Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger


I think I have the perfect gift for everyone. Hello Stranger is currently sitting comfortably in the #1 spot on my Thai movie list. It’s realistic, endearing, and freakin HILARIOUS. I haven’t laughed this much watching a Thai movie. It’s strange, how this movie lacks the usual glamor of a high-budget movie but still manages to be engaging and beautiful.

Thai Title: กวน มึน โฮ
Cast: Chantavit Dhanasevi, Nuengthida Sophon
Date Released: August 19, 2010 (Thailand)
Download Links: Part 1 DVDRip – SeeingMole // Part 2 // Softsub
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Lead actor is Chantavit Dhanasevi, and our charming heroine is played by Nuengthida Sophon, who also sang one of the insert song, “Love Does Not Need Time”. Listen below as you read this summary.

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So what’s so special about this gem? During the two hours, I felt like I was watching two friends who suffered from amnesia because they have an instant connection from the beginning. They bicker like a typical couple in Asian shows but it doesn’t feel one-sided and set-up. The two are on the same footing when it comes to GETTING AT each other in the gut. Their chemistry clicked right away, making them the focus in every frame. The guy is not your usual handsome, gentleman. He’s snarky, snapping at all the redundant themes in Korean dramas that fan girls often dream about. Best yet? He does it with a big goofy smile every single time. Cracks me up. Our girl remains realistic and down-to-earth. I like how she’s kind without having to treat every wounded birds at the park. Or forgiving every bad person who mistreated her. She’s relatable.

Brief Recap and Funny Scenes

Our leads meet on the plane trip to Seoul, Korea. We don’t know their names so I’ll just use HE & SHE.

They’re completely opposite. He’s on a tour plan with nothing but an empty book bag. And one underpants he’s wearing. While she has plans to visit all the famous places that took place in Korean dramas. This trip is a secret from her boyfriend, P’Jim, who forbids her travel. Hell with you boyfriend!


His first night in Seoul, our hero finds everything mundane and cheesy for his taste. Having nothing better to do, he sits down at a local street vendor to eat. Unfortunately, the ajumma doesn’t understand Thai while he tries to ask what kind of meat is in his bowl. He gives up and takes a bite. However, the ajumma quickly points to a picture… A cute, fluffy dog. o.o

Gahhh!! Please! Don’t! Do! This! I can’t emphasize this enough folks, when you’re in a foreign country, try to make sure you know WHAT you’re eating! My teacher ate….never mind.


Drunk and penniless, he wanders away from his hotel and sleeps right in front of another, which is when our heroine discovers him. She has the kindness of pulling him inside for the night and lending him her jacket. Morning arises and a homeless man approaches the tour bus, taking his place.


The unlucky boy wakes up and finds out that he’s late for the tour bus. He doesn’t know the way back and asks for her help. How much do I love his blatant change of expression? From pure happiness to complete annoyance at her detailed direction. Photobucket He barks at her, “Woow, are you born here? Or are your husband Korean?” He doesn’t back down and she ends up guiding him personally to the hotel. The wrong one. Grand Ambassador Vs. Grand Embassy. The tour bus is already in the next town (did it fly?) so he has to wait for two days (dang, it definitely flew there). So he tags along with her despite her initial unwillingness. He catches her feet with the line, “We’re all Thai people!


Since they’re traveling together, she asks for his name. Boy has the nerve to ask, “Why, you like me?” and she ends up looking at him like he’s high on drugs.


Their first visit to….Bae Yong Joon’s statue. I freakin love her face. She’s sending daggers out of her eyes while he makes some accurate points about Korean Dramas.

1) Identities are switched at birth (10 points! True True!)
2) Kids meet and fall in love for ETERNITY (OMG…)
3) Girl poses as boy and no one notices (You’re Beautiful! Ridiculous, he says!)

That night, she plans to watch a play. But the seller only has one ticket left. She watches. He stays outside and waits. haha!


Afterwards, they eat dinner at another vendor. She recounts how awesome the play is while he nonchalantly looks on. He comments that it’s a waste of money to visit a country where no one understands you. He makes his point by calling the Ajusshi over. While maintaining a happy face with thump-up signs, he criticizes the food in Thai. The Ajusshi only understands the gesture and returns the smile favorably. All the while, SHE looks terrified. haha X)


The Ajusshi later returns the compliment by giving him a free dish of LIVE OCTOPUS. He screams like a little girl, “Wey! What the hell is this uncle? Free? The problem is not free or no free!” hahaha. But that aside, my stomach squirms watching the legs wave around. Ughh…my food must all be cooked thoroughly before it goes anywhere NEAR my mouth.


