Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This emotion brings a natural blush to our cheeks. The rush of adrenaline when that special person walks by us. The heart-stopping moment when he/she looks in our direction. First Crush. First Love. The experience that remains intact despite our growing wrinkles (gotcha!).

Thai Title: สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า..รัก
Cast: Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon, Mario Muarer
Date Released: August 12, 2010 (Thailand)
Synopsis: The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms…ugly. But she’s always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He’s hot, perfect and generous, and that’s what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn’t give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time. [Wiki] Download Links: Part 1 // Part 2 // Softsub
Watch Online: At DailyMotion

Brief Recap:


Nam spends the first hour stalking Shone, stealing glances during bathroom breaks and sneaking around his classroom. But she’s not alone on this mission. She has three best friends, who are always prepared to give advice, from “9 Methods of Love”. Nam lives with her younger sister and mom, while her dad resides in America. In order to visit him, the first daughter to rank first in their class wins a plane ticket.


Shone has both good looks and a pleasant personality, no wonder why girls are always flying around him. His family owns a sports shop, and his dad used to be a national soccer player, who unfortunately missed the penalty kick, losing the game. When Nam and her friends are bullied by a group of soccer players, he upstages them using his popularity and buys the drinks for Nam. Later, the boys attack him, mocking his dad’s national embarrassment.


Nam hears about the fight and rushes back to school, only to find the battle ground empty. On the floor is a button shirt. She assumes it belongs to Shone and keeps it in her custody.


With one hand on his wounded butt (thanks to Mr. Principal), Shone accepts the bandaid and thanks her, saying out her name. Well, what are you waiting for? Your crush KNOWS your name!


Butt dancing time! Nothing feels as high as this. Don’t lie, you did something similar to this. heehee! She’s so cute.


Let me tell you, the girl is on cloud nice as she and her friends send him a box of chocolates, after taking away other girls’ gifts! haha XD Unfortunately, the weather is hot and the chocolate melts.


As always, Nam is not the only girl vying for his attention. Her rival is a pretty girl who gets chosen to join the dance club. Nam, on the other hand, joins her teacher’s stage drama, playing Snow White due to her proficiency in English. I know what you’re thinking, but her prince is not Shone because his interest is photography. He does help decorate the stage though.


You guess it! Make-over time. Interestingly, while everyone gapes at her beauty, Shone looks on nonchalantly, mumbling that she looks the same. WHAT THE WHAT? Boy, are you shy?


It’s rehearsal time, and Nam’s prince is chased by Mr. Diarrhea. Taking his place is Shone. Just look at the pictures and you’ll know full well what happens. Tee!


Aww! When the guy wants to kiss her, Nam quickly gets off the bed and stumbles backward. Just in time to hold her hand is Shone. He effortlessly pulls her into his arms. Dang it! I’d have buried my face in his chest. Woohoo!


It’s the official day for the performance and sadly all of the kids rush over to see the pretty girls dance while Nam tries her best on stage. A handsome boy stands outside and is mesmerized by Nam. She later finds a cute note, “I have tasted it. There’s no poison” next to a bitten apple. Her mood is lifted thinking that it’s Shone.


The handsome guy from earlier is Shone’s best friend, Top. Years pass by and our heroine loses the glasses, her skin tone becomes lighter, and now she’s a beautiful swan in the school’s marching team as the drum major.


She is now pretty. Yes. She is now popular. Yes. But what’s all this when the boy she did all this for doesn’t give her a second look? One day, Shone shows up holding pot branches of one flower and gives it to her. She perks up at his presence but her face quickly turns sour when he says this flower is from his friend, Top. And why are you the delivery boy? Oh, I know. To crush her hopes. Seriously, only a blind guy doesn’t see her moony eyes looking at you!

Later that night, Nam discovers a secret note in her bag. The note asks her to wait at the school tomorrow.


The person who wrote the note is Top and he shows up, with Shone standing right behind him. He bravely asks her to become his girlfriend. Worried that her chance might slip, Nam quickly asks if Shone had anything to say. Shone smiles at his best friend and doesn’t say anything worth a penny. Arg. Top decides that if she doesn’t give him a concrete answer, then it’s a yes. Man. This boy is blind too?!


Now that they’re unofficially an item, Nam hangs out with Top more often, upsetting her best friends when she didn’t show up on her birthday. Because Nam is on a trip with the boys. The pattern is Top treats Nam like a princess, while Nam has all her attention on Shone, while he takes pictures of the “scenery”.

And here I’m a little annoyed with her. Stringing people along when you know exactly what you want is just mean.


During the group dance, Top happily kisses Nam on the cheek. Her immediate reaction is stunned and spacey. When they’re alone she tells him not to see her anymore. They were never an “item” and that she has someone she loves.


This whole thing doesn’t feel right and Nam reunites with her lovely best friends. They hug and cry and sing the same song they used to sing… “Date”.


