Movie version of BBJX courts Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu as leads?

Pleasepleaspleaseplease don’t let this be true! Can these people stop milking the already dead and dry cow that is BBJX? The sequel isn’t any better so why spend more money remaking a plot that we have seen done to perfection on the small screen in 2011? Why? Why?


If the news is true, Zhao Li Ying would be playing Ruo Xi, and ex-member of Korean boyband EXO, Kris Chen, would be 4th Prince. Seriously? How old is this kid that he can play a character in his mid 30s/early 40s convincingly? Unless, the movie version is planning to have them play the Chibi version?


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  1. frea

    uhhhhhhhhh this is a disaster in the making!!!

    kris chen? WHO? sorry exo fans, but reading comments online about how he handles the sue with SM made me less of a fan of this guy. plus, he has that “arrogant” look on his face that makes it hard to even like the guy.

    his acting i don’t even know. wasnt he in one of Yang Mi’s pretty movie?

    zly, run farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from this girl.

    1. Snow

      yes he has that arrogant look on his face but if you watch EXO’s showtime on youtube, slowly throughout the episodes , you dont see an arrogant man but an idiot. yeah, his acting maybe isn’t good but at least he would try and his name is not Kris Chen, its Kris Wu YI Fan

  2. Millie

    I want Kris to succeed to “stick it” to SM but really, he’s not the appropriate age for this role and whilst I’ve never seen him act, I don’t see how a newcomer could give the role the depth and gravity it deserves.

  3. aehyu

    Nooooooo! Make it stop! They really need to let it lay to rest, why butcher something even more than the sequel already did??? I adore ZLY but please she can do better, and I’m going to pretend Kris whoever wasn’t even mentioned.

  4. Woda168

    OMGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girl crush with the guy I unlike the most in the k-ent (yes, I still can’t accept how easily he got into C-ent while doing nothing)? šŸ™
    Please don’t let this collab happen. Actually, don’t let this movie happen. The story was good, but fans like myself are ready to move on.

    1. Wave

      Kris DID do something, he raps, he god damn raps.

  5. Kim

    Isn’t his name Kris Wu??? Did he change it for the fourteen times?? I never like him even though I adore EXO but he’s my least favorite member so I wasn’t even sad when he left. And like @frea said, he does have an arrogant look to him and his personality is the same too.

    1. Wave

      did you even watch EXO”s showtime. Like how are you a fan

    2. Gaohoua

      I respect your opinion about Kris , but you don’t need to be so rude . I love all exo members, even kris and luhan . you wouldn’t like it if I talked about your bias , right ? so stop talking trash about kris .

  6. Kappy

    I don’t follow EXO or any other boy bands anymore but Kris does possess that arrogance vibes described by many folks. All I hope is my girlcrush’s departure from this project!

    Kim, is it? I saw it on tumblr as Chen so I went with it. Let me fix it since I’m sure you know more about him than I do. šŸ™‚

  7. miyeon_89

    I do like Kris out of the EXO…however with all these acting gigs he’s been getting…sounds a bit fishy….I can’t seem to comprehend. Some actors like Chen Xiao or even in Korea like Lee Jong Suk or Kim Woo BIn all started out small with minor role, then slowly getting second lead then finally leads. But here with Kris, he’s already offered male lead in one movie, another one in k-chinese collab with Hangeng and JooWon and now this….
    I mean nothing bad with getting lead but I see other actors working their ways and it seems like he gets lead when I don’t see him as someone who can carry a project yet
    Yeah sure he’s good looking but young actors need to realize just because you’re good looking does not mean you will be a good actor. Takes lots of charisma, talent and the extra “it” thing. I haven’t seen him act yet but maybe…he’ll surprise me but noooo ZLY stayed away from this pls. You’ve been doing good choosing your recent projects after you hit big with Legend of Lu Zhen.

    Also I will always remember the original BBJX..

  8. yui

    well, it’s all about Kris. again and again. i have nothing against this boy but his name is like everywhere.. i heard that the movie version of Silent Separation would be played by him also.. and some other movies..

    but i have to agree that he’s very handsome, when he came to my country for a concert with SMTown, i still remembered that only him got my attention (but now i know all the members), LOLs.. but i dunno about his acting skill.. just watched his current movie’s trailer and well.. not bad but to be a lead in BBJX movie is somewhat depressing for me.. just couldn’t imagine him as 4th prince! he’s too young for that role. sorry kris’ fans.. no offense.. ^^v

  9. Aryael

    Why you asked? For more money!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. The answer’s been staring at me right all along, huh?!

    2. shimokuren

      This truth right here

  10. shimokuren

    Movie version of BBJX

    So damn unnecessary

  11. shinryuu

    honestly, just give him a try. is it a very hard thing to do? who cares if he’s out of exo, stick in exo or whatever in exo– why are you even taking it so hard when he leaves? he has got his own legs, he has got his own hands. he can turn the knob and leave at anytime. yes, feels hurt. yeah, feels painful. yeah, because of him, everyone has to redo their effort. yeah, because of him the concert has to look like it lost a leg. because of him this. because of him that. but seriously? the concert went on right? happy camp went on right? the comeback stage went on, right? the rest of exo is still alive, right? the rest of exo still have their legs to walk right? why the hell everyone is bringing up about the lawsuit then? can you please just stop all those bashing? how long are you going to bash? until the day when he appeared at the death notice? please. just stop it. please imagine when YOU yourself are bashed and talked bad like this. you won’t like it too. just leave him in peace, please. he wants to act, then let him act. whatever he wants to do, let him do. if you want to support him, then support him. if you feel like he doesn’t deserve this, then stop criticizing everything he’s going to do like you’re gonna be any better than him. he is not happy at where he is so he leaves. it’s his problem if he wants to leave. for whatever reason he wants to crap. if you say it’s very selfish and shits like this, i dare you to sit in the toilet with stink shits and effing stay there. if you’re talking about the way he’s handling the lawsuit, yeah, it’s unprofessional. i don’t expect to have armies of soldiers strolling in waiting at sm’s lobby then. if you’re talking about his arrogant face, i just can’t help but to laugh at this. blame the God then. why did the God create him that way? ask the God then. and, this is an open forum. please do not spam or bash me. if you say you can’t be messed, i can’t be messed too. thank you. please take it seriously when i’m still saying nicely.

    1. frea

      you’re getting too angry my friend. you should be glad we’re talking about him! it’s generating buzz. most people who don’t follow kpop don’t even know who kris is…but because he’s getting involved with all these movies, it’s generating talks. its good exposure for a new star like him.

      also, the main ISSUE we have is why remaking this drama in the first place? (money of course), SECOND ISSUE – we have problems with his AGE (baby too young), as the main author suggested. no one went and deeply analyzed/rant about his broke up with sm and exo but YOU. no one cared about that past anymore. it’s just you stubbornly ranting about it. Kris is a celebrity – he’s bound to get talked about. the worst website that always talk about him and SM? allkpop. not here.

      like you said, this is a public forum – no one is allowed to bash anyone. so why are you threatening us?

      “i can’t be messed with, please take it seriously when i’m still saying it nicely”

      really? this is not necessary. just read through the comments again and see for yourself who’s the one to bring up kris wu and sm crap stuff. Only YOU.

  12. Drinkinghotwater

    I can’t imagine Kris with the half shaved hair style of Qing dynasty.

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