[Preview] City Hunter

Here are some stills and City Hunter’s first preview! The leads getting chummy and Goo Hara, despite the young age, dancing in a club.

Goo Hara in her short, baby blue dress, rocking it out:

Lee Min Ho……Wet:

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young lock lips and wrestle each other…
[All Pics credit Naver, as tagged, & Soompi]


Alice: Gosh, can someone please tell Korean Directors to span out all these dramas? I mean, save some for the upcoming summer months. Why must they all battle each other out in MAY?

City Hunter, an SBS drama, is led by young rising stars. Park Min Young sheds her male uniform from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and puts on professional suits to play a bodyguard. Lee Min Ho also moves out of his room mate role from Personal Taste to become an investigator. This will mark Goo Hara’s acting debut.

City Hunter is placed in the slot after 49 Days ends. *input SADface* Premieres May 25th.

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    Oh man very sad face from me…Luv 49 Days but I really enjoyed watchin both of these actors these last few months in their dramas hopefully this will be another great one as well! ^^

  2. 3 thoughts on “[Preview] City Hunter

    Hahaha! Alice, so true about the way Korean directors are churning out dramas like nobody's business! Its got me worried cos that means too many dramas i have to keep up with! lol! Since SS am a fan of Park Min Young so can't wait to see her in this.
    Is it just me or is that baby blue dress a tad too short? That should bee  a top!! I've noticed in Kdramas that they don't show cleavage but the women sure wear a lot of very short things even at the office – maybe that's just in drama. So Koreans would raise hell over cleavage but they don't bat an eyelid at the very short things the women wear (i personally think some of those outfits are incredibly short) – even if its just on tv? smh

  3. 3 thoughts on “[Preview] City Hunter

    I agree with you…why are all these dramas coming out at the same time? This is another one I bet I'll be hooked on! Especially now I've seen the stills and the preview OH MY! It seems like this one will have quite a bit of action in it which I'm all for, and I hope the chemistry is as good between the leads as it appears to be!! 

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