Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

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Life is weird isn’t it? One minute, we aren’t getting enough promotional materials, and the next, they can’t wait to release everything…one trailer every few days. Today? Our ears are treated to another subsong, sang by Hu Ge, depicting his love triangle with wolf girl and handsome general and his voluntary departure from the equation at the end of the day. The Chinese title is 好好过 and google translated it to “Take Over.” Thoughts?

Some stills from the Hu Ge’s character themevideo:

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More trailers:

Subtheme MV:

The more I listen to the song, the more I like it. 🙂

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  1. 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

    Hi Kappy!

    You know the more promo and trailers I watch the more interested I have become with this series. I looks promising, I really hope it lives up to its hipe. I wasn’t really fussed or invested like everyone else seemed to be over the delay after delay of its airtime, probably because I have not really read up on the story. But now I think I might read up on the translated novel first just so I can get better insight on it, so the productions promo team is doing a really good job of sucking us into this before it even hits it air time, haha….

    By the way, the google translation of the song title is so funny and wrong. 好好过 (Hao Hao Guo) means to wish someone to live joyously (or at least live happily and well), lolz…. I love how google always is so literal with the translations.

    Thanks for your updates! I know I can always count on your posts to get me hooked on yet another drama to watch (just when I thought I have no more time to pack another thing in, haha….)


    • 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

      Hey Nhube! 😀 How ya doing there?

      I wasn’t fussed about this series until I saw Eddie Peng caressing Shi Shi’s foot. That was hot. 😉 Reading the novel? Good for you! I’m over books and novels at the moment. Lol. What school does to you. ^_^V

      More dramas? Just you wait until November rolls around! Movies and dramas, everything comes out on my birthday month!! Gotta be busy partying in real life and in drama! Woohoo!

  2. 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

    November is my birthday month too !
    I so excited for october 1 st, I heard Hu Ge got to use his own voice for the character.

    • 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

      Must we all turn older at the same time? LOL!

      • 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

        Haha…. We might all be getting older but I’m sure we’re still all young at heart and getting older every year is just a number. That’s how I reassure myself anyways when my bday in Dec. rolls around lolz …. :p

        On another note, I have been leisurely reading the translated novel the last 2 nights (thanks to my two week break) and I’m finding myself really enjoying the characters and the storyline; making me really looking forward to the Oct 1 premiere of the series. I do have to agree with you though that school especially Uni readings really do kill the joy of reading for fun, haha…. Thank goodness for me those days are long over and I can enjoy the pleasures of reading again.

        • 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

          YESH! I’m still young at heart! 😀

          Then I hope for your sake the drama adaptation doesn’t disappoint Nhube! Are the actors similar to what you have in mind for the characters? If not, who do you have in mind?

  3. 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

    lolz…. Kappy it’s funny that you asked me who my ideal actors to play these characters would be. When I started forming interest in the story and watched the promo trailers, ShiShi, Eddie Peng and HuGe have already impressed in my sub-conscience as the characters they are currently going to play in the series. Since I had no prior attachment to the novel or invested interest in the characters (like many die hard fans out there of this book), when I’m reading, who they play in the series is who I picture, hahaha…

    I do remember reading that orignially HuGe was going to play Wei Wuji (Huo Qu Bing) but I actually feel he’s better suited as Jiu Ye and am glad this choice was made. I’ve never watch any of Eddie’s Peng’s acting projects but that could be a blessing because I’m not tempted to pre-judge his portrayal.

    I second your hope too that the drama adapation won’t disappoint now that I have come to really like the storyline and the characters (Plz, plz……. let it be GOOD! lolz….)

    • 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

      Ha! So it’s a win-win situation for you Nhube. Eddie has more into movie projects these days than drama projects. He’s a very hard-working and dedicated actor. That’s all!

      For all our sake involved, be good! =)

  4. 9 thoughts on “Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

    First 2 episodes started well. Can’t wait for the love triangle to start!!!

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