[Trailer] Cdrama: The Emperor’s Harem

I haven’t been in touch with Chinese Entertainment for the past few months and boy when I do, I find so many period dramas in production. I browse through the forums and most of them involve fights among the King’s concubines and queen. The one that catches my eye is “The Emperor’s Harem” polished with a star-studded cast. Two of the leads are my favorites, Ady An and Feng Shao Feng. Ady plays a maid who is the object of affection for both the music teacher and eunuch. Feng Shao Feng is a music teacher who specializes in flutes. The production also has Tvb beloved actress, Tavia Yeung. Other cast mates include Patrick Tam who plays an eunuch, Lu Yi, and Jiang Yi.

According to Wiki, the plot revolves around Ming Emperor Xian Zong, who had yet to produce a male heir. The worried court officials pressured the Emperor to take on new consorts. Thus, the door to the Royal Harem opened to four women who would later cause havoc to the palace. One would capture Emperor’s heart.

Some pictures of the filming:
^ Awww, another thing you should know, I ship these two.

Looks like Tavia Yeung is going to reprise her role as the scheming and sometimes crazy concubine from “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” in this drama. Stills of Tavia below: (The costumes are pretty!)

Stills of Ady An:

Ady and Shao Feng together – Ady is an adorkable girl. Just look at her hilarious poses next to the sleeping Shao Feng. SO CUTE!! The image is pretty big so click below to expand and clap in happiness with me!

Trailer with English Subtitles:

Alice: The subject of palace’s fights among the women has been done to death already and yet I’m still intrigued with this theme. The cruelty and desperation to gain the King’s favor never fails to fascinate the audience. My favorite drama of this genre is still “War of Beauty“. As long as the execution is excellent, the plot well-structured, and the actors fitting, “Emperor’s Harem” could be a gem in the making. The trailer reminds me of a Tvb drama in 2009 called “Beyond the Realm of Conscience“. Although I’m a Charmaine’s fan, I honestly couldn’t stomach that drama a second time. Sam Ho was beyond Mary Sue, unrealistic and at times irritating, while Gam Ling, in the latter episodes, became unreasonable and tactless. My principle is that the leads need to change and develop over the span of time. If the main character stays rigid, I want to sleep. Let’s hope this series whips out a different taste.

What do you think?


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    where can I watch this and war of beauty? thanks

  2. 13 thoughts on “[Trailer] Cdrama: The Emperor’s Harem

    As you know i love love love historical dramas so am definitely going to watch this one, although i have not yet finished Jade Lock Heart Palace which also stars  Feng Shao Feng. And i totally agree with what you said about the plot, execution and actors, even though the plot is nothin new but if they get those three things right then there's no problem.

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    Annette, there are so many historical dramas filming in China lately! I will post news of another one soon!

    Feng Shao Feng is the hot, selling actor in China that I like. heehee!

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     I think i see at-least two or three actors in here from the other historical drama Jade Lock Heart. I like Feng Shao Feng too, am yet to see him in a contemporary drama – i think his last one was The Girl in Blue with Joe Chen & another cutie by the name Roy Qiu/Qui Ze. Found out that Joe & Roy were dating, they met while filming Easy Fortune Happy Life in 2009 & broke up either during or when they had finished filming The Girl in Blue. I read that apparently Joe didn't do promotions for the drama cos they broke up on very bad terms but her management said it was cos she had a busy schedule, Roy did the promotions though

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    When I browse through the forums, mainland producers reuse many second/third leads, like tvb.

    I heard about the dating between Joe and Roy, unfortunately it didn't end well. They look compatible.

    Did you watch The Girl in Blue Annette? I'm looking for opinions. The actors are pretty/handsome but I'm unsure about the plot.

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     Why do they reuse specifically those leads? I think they should change it up to keep things fresh cos it sorta feels like Jade Palace again.

    I have not yet seen TGIB, i read the story and i didnt want to watch it cos i thought Feng Shao Feng was the one who was goin to die but when i heard it was that other guy Roy i thought i would watch it, but after watchin Roy in Easy Fortune Happy Life (he is soo hot! He has long hair and it is braided like that Baron Chen in Fated to love you but Roy's hair was done better than Baron's, it looks good & not girly like Baron) i like him so  i have quite a dilemma. Another reason i avoided this drama is cos i don't like tragedies and this plot seems like a real tearjerker, i'll look at a couple of reviews and if i see something positive i might give it a shot and then i'll let you know

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    I guess the producers like to reuse the people they adore. Mickey He (4th Prince in Jade Heart Palace) has been in a lot of historical dramas. Fans are complaining haha. There's also Wallace Huo <– I'm avoiding cause he's everywhere in mainland!

    Okay, I'll wait for your opinion.

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    Its gets old and boring seeing the same actors in similar roles it feels like you're watching the same thing over and over again, and though i haven/t seen alot of Chinese historical dramas i feel like their historical dramas seem to have the same storyline/setting with minor modifications – the could learn a thing or two from kdramas. But maybe that's what the audience what's to see so the directors probably don't want to mess with the formula

    I haven't watched a lot of mainland dramas (only two i think) so not familiar with Wallace

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     reminds me of korean drama Dae Jang Geum

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    when will the drama be release?

  11. 13 thoughts on “[Trailer] Cdrama: The Emperor’s Harem

    I am so excited to watch this one! I recently got back in to period dramas and this one looks awesome! I hope someone takes this up as a subbing project since I can't understand chinese to save my life T_T

  12. 13 thoughts on “[Trailer] Cdrama: The Emperor’s Harem

    no not remind, I'm half way through and I have to say it is Dae Jang Geum. lol Strangely, I'm seeing this in a better light though compared to other dramas that market it as a remake. This one has a strong historical backbone to it, so being similar (or even very similar) to Dae Jang Geum might be a coincident? It's pretty different from most harem stories I've watch whether it be Tang, Ming, or Qing. The characters are very believable and you can relate to them if you think about their situation.

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