[Download] Kdrama: Hong Gil Dong OST



01. My luck is Great – No Brain
02. What if – Girls Generation’s Taeyeon
03. Green star – Kim Hyun Jung
04. When it begins – Kim Yeon Woo
05. Brushwood boat – Girls Generation
06. Fate – Park Kyu Wan
07. New direction – Kim Eun Hee
08. U can’t stop (Keep on moving) – EJ Feat. Natsun & B-Box
09. Wild plain
11. Merry-go-round
12. The Day
13. Forgiveness
14. Hairdresser Mister, beautician Noona
15. Room of secret
16. Action borrow clan
17. Start of love
18. Last Tango
19. Rain pouring
20. Sword
21. Quick knife Hong Gil Dong

Download OST here

Alice: As I scan down my OST list, my eyes bug out, I don’t have Hong Gil Dong?! The addicting drama that converted me into a Jang Geun Suk’s fan! One of my worst second-lead shippings happened in here. Oh Chang Hwi! Why?! Hong Sisters, you guys are mean! I wanted desperately for him to GET the GIRL! So much tears for his character.

Some of the quotes that killed my eyes:

Yi Nok: “In order to protect Gil Dong, I’ll use my sword on you heart!”
Chang Hwi: “Yi Nok, please just once, just once, look at me.” –> Me: T_T
Yi Nok: “I’ll be Ryu Yi Nok at your side. That way I can support Gil Dong…”
Chang Hwi: “I was human because of you, now you want me to use my sword against you?”
Chang Hwi: “When I let you leave, my inner self will die…”

And this song…”Fate” brings tears to my eyes EVERY single time I hear it. Powerful and heart-wrenching. Bahhh! Park Kyu Wan, I recognize your voice anywhere. He recently sang a song for “The Princess’s Man” soundtrack…

Jang Geun Suk and Yoo Ah In should totally play brothers with their mane of glory. No love triangle please. I’d be so torn I might not survive.

  1. 2 thoughts on “[Download] Kdrama: Hong Gil Dong OST

    ah..Hong Gil Dong, got to know this drama after watching Lee Beom-Soo's "The Descendants of Hong Gil-dong"/Righteous Thief [preferred this version tho].
    Really sad ending, thanks to the Hong sisters. Quite misleading as on the 1st episode shows the scene where they were all together.

    My favorite songs – My luck is great – No Brain and What if – Tae Yeon.

    It must be really hard, awkward or funny the way Sung Yu-Ri speaks in those Daffy Duck tone throughout the whole series. Annoying even.

  2. 2 thoughts on “[Download] Kdrama: Hong Gil Dong OST

    ^^^ Really? I thought her voice was fine. Cute almost. And I'm a girl.

    the song "if" generated a lot of buzz mainly because Taeyeon sang it…but the song that established the emotions for me was definitely Fate. The upbeat My Luck is Great….i love it too!!

    Poor Jang geun suk!!

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