It’s the last day of school and Nam gathers up her courage to confess her feelings to Shone. She hands him a letter with Mr. Button attached. Unfortunately, she is a week late, he’s now dating another girl. This scene breaks my heart because she is this close to accomplishing her dream! AHHH! As if the day can get any worse, Nam stumbles into the pool. Embarrassed, she gets out of the pool, and takes heavy steps as she walks away, sobbing.

So what’s the fate of this couple? I have placed the ending in the spoiler picture. Click it after you’ve viewed the movie! You have been warned!

Kap: Oh, the joy this movie has brought me! Back to the embarrassing yet sweet memories of first love, the tinkling feeling your stomach experiences when you’re near that person. And then the feeling that nothing could ever top your heart-breaking rejection. Oh yea. It’s all in here.

This movie is relatable for both boys and girls by having our perfect boy, Shone, mirrors Nam’s insecure feeling. For someone who is both handsome and popular, Shone is like any other kid deep down. He is uncertain about her feelings and chooses to stand by the sideline, capturing her worst and best moments. A little bit stalkerish but cute when they’re young and innocent.

Nam’s transformation is inspiring due to the positive outcome emotionally. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look pretty for their significant other? She’s still a bumbling girl trying to figure out how to approach that foreign emotion and hence it’s reasonable that she’s shallow. The beginning is always the hardest, no?

What’s everyone first love like? Did you confess? Mine..was..well. Let’s just say I was a chicken who chose to steal glances at a boy, whose locker was ten feet away from mine. He has a charming smile. I admire Nam for her courageous confession, not many can pull off the crushing rejection with a (forced) smile.

  1. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Kinda ashamed to say this, but this movie is my first time watching something from Thailand entertainment.

    Recommend me more movies/dramas from Thailand folks! Love me some variety! 

  2. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    wow alice! you have this too!…i really really love this movie…it makes one remember high school days.. 😀 and like you its the first thai movie that I have watched too..I've read somewhere that there's a part two of this movie…can't wait to see the part 2 of this movie..super duper thanks alice for this one!

  3. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Hi Alice, I'm a Thai fan who really addicts to KDrama. Very surprise to hear that you like Thai movie too (^v^). Well, I reccommend "Season Changes" and "Bangkok Traffic love Story". I'll tell you more later if I can recognize more of them. Have a good time watching Thai drama.

  4. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    This definitely brings me back to High School Days Apaul. I wonder what the storyline for Part 2 would be?

    Amour_momo, thanks for the 2 quickies. I've heard of Bangkok Traffic Love Story around different websites. Definitely downloading it.
    And of course, variety in dramas watching keeps me entertaining. 😀

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    Hi there! X here! 😀
    I love this movie too! The emotions were all there, and it can relate to us back in reality.
    I'd recommend 'Hello Stranger' to you! I've personally watched these two thai movies before and looking for more atm coz' I just think thai romance are really awesome! (just like how thai horror rocks hehe)

  6. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Hey Alice!  Glad you like Thai dramas/movies.  Personally, I like K-drama more, but since I am fluent in Thai, I keep myself occupied with Thai dramas as well.  There is a very famous Thai actor name Tik Jedsadapon, there is this older drama he is in I think you will enjoy, its called Leud Kattiya(The Princess).  He falls in the love with the princess, but he doesn't know she's a princess and he's a commoner in the military.  Its so good, I might have to watch it again!

  7. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Is the actress of nam the same throughout the movie ?

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  8. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    You must find and watch these movies:

    Love Julinsee
    Hello Stranger
    Bangkok Traffic Love Story
    The Love of Siam

    I too want to get a few more recommendations along the way.

  9. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Fabulous list Keane. Will check them out!

    Jap 일본인, yes. it's her throughout the movie.

  10. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Thank you for sharing.  I've watched it last night and it does bring back memories.  Its crazily cute and funny. 

  11. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    I'm quite interested to watch the thai films u guys have mentioned…but where to watch it?

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    Alice, did u ever think about putting up some English movie? i've been searching to download some but base on my com skills…… haiz…… so i was thinking if ur gonna put some engish movies, but of course it's okay if u don want to. ^^

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    LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE this movie.. can u give me a possible like that let u download the whole movie 100% and HD..?

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    Awesome! can u give a 100% working possible link that let u download the movie for free?

  15. 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Thank you so much, very helpful!
    Oh, it;s the awesome Shukmeister of Dramabeans who brought me here!

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    have you watched Hormones? you should watch it, it’s cute and has great ost. Btw, its a thai movie.

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    Hi, your links are not working… culod you tell me were else can I get this AMAZING movie???

    • 20 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (1): Crazy Little Thing Called Love

      Have you checked all the links? I did and at least 3 of them work. Bitshare (Part 1). 1fischer (1,2), filebox (1,2).

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    i m fans of thai film”crazy little things about love actress”

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