She takes this opportunity to get back at him. If he dares to swallow the live octopus, she’ll drink the whole bottle of soju. He does. And me? Roll my hands into fists as he struggles with the octopus. GAHHHH! She? Cracks up like an idiot. Then she downs the soju bottle.


Next morning, she wakes up wearing only a bathrobe with a shower cap covering her hair. She runs into the bathroom to check out her appearance. She calms down before the camera moves to the side and there he is! Peeing! She screams….leading to his girly scream.


She skids to the bedroom and throws pillows at him. Confused, he clarifies that he didn’t do anything last night! She stops and stares, “They why am I dressed like this?” Keeping up with his game, he says, “You said it was hot and started to strip.” This scene cracks me up like a little girl mainly because the toot-toot motion he makes to imitate her stripping. Photobucket

At the same time, her boyfriend makes the 108th phone call. This time, he breaks up with her, calling her stupid for lying to him about her trip. This stirs her alive and she breaks the ties with him as well.


Later that day, she walks to the bridge and shouts out all her frustration. Feeling her new freedom, she promises to drink carbonated drinks and wear high heels every day (she didn’t wear it before because he’s vertical challenged). Our silly hero wonders if they have his size, cracking a smile on her tearful face. Aw.


Shopping time! I honestly think she looks great with all the dresses and gorgeous hairstyles. Or maybe it’s because she’s stunning.


But he doesn’t like any….until this scene pops up. OMG. I die.


They spend the next few hours playing at the theme park and ends the night at a dance club. So cute. These two are dancing to Wonder Girls’ Nobody.


Outside, we enjoy a quick slow-motion of action as the two run down the street, chasing one another. Beautiful effect to slow down the scenes. It feels like a classic.


Out of breath, she lies down on the ground to gaze at the stars and wonders aloud whether they’re different from the ones in Bangkok. This is one of their first quiet moments. It’s a moving scene because she cries for her lost love for the last time. And him? He hopes that she can reunite with him, maybe her boyfriend will understand her in person. Their blessing to each other feels sincere and real. Like two old friends.


She reveals her wish. Feeling the raw coldness of snow….naked. He perks up at the thought. ha!


Morning of the third day. He bids her goodbye and they remain anonymous to one another. The tour bus takes him away but he decides to tag along with her….to the mountain of snow.


Before that, they walk along the ocean. She confesses that it’s better they remain as “You” to each other because then she wouldn’t care. No strings attached. He’s happy and starts listing off all her shortcomings. She pretends not to care….and secretly curses him in the back.


They drive down the street in the most romantic setting ever, with flowers falling on the road and floating in the air. On the motorcycle, she falls asleep..letting her hands grab hold….of his little friend down there!! OMG…I laugh so hard when he swerves to the right and screams, “Oi! Oi! Wey! Wey!” trying to maintain balance.


That night, they stay at a rundown motel which leads to more hilarious encounters with the Ajumma. She guides them into ONE room. Both insist, “No, no, two rooms. TWO ROOMS!” She nods and goes back inside…to bring out a stack of condoms. Their jaws drop and they begin the awkward speech, “Oi! Ey, Ey, No, NO!


Our girl grabs two keys from the lady’s chain and repeats, “Two rooms” while twisting the keys. The Ajumma nods happily and goes inside… bring out two handcuffs. Oh boy. *rolls on the ground* She’s hardcore! They, of course, begin to stammer, “Oh! Oh?, No, No!” and finally give up.


Lying on one bed, she sighs, “Comfortable right? Lot of space….” And he mutters back, “True, but it’s kinda short...” And they stare down at the cute height difference. hehe.


He offers to sleep on the floor. Then she rolls to the side and sparks a discussion about love with him. He has had three girlfriends while she was chased by a girl before. The mood turns solemn when he talks about getting his girlfriend pregnant…but he wasn’t ready at the time. She refused to get an abortion, so he pushed her down the stairs. They both died. At this point, our heroine is ready to cry on his behalf until he laughs it off as a joke. She becomes pensive, remembering her own abortions. He sits up to listen. He obviously feels bad…and that’s when she cracks up. Oh, you two. Getting RIGHT BACK at each other in SECONDS! It’s natural for them.



