[Teaser] Kdrama: What’s Up!

What’s Up? THIS IS WHAT’S SUP!! I waited for too long.

Alice: A big cyber hug to Frea, a resident spazzer in the cbox for posting the trailer! I am sooooo excited for this drama as it finally got a seat in a cable channel, MBN. Yay!

I just found out that the writer behind this baby is Song Ji Nah, who has written some thrilling works in the past such as A Man’s Story and Sandglass. I’m sure the writing is going to be highly intricate and epic. Gahhh!! There’s no way this series can fail! NO WAY!

What’s Up premieres this Saturday, December 3rd, running for a total of 18 episodes.

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    Im Joo Hwan looks like a little boy here. *pinches cheek* Who has watched Tamra, The Island before this?

    And Daesung. How I've missed your silly smile this past year. 😉

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    Gonna watch this only because of Im Joo Hwan and Kim Ji Won!!! YAY! Can't wait! 😀

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    miss u a lot..

  4. 9 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: What’s Up!

    Uwaaaa…….. Promise me that you'll be upload this drama… Please….. I'm soooo excited…..

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    Oh, I have been waiting for this for like…ever! I really hope that it will live up to my expectations, because they have been building up for a long long time. So glad to see Daesung on screen again (and smiling), he sure sings well, but can he act too?
    I don't know about the rest of the cast here, not very familiar with them, however, I took an instant liking of the "Like a virgin"-girl. She looks fun. Oh, and isn't that the guy from 2ne1's "It hurts" video?
    Hmmm…now all we need is a Big Bang cameo (or at least TOP)…

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    Teaser looks good.  Can't wait for you to pick up this project 🙂

  7. 9 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: What’s Up!

    I've picked up this project ever since it was still flying in the air!! (no designated airing station)


  8. 9 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: What’s Up!

    Thanks so much alice! I'm really looking forward to this drama. 😀

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