So much fun! The 7-minute trailer brings a goofy smile to my face, seeing the awkward foursome in jumpsuits, marveling over ramen and technology.

Move out guys, the crown prince is heading towards the “palace!” hahaha XD I laughed so hard when the policeman refers to him as the Crown Prince. If only he knew. 😀


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    Hahaha that was funnnny!! Their reaction when the girl finds them in the apartment, and when they are in the car! Can’t wait for this one. But how come the crown princess who died and the chick they meet are two different people? Does this mean he will find the crown princess and then be torn between the princess and the other girl he meets?

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      Annette, from what I read, the Crown Prince’s true love is the the Crown Princess’ younger sister, played by Han Ji Min. But for political reason, he married the older sister, played by Jung Yumi. From the trailer, they time-travel after falling off the cliff, similar to Sung Yuri’s character in Loving for a Thousand Years.

      Another interesting note I got from the trailer is…Yoochun has a look-alike in the 21st century (who got knocked off the boat by his friend). I’m thinking that the evil friend will use the Crown Prince as his puppet to some big company.

      Things are looking good, right? 😀

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        So the princess who died is the younger sister then? From what i read i thought the one who died was the crown princess – i’m happy about that

        Can you believe i’ve already watched the drama in my head and am at the end – am trying to figure if they’ll decide to go back in time or remain in the present. For some reason i want them to go back in time, but that would bring complications cos he’s already married and the princess had died – wait…did they say they did get married or he was supposed to be married and then the younger sister was found dead? Cos then that leaves room for them to find a way to get married when they go back…hmmm

        I saw Yoochun’s lookalike killed. You think his friend will try to use him in some way? Imagine if the other Yoochun turns out to be alive and shows up at the same time?! No, i think that’ll just make a mess of things & besides am not sure the writers can maneuver around a complex storyline. They’d probably choke themselves on it

        I’ve never seen Loving for a Thousand Years, is it any good?

        Oh yeah, just read that another time traveling sageuk is coming in April. It’ll star Ji Hyun Woo (A Thousand Kisses) who’ll be from the Josean era. The hero is an upright Confucian scholar whose family falls victim to a conspiracy and is killed. He goes to the present day and falls i love with an actress. You heard anything about it?

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        Man, now I’m all confused who died. Some said it’s the older sister and Yoochun is determined to find the culprit! Then when he travels to the modern world, he meets the younger sis, his love. But he can’t recognize her b/c she was always wearing a veil back then.

        I was thinking of the same question too! Would they travel back? And how? The Little YM Prince. Aw. 🙂

        I think most likely the lookalike will show up towards the end and claims back his rightful seat. Kdrama likes to do this. I foresee it already. 😛

        Loving for a Thousand Years wasn’t a very exciting drama. I love the leads (So Ji Sub x Sung Yuri) and that was why I dragged myself through the drama. Some funny scenes since she’s a girl living with a modern man. Bra! heh.

        haha I knew you were gonna talk about Ji Hyun Woo’s new time-traveling drama. Looks like time-traveling is the trend lately too! Gosh! Why always Joseon, I wonder?

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          Someone had made a comment about historical dramas almost always are based on the Joseon are – i can’t complain cos i love that era. Maybe its the most interesting era? lol! Could be maybe they have more info on that are than any others?

          I thought Yoochun went to the future to find his love who died and that is the princess died not the older sister? And when watching the previews it seems like they ended up in the future by accident and not deliberate, or they were told to jump off the cliff?

          Am not sure am excited about Ji Hyun Woo’s drama – he didn’t really have that great of a performance in A Thousand Kisses or maybe am still pissed off with the way it ended

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          Just read Yoo In Na’s going to be the lead actress in Ji Hyun’s drama. I didn’t like her in Best Love…but i did like her in Secret Garden so she just might win me over i guess

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    Alice, you always clue me in to the best stuff! I’ll definitely be looking out for this one! Thanks for always bring the awesome here on the virtual high seas! 🙂

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