They finally hike on the snowy mountain. When it’s night time and everyone has left the place, they stay behind. He has his back to her while she heads to the center and strips down to her undergarments. She dances and jumps elatedly in the freezing weather while he smiles contentedly. I LOVE this scene. How many times have I watched it? Probably more than a dozen times. They say that they don’t care about each other but this scene alone reveals how solid their bond has formed over the last few days. She trusts that he won’t look and he’s willing to be her Snowman on the watch. This is too sweet, I eat it up like a six-year old.


Afterwards, she fulfills his dream too – by shoving a handful of snow into his mouth. He doesn’t get angry and continues to help her put on her winter accessories. Fixing her beanie, he gets lost in her eyes…and slowly….moves in….


…to kiss her. She closes her eyes.

What happens after the kiss? Will they be able to come back to Thailand as a pair? Watch to find out!

Kappy: Lastly, a huge hug to everyone who recommended me this movie. I was tickled to death. Now I’ll spread the giggling to others. Hope you like my monthly dose of Thai goodies!

One more thing, the lead actor is apparently a model but I didn’t find him attractive until he puts on those nerdy glasses and then towards the latter part of the movie. Love does wonders to one’s appeals, I guess. heh.


  1. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    o-khayy..let's give it a try..=)

  2. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    I might give this movie a try as well, maybe during the holidays. I tend to stay away from dramas/movies that are not Korean, Japanese or TW/China cos i think my ears have enough languages to deal with as is. I have barely gotten used to those languages and the idea of taking in more makes my head spin!

  3. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    its one of the best movie from thailand . hehe . watched it already and yes ! until the end , they dont even know their names . lol . i was hoping hat they would reunite . hehe 😛

  4. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    glad to see someone else succumb to the awesomeness that is this movie. I loved it when my brother convinced me to watch it with him.

  5. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    I feel there something special about movies from thaï. "A little thing called love", "Yes or No", "Suckseed"!! and THIS movie… luv it!

  6. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    i saw the poster somewhere else but have no intention to watch it..but then i see u promoting this movie… somehow encourage me to watch it..thanx dear!!!love it..

    p/s: pls promoting another funny movies!!!!hehe..thank you soooooooo much!!

  7. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    I'd also like to know if there are any more Thai rom-com's leaning more on the comedic scale?  The latest gut buster comedy I've watched was "Horrible Bosses" [US] and "Marrying the Mafia IV" [KOR]… hilariously funny!

  8. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    Makes me want to read 'Two Shadows in Korea'…. if anybody here know where I could download or just even read it, pm me! 🙂 

  9. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    YAY! I'm glad some of you guys gave it a try and liked it!

    I'm going to switch genre a bit. Good Thai Horror Movie? I LOVE HORROR. Period!

  10. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    For Thai Horror Movie, I reccommand "Shutter" or in Thai "ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ"

  11. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    this is really a cute movie… and any fan of kdramas can definitely relate to the scenes of the movie.

  12. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    Downloading right now! I've wanted to see something good from Thailand for a long time! Thank you so much!

  13. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    Hi!! Can you recommend any other movies that are similarly sweet and gahhhhh no words can describe how amazing this movie is!!!  LOL i have watched little thing called love already..Cant get enough of thai movie~

  14. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    @Nad , try Bangkok Traffic Love Story

  15. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    i’m sorry alice..why do i can’t download the file??

  16. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    how do i download from the multiupload link for this movie? it jus takes me to a site, i press “skip ad” and it takes me to a hollywood site. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. I already tried looking in FAQ section but didnt find anything. Thanks in advance. ^_^

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

      The link is dead so ads flood the site. I’ll see if I can find the movie in my hard drive and upload it again. Cross your fingers! 🙂

      • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

        Looks like this didnt happen? xD Poking around for more Thai movies to watch after Hormones (I want season 3!). Also, any plans on re-upping Pee Mak Phra Khanong? And um… Suckseed? :3

        • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

          The older movies were definitely in my bad hard drive. I have to search for them elsewhere on the net. =/

          Pee Mak is already dead. Bummer!

  17. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    Funny how just reading this automatically plays the scenes inside my head and I just feel so happy! 🙂

  18. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    I watched dis muvie in 2011 i love it,so funny and fun to watch. . .i watch it over n over again,so simple yet soo romantic n cute.i love them:)

  19. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

    I love this movie!, But I want to ask.. What is the name of the song they are dancing in the club?

    I loved that song. Please help!

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (3): Hello Stranger

      I believe it’s the remix version/something like that to this very old song:

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