Tdrama: Amour et Pâtisserie Episodes

Also Known As: Patisserie With No Name
Chinese Title: 沒有名字的甜點店 / Mei You Ming Zi De Tian Dian Dian
Cast: Sandrine Pinna, Liu Yi Hao, Xiu Jie Kai, Huang Di Jun, Meggie Yu, Ma Hui Zhen, Chang Shao Huai, Stephanie Chang
# of Episodes: 14
Airing Days: Saturdays
Broadcasting Station: PTV
Synopsis: A girl in Paris leaves her heart, past, and secret, thus heads back to Taiwan. She’s a patisserier, who lives an un-brandish lifestyle, that opens a Patisserie With no Name, no signs, no menu, and her business tactic rolls on a carpe diem whim. One day, a boy backpacker accidentally loses everything and winds up becoming the store’s helper. His bright personality attracts attention, buds love, and indefinitely livens up the business. Just when everything seems to be so beautiful, the girl’s past catches up with her since he’s in town invitedly by fame. The girl will have to face her past and decide on a future. So who can heal the girl’s heart? [Credit: avirtualvoyage.net]

Note: Videos are RAW. Format = RMVB. File Size = +300MB. File type = 480p. Thanks to Resie@d-addicts for 540p, while 720p is provided by moi when requested.
Subbing Groups: DoReMii

Episode 01
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 02
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 03
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 04
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 05
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 06
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 07
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 08
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 09
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 10
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 11
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 12
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 13
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

Episode 14
480p // Mirror
540p // Mirror

***110th COMPLETED PROJECT!!!!***

Keane: Three things draw me to this drama —

(1) the cinematography is luscious…

(2) the dessert has looks to kill…


(3) most cast members are uber cute…

ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ·:*¨¨*:··:*¨¨*:· bon appetit ·:*¨¨*:··:*¨¨*:·ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ
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  1. Kappy

    They all have great smiles! The curly hair dude has a smile resembling Nicholas Teo‘s!

    Will you look at the desserts…. *nomyumyum*

    The dog’s character name is Toothpaste. So cute. (Real name: Zhu Dai Biao – 😀 )

    Keane’s on the roll with projects! Sengkyu!

    1. Keane

      Oh yeah!… mmm, I have to agree with the majority though. He looks like the Taiwanese version of Chunderella.

      Aww~ is that puppy prince a French bulldog?

      One of my close friend’s has one, and that dog farts all the time even in his sleep. Disgusting! But he’s cute, nonetheless. LOL! Oy vay, the things I put up for my TV marathon buddy.

      I’m good Kappy. I’m a game player. You’ve been busting your butt for a while, so take a little break, while I try to entertain the kids. Haha~ (Y’all should be grateful I’m calling everyone younglings instead of the opposite of that.)

      And here’s something to motivate US keeping OUR energy up….


      1. frea

        hmmmm i see why people would think he is chunderella cause of the hair and height but his smile is definitely not Chunhee’s clumsy, awkward smile. the actor has a player’s smile! the one that is made to melt fangirls! plus, he has an assurance air to his movement, very unlike wobbly chunhee! LOL

        that dog is cute! im very afraid of bulldogs though! my close got attacked by one on her way to my house!! a big scar is left on her thigh. 🙁

        1. yui

          i thought she looks like kikwang from beast.. but kikwang isn’t as tall as him.. 🙂

          how is this drama? is it good?
          looks sooooo yummy 😀

        2. yui

          my bad —> she, nopee… HE.. 🙂 *typo

        3. frea

          Lol…so many look alikes!

          yui dear, did you catch the Nine OST from twitter? it’s the freebie given out on friday last week. i remember you requested for it and apparently someone remember it too! 😀

        4. yui

          yes.. i got it already 🙂

          and i love all songs! so touchy and nice.. suit the drama well.. everytime i heard those songs, i remember uri lee Jin Wook oppa… haha.. so in love with him 🙂

  2. isabellealyssa

    I think this show deserves a little more attention though. I wish that there are English subs readily available for viewers who are not Mandarin proficient. 😀

  3. gexer

    i have been waiting for the rest of the ep. i love this show. especially its a drama night with my wife, she love baking and this actually inspired her to set up a shop. 🙂 please dont stop decoding. i hope to finish the whole series. many thx for the effort

  4. heman

    Hey Keane,
    Please do not stop uploading this series….. even though there are few but we are still supportive.
    Many tks.

