Discussion Corner: A Fist Within Four Walls Finale Spoilers

The finale is tomorrow 8/28! I know you guys have feelings that need to be let out and since I can’t be there at the same time, here’s a little corner for ya’ll to rant and rave and cry…. I’m sure you guys have used up boxes of tissues already, knowing the producer’s penchant for killing off his characters!! *fingers crossed*


Opening Themesong: Siege – Ruco Chan [Download]

Subsong: Never Knew You Were The Best – Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu [Download]


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  1. frea

    thanks kappy~!!! i needed this post to rant!!

    jazz boon is soooooooo cruel to his characters!! this drama might just be the bloodiest massacre ever!! why did fa man have to die so early??!! her death was sorta glazed over too because her brother went blind!! he took the dramatic effect of her death!!

    then little kitten (shing fu) died last night… i cried like a baby. his death was unnecessary to be honest. why? why????!!! when audrey put the ring on her finger…. omg…. tears…and of course, his mother’s crying scene in her store killed me. so cruel.

    killing off your characters is not always the best dramatic effect jazz!!

    im scared to watch tomorrow’s finale. looks like nancy will sacrifice herself to die with the iron man. audrey being his daughter is sooo typical!!!

    preview of tiu lan’s final goodbye…

    **cries some more**

  2. pristineqi

    :'( sob sob sob @#$%^&* sob sob sob

  3. seprienna

    the drama started with solid cast and storyline. it was the best series i have seen during the past few years..but after episode 24/25, the writer got into tvb old-style ‘i’m not going to give it a happy ending” killing off all the supporting roles. why do grace and phillip have to die? why do ben’s families have to die? *argh* why can’t we have a happy ending.. hopefully nancy will survive eventhough i highly doubt the writer want to keep her alive..

    1. frea

      hahah not a lot of drama can be 1/3 as good as fist has been doing, so i think going haywire in the last four episodes isn’t that bad. still one of the best tvb series in the last few years.

      but yea, why did they have to die!!!

  4. morningsoul

    Audrey & Kitten is my favorite two couple from this drama. I like Audrey’s character, strong, bubbly, cute and has a mind of own. Kitten always there to protect her, but now she only has his mom. I don’t think kitten deserved to die. He could’ve carry her and not fight back with the iron man, but he want to kill the ppl who hurt her. I haven’t watch TVB for the longest time. Hopefully Moon & Philip will pair again in the future.

  5. Moonmoon

    Just finished the final episodes!! I’m so glad there’s at least one happy couple!!

    Still can’t believe Kitten is dead…. I agree with you guys, his death wasn’t necessary. It was brutal. Fa Man’s death I can see from miles away because she’s too smart of a character and those smart ones always die first. Breakout star of the whole series for me!

    Acting-wise, the ladies killed it! They have way more intense scene even with less action. Most disappointed with Nancy’s character. She didn’t get as much action as others and is billed as an assassin! But acting-wise, she always delivers. Her confrontational scenes with Fa Man were the best, better than the two guys.

    Was hoping for a scarier villain. Boss Yeung wasn’t scary to me. Lol.

    9/10 for me!

    I will miss this crew so much.

  6. tassel

    My heart was pounding so hard during last night’s finale, haven’t been this intense watching a show before. Those were characters that I really cared about. I was so sure that Nancy would die. I agree with the above poster that killing Fa Man and Shing Fu is totally unnecessary. Top-notch performance from the cast especially Nancy. I wasn’t a huge fan of hers but her Tiu Lan won my heart. Overall a show worthy of my time and interest.

    1. ky

      Actually did Nancy Wu died having treatment in the US?

      1. Moonmoon

        I dont think she dies.. more like an open ended ending in case they film a sequel.

        Can’t understand Chinese but it looks like they are happily together! Let’s think so!

      2. S

        i am also confused about the ending because boxer mentioned that she has gone to a far far away place but then they went on to show how they were watching movie in the theatre. I dont get the link…

        1. CremeLady

          Im am optimist so yes!! She lives or else the order of sequences wouldnt make sense!! Tiu Lan is alive!!

