[Batch 4] Rotating Banners

Those with a pair of keen eyes, do you know that I have been using the same template/theme for 3 years already? Every time I want to change to a new one, I don’t have the heart to do it, so I end up changing the colors….and of course the annual switch-over to new banners. Lol.

If you’re wondering who is who in the rotating banners/headers for 2015, continue to read (I’ll be adding more.) If you would like to donate me some artworks…. CLICK CLICK CLICK. =D

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[Batch 1] Rotating Banners

Since many folks are enamored by my banners (who isn’t? Photobucket), here’s a page for you guys to spam…

Here’s the deal: I love Photoshop (it’s one of my best friends along with Google) and enjoy the banner-making process. The other reason being…I’m not a good writer, yunno, those writers that decorate their sentences with beautiful structures and words? That has the ability to pluck your interest instantly? Yea..me? *shakes head sadly*

Boo! Whatever! A picture is worth a thousand words! Photobucket

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