  5. Keane

    @gexer — Aww~ when you put it that way about your wonderful wife then I have to refine my sources.

    Well, a change is in order. Switching format (rmvb). Hope that’s kosher for ya until I find something better.


    @heman — Hey there! I’ll try my best to the very end.

    1. heman

      Switching format is fine 🙂
      Many thanks for the effort.

  6. gexer

    thx a lot!! appreciate your effort totally.

    we love this show as they have many simple meaning in life that we have forgot through our busy lifestyle. simple happiness.

  7. gexer

    hi keane

    can you upload them into other server. coz i cant download in 180upload coz i am using mac. they ask me to load the accelerater which is in PC version exe.


    1. Keane

      Which server have you been getting those 540p links? ?Mega or BU?

      1. heman

        I have problem playing the 480p files after downloading it from 180upload. can you upload to mega like you did for the 540p?

      2. Keane

        Sure. I prefer mega. So glad it works in your region. 😀
        I’ll start some tonight and post by tomorrow.

  8. gexer

    been getting from the 540p links. thx a mil

  9. gexer

    hi keane,

    sorry to ask a dumb question. i have register and login to mega. however they ask for the decryption key. what is that? coz without that…….cannot download. 🙁

    1. Keane

      When you register, did they instruct for you to checked your email and verify your setup? Click a link to activate your account? I think that’s what needs to be done. Otherwise, that’s very strange.

  10. gexer

    thats key is only ask from ep 05 download links.

    1. Keane

      Might wanna try that link again later. I don’t see what you’ve seen.
      Clear your cookies and cache before re-trying… is my suggestion.

    2. heman

      I hv the same problem. It asked for decryption key for epi 5
      btw, i did not register and its perfectly ok with the other links.

    3. Kappy

      I see the problem. An extra code was added to the mega link, causing a break so mega didn’t recognize the correct url. It should work now. FIXED.

      Enjoy your desserts drifters! 😀

  11. gexer

    thx a mil. now i can download and going for a 4 eps in a roll with my wife. 🙂

  12. abugemilang

    Hi, you can get HD Version from “HDW”. If you don’t have the account you can grab it from Indonesia’s Data File and Library at http://idfl.us

    MOD EDIT: Tracker links should not be publicly written out.

  13. gexer

    hi keane, can i ask when is the next eps coming? also this drama consist of 10 eps or 13 eps?

    1. Keane

      Should be 13 eps gexer. I sometimes don’t outline every thing till the late minute. I add lines as I go. XD

      Ep.10 is on its way. Processing 90%…. DONE!

  14. gexer

    i see i see. thank you again for all the effort and hard work. appreciate totally. any other recommendation for drama? korean or TW also can…… 😛

    1. Keane

      I totally recommend HK’s Triumph In the Skies 2. Have you seen their first series? It doesn’t matter, you can easily follow the setup for the second one, even if you haven’t seen the first. Got comedy, got drama, and last but not least have wo-/men in uniform. LOL~

      I haven’t been following any current Kdramas, and you won’t hear much from me till the Hong Sisters’ Master’s Sun comes out starting next week.

  15. gexer

    okie. will check out your recommendation. 🙂 thx a mil.

  16. gexer

    waiting patiently for the last 3 eps. 😛

  17. gexer

    yeah!! got 1 more to watch tonight. 🙂 thx a mll keane

  18. gexer

    yeahhhh!!!! at last final eps. thx you so so much and congrat on your


    1. Keane

      Did the show truly inspire your wife, gexer?

      If anyone needs English subtitles, then DoReMii fansubs team picked up the project. I’ve updated my top page.

  19. Eileen

    Really enjoyed this drama, thanks a bunch!

  20. jenn

    definitely agree with your reasons! this was such a great find of a drama. There is this song in ep 9 towards the end that is sung in english, “rabbit in the headlight, looking on the bright side” but i cant find it anywhere. If anyone knows please reply! I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to be subbed!

  21. Patrice

    There is no subtitle file for episode 14.

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