[Show] Cast of King Gwanggaeto the Great on Happy Together

Ack! Ack! Totally unexpected find. As usual, I went into my KSBWorld folder to watch the latest subbed episode of Happy Together and I saw the perfect man – Lee Tae Gon, sitting next to Kim Jae Suk.

*Episode 201:
Guests: Lee Tae Gon, Oh Ji Eun, Kim Seung Soo, Lee In Hye, Kim Jung Hwa, Im Ho
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Give me a minute to spazz guys, AHHHHHHH! It’s Hwang Mo oppaaaa!! The filial son, the humorous brother, and the perfect husband we all love from drama “Dear Heaven“. If you want a break from rich, jerky chaebols, let Hwang Mo embraces you with true chivalry! —end spazz—

I have no idea he’s the leading man of this new saguek. Annette mentioned it briefly before but I didn’t look into it…but now I must give this drama a chance. His hearty laughs and cheeky comments make me fall in love all over again.

And it’s hilarious seeing the folks on set being afraid of his hunky physique and blunt attitude. Especially Park Myung Soo. WAM-BAM-BANG! I pity the ladies as they all got caught by Mr. Water Gun while the men smile in glee.

Man, IreallywanttoseeTaeGonwet!

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    Alice, this drama followed another sageuk i was watching called King Geunchogo. The later was about the King of Baekje Guenchogo and how he led his army to defeat Gurgoryeo and expand Baekje. This drama starts a couple of years after the king Geunchogo dies, and how Gurgoryeo, led by Gwangaeto, defeated Baekje and repossessed their land. I didn't want to watch this drama cos i'd watched King Guenchogo for a long time watching when it was being built i didn't want to watch it being torn down. And also i was told, by a couple of serious sageuk buffs, that it's quite disappointing so decided to skip it. Let me know what you think
    Are you watching Gye Baek yet? I've seen the first ep and i like it!

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    Oh Annette! I love your explanation here, "I didn't want to watch it being torn down!" Aw!

    I'm not sure when I will have the time to properly sit down and watch it though. Too little time + many dramas. I'm sure you know the dilemma Annette! =D

    I just pile on Scent of A Woman too. The only saguek I'm following is Baek Dong Soo, despite it being slow this week. Princess's Man, I'm waiting to marathon it. Gye Baek might be on the back burner for now. Eeek!

    24 hrs is not enough for drama addicts. We need a 4th dimension.

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    That's how much i become attached to dramas! LOL! The thing about watchin long dramas is that you eventually form an attachment to the characters and therefore the stars – good move for these actors to make if they want to have longevity

    I hear you on the 4th dimension. I 've put a number of dramas on the back burner and the bonus is when am waiting for eps of the dramas i'm currently watchin i just go to those so it works out well.

    Gyebaek started on a solid note so am happy about that but the subbing for this one is slow. There already four raw eps out but only one subbed – i thought it would be faster seein that Lee Seo Jin is a popular actor. But with so many dramas coming out left and right i guess the subbers must be overwhelmed, and to think they do all this for free! These guys are awesome! 

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