          10/10 rating for me. Loved, loved.

        2. AFWFW

          Hm, I thought that when Boxer said she has gone to a far away place, he meant in the states to get treatment for her heart condition? I’m guessing the movie scene is a few months/years later when Nancy returns from the states, and Ruco eyesight comes back. They were bickering about Nancy’s hot doctor and Ruco’s nice-figured nurse trying to make each other jealous.

  7. Coralie

    The producer for this series, Jazz Boon, lacks focus with his endings. Most of his productions start off really well, a great exciting bang, tight script and good characterizations. The issue that follows, though, is that he doesn’t know how to end them in a way that’s cohesive and logical. He had the same problems in Line Walker. It was really amazing when it first started out, but fizzled out later on because he tried to add too many plot cliches, elements and nonsensical details to the script without it actually making sense. The ending lacks oversight and focus. It’s the reason I stopped watching Line Walker 3/4th of the way through. The same with A Fist Within Four Walls. I don’t mind tragic as much, if it’s done with some realism and it fits in with the plot, like in War and Beauty produced by Jonathan Chik. But I feel AFWFW just wanted to end with a bang and impact without consideration/respect toward its characters, which is upsetting.

    Why provide a good start but conclude with a poor end?

  8. new life

    This “a fist within four walls” is an excellent Cantonese drama that really draw my attention and worth watching it. This drama is very enriching with historical background of 城寨 , neighbourhood, crimes, human justice and Kung Fu masters. The main theme of this story is the power struggle between good and evil. Each episode is really intense, with a lot of Kung Fu fighting scenery and very sensational along with life and love stories.

    Although personally I would like a “happy ending” for the two pairs of actors and actresses, but the story is very real to reflect suffering and loss in human life particularly struggling with devil. “Do not not exact all good people would have happy ending…etc.” There is a price tag and opportunity cost for each decision. ” The strong is to protect the weak. Therefore Philip Ng died to protect Moon Lau. It is very sad, but somehow both were in the wrong place and wrong time because Moon found the heroin.

    At least it is a happy ending that the “big boss”竹鑾(歐瑞偉飾)eventually die.
    I am particularly impressed with Philip Ng’s kung fu, he is very handsome, muscular, positive with integrity. Grace Wong’s charming and sexy and the “big boss”歐瑞偉’s cunning and callous.

    I hope this drama can win the best 最佳劇集

    1. CremeLady

      Philip is a real martial artist hence his moves look good. He was helping the cast a lot throughout their scenes too!

      He was holding back too during all the scenes since the cast are mostly unskilled and older too. Lol.

  9. AFWFW

    My favorite characters were [badass] Tiu Lan and Kuen Lo, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t as disappointed in the ending as others were. I do think that some of the deaths are unnecessary, but if that’s the writer’s intention, then so be it. Ruco & Nancy were outstanding in their roles even I thought Kuen Lo’s character was a bit too naive at times, and Tiu Lan, especially when she had a crush on Benjamin, was too quirky and weird. I loved their church scene together (when Ruco told her to leave, but then thought she collapsed so he crawled everywhere looking for her), the shadows scene, and the hospital storeroom hideout scene. Is it weird that I think badass Tiu Lan has better chemistry with Ruco than landlady Tiu Lan? I can’t wait next year for Alliance to come out. I definitely wouldn’t find seeing Ruco and Nancy as a pairing again.

    I sort of wish Fung Chun-mei was the last villain standing though because I was most frightened of him out of all the other guys. Pudding Man has too much of a nice face, so aside from his iron/steel body, there was nothing much to fear.

  10. st

    The villain Yeung didn’t cut it for me- the x-factor as a villain and gongfu master just wasn’t there.
    Shud have invited Ti Lung or , Chen Kun Tai or Chang Dawei- real life gongfu actors to played tat role.

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