Kdrama: Rooftop Prince OST



— Part 1 —
01. After A Long Time – Baek Ji Young
02. Hurt – Ali

— Part 2 —
01. A Happy Ending – Jay Park

Download Part 1&2

— Part 3 —
01. After A Long Time – Jo Eun
02. Even UNder The Sky – Park Ki Young
03. Andante – Jiin
04. Love is Difficult – Twilight
05. Shine – Gilgu Bonggu
06. After A Long Time (Inst.)
07. Even UNder The Sky (Inst.)
08. Andante (Inst.)
09. Love is Difficult (Instru)
10. Shine (Inst.)

Download Part 3 // Mirror

— Special OST —
Title translation thanks to colourblock@youtube
01. After A Long Time – Baek Ji Young
02. Hurt – Ali
03. Happy Ending – Jay Park
04. Lotus Pond
05. Empty *Oh this song…makes me weepy
06. Rooftop Prince
07. Return of Gang 4
08. Seoul Outing
09. Sleep Together With a Flower Tonight
10. Riddle – Unknown
11. After A Long Time (Intru)
12. Hurt (Instru)
13. Happy Ending (Instru)

Download Special OST // Mirror

Alice: Maybe because I have so many BJY’s songs, so they are starting to sound alike. Ali has an amazing voice, “Hurt” is my favorite song from this soundtrack so far.

The Special Soundtrack contains many instruments play throughout the drama. I love “Empty”. It’s a beautiful piece for the Prince’s lost love. Past, not future please!


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  1. hi

    Really Tanx
    I love Ali’s voice too … she is wonderful

  2. IndigoJuly

    Spoiler picture? They kiss? D:


    But their faces…omg…so funny <3

    Oh, and the songs are amazing too but that picture…

  3. shola

    Hey i was wondering do u have link to the instrumental of rooftop prince, i would so much like to get a copy of jay song please! thanks

  4. Maï

    Me too 8 In the first episode Even before I fall for thi drama I fell Ali’s songs

  5. Nicurrr

    Can anyone tell me the song played in Episode 9 when Park Ha was looking for Lee Gak’s handkerchief in the mountain of clothes for donation. It’s not part of the released OST yet and I really love the song. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Tanaka Taro

    Please have a download link for Love is Difficult by TWI-LIGHT. It was heard in some episodes such as ep 10 I think where the trio together with Park Ha went to have fun. >..<

  7. Ajummah

    Thought the male version of BJY song, After a Long Time, is by Mickey, but it’s by Jo Eun. Mickey should have sing the song just like Hyun Bin did in Secret Garden, singing That Man. Part 3 of the OST is out.

    1. Tessa

      aww..i thought the same..im about to ask the Kaptain the song…really thought it was Mickey…=(
      but i like it still..

    2. Kappy

      Maybe because I’ve been a long time fan of DBSG5 so I knew it wasn’t Micky’s voice when I heard it.

      I have two huge folders to share sometimes today. Don’t know when. I’m a bit busy with reality.

  8. Jenny K

    hey. how do you download part 3? it’s only taking me to download iLivid… Thanks.

  9. Jenny K

    how do you download part 3? it’s only taking me to a link to download iLivid. thanks!

  10. Syax28

    can someone post the mysterious song that was played on the background when Tae Mu punch Tae Yong and Tae Yong fell in the sea? I want that sound.. :s

  11. Tessa

    Kaptain, i am looking for that song, that funny instrumental that was being played on some episodes..ok, that’s what being played where the 3 muskeeteers chasing the ambulance in ep 15..i love listening to it..haha.. i wanna play it one day when RTP ends, and i know when i hear it, it’ll take me back to the funny scenes..
    it’s not included in the Osts above..thanks kap!=)

  12. zhee

    anybody knows park ha cellphone song ? i think it’s baek ji young song, but i dont know the title 🙁

  13. time traveler

    park ha ringtone song is Rumble Fish – Ieurajaja :))

  14. Audrey

    Im looking for the instrumental song in Ep 15 starting from 46min22sec where Lee Gak started following Pak Ha before their meeting at the park but he eventually left after receving a phone call on Tae Yong. This tune is beautiful and semi-happy and sad at the same. Anyone knows where to find this tune or the title of it?


  15. eany

    did u know the instrumental song from ep 10? when park ha cycling at the park…really love that song 🙂

    1. sarah

      please tell me if you know

  16. smn

    anyone who knows the background music in ep 19 (when pak ha’s been hit by car while trying to save lee gak) some aria-like music U_U

    1. dwi

      the title is empity

  17. mitch

    why is it that Kim junsu’s song was not included in the list?..

  18. rizkaS

    like audrey, i want to know the instrumental song in EP 15 when lee gak following park ha, and the instrumental song in EP1, when bu yong firstly appear with masker??
    I have download all ost of rooftop prince but i didn’t find both of them, if you know, can you tell me the title,
    Thank You 🙂

  19. zen

    I’m after an instrumental song in epi 20. for rooftop but could not find it in any of the 3 soundtracks. The 2 songs came out in epi 20 between 54 to 57 min, while pah kar was reading the 300 years old letter and making juice. First song has the flute in it, second song was while Li gak wrote ” I wish I had said I love you more often, pa kah yah, I love you
    Thank you

  20. Shanyya

    There is a background music which I’ve been looking for but can’t find it so far. It played in Episode 12 when Lee Gak and Park Ha were walking together with their footsteps in sync as they were reminiscing about what happened between them before.

    Does anyone know where to find it?

  21. Kiku

    My sentiment! I am also looking for the song. I have cut it so that everyone can recognize it.
    Anyone knows the song title or have full audio version?

    1. mint

      can you help me to find the english song at bar where park ha works (ep1) when tae moo and tae won talking about the day off Park Ha. please. thanks so much!

  22. OST Lover

    What is the background music playing at 46:18 in episode 20 i really love it gives me the chills 🙂

  23. Winter Leaves

    Thank you . It’s my favorite drama and I like it’s OST too much 🙂

  24. paty


    u are incredible

  25. christya

    Please does anyone know about intrument song that playing when Park Ha cycling and then Lee Gak going to chased her?

  26. nururuaisa

    why can’t I download the 3rd part? It says “File has been deleted” from both link. Can you please upload it somewhere else?

    Thank you very much :3

  27. nafirka

    i like MeF, FClo, Nekk & Up2Box…

    Thanks Vr22222 Mch….

  28. juan

    I think this is the song most of you are searching for
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rglj83l2DRo&w=420&h=315%5D

    1. Keane

      Awww~ thanks juan for your contribution.

      Especially for you and fans out there: download No Title (instrumental)

  29. Daniel

    Can’t find the song in ep 19 when park ha ang yi gak sleep 2geder say sweet words 2 each oder..please help me i love that song…

  30. diva

    this drama can make me cry every day
    i don’t no why i cry

  31. Anita Han

    This very complete ^^

    감사합니다 🙂

  32. leeskaye

    does anyone know what is the sound that is coming from bak ha’s phone when it rings.
    it sounds like a little girl voice.
    i am in america so i just dont know what that sound is.
    maybe its a little girl voice saying good morning in korean language i just dont know.
    it is not a song, it is more like a sound.

  33. putri kartika

    Anyone who know the song when they both sleep together, maybe around in 18 or 19 part. Please tell me.

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