Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17


This scene takes my breath away. It’s nothing fancy but a very romantic expression of love from slowpoke Do Yoon. When it rains, he’s willing to hand her an umbrella. And when it’s dark and hopeless, he lights up her path…

I like that he’s an action guy because action speaks louder than words.

Episode 17

Although we left off with Jae Ha giving a ring to Joon Young in episode 16, episode 17 begins with the aftermath of Doo Hee’s attack on Baek Sul.


Bael Sul isn’t angry but is glad that Doo Hee finally responds like a normal human being would. She doesn’t know what prompted Doo Hee to attack and tells her to stop it. Doo Hee throws back her warning, “I told you before, don’t mess with my daughter!” At this, Baek Sul laughs, knowing full well “who” is being used.


Uptight about what happened today, In Joo waits for Baek Sul outside of Sanarae and tells her their next course of action, “Please stop Joon Young from competing in this contest. And also send her abroad, somewhere far out of my sight.” Baek Sul doesn’t have a problem with that but she wonders why In Joo, daughter and future heir to Arirang, is spending so much effort in ridding Joon Young? She guesses there must be something more to this story. In Joo answers, “Jae Ha oppa. He dumped me for Joon Young.”

Baek Sul knows a liar when she sees one and busts In Joo right on the spot, “For a man? You’re not someone who would do all that for a man.” She bites down her teeth, “You don’t know what that relationship meant to me!” Yea. Your ticket to the crown. We get it! Baek Sul is no fool.

On her way out, In Joo sneaks into the Cooking Studio and finds Joon Young’s recipe for her dish. Man, is heavens on her side too?


After their date, Jae Ha drops Joon Young off in front of Saranae because she has more work to do with her rice cakes – it’s not pretty enough. Jae Ha is grumpy, “Dark circles are forming under your eyes! Should I start calling you noona?” and she replies to keep the hours shorter. He pets her hair for being an obedient girlfriend, which is exactly when In Joo sees them, and asks for a ride home.

Joon Young looks at them leaving with a heavy heart. Inside Sanarae, she joins head chef in making a new dessert. It looks pretty cool. Baek Sul finds them working and praises head chef’s talent, “He has four eyes. Two eyes are for observing what other people see, and the other two eyes see things from a different view.” Moments later, the real sparkly thing that catches her attention is the ring on Joon Young’s finger. I love how petty she is and reminds Joon Young to take off all accessories in the kitchen. hehe Oh Cupid Baek. 😀


The ride home with Jae Ha and In Joo isn’t all that friendly because Jae Ha puts on his grave face while In Joo carefully inserts that she’s worried about Grandma. Then she confesses about needing more time to settle this matter. How long? She replies, “As long as the time I spent with you.” Hmm, let’s see. She met him when she was 5, left to study until she was 17, and dated him for 10 years. In Joo is now 27 years old.

She goes and raises my hackles, “I loved you when I was four. We have another 22 years to go.” STOP! Stop right there! Honestly, when you were four, you loved food more than anything. Stop with this childhood sweethearts because it ain’t cute. You guys are not Moon and Sun with solid development to be talking about childhood love. Pshhh!

Anyway, the atmosphere becomes unbearable in the car, so she asks to be dropped off on some street.


At Arirang’s dorm, Do Yoon gives away his game to Mi So, preparing to leave this place. When Shin Young swoons over the picture with him and Ji Yoon, he tells them he’s tired. Once alone, he looks at his hyung and decides to visit before he departs.

Do Yoon asks an ajusshi to place light poles in the forest cemetery, hoping that his brother would be comforted since he doesn’t like being in the dark.

Jane calls and says she has reserved two first class seats for him and Joon Young, to Do Yoon’s objection, “She’s the first person you care about. Whether you live alone frustratingly or confess your feelings, make a choice.”

Joon Young takes her fake dad to the hospital for a check-up and he makes a fuss about it, clearly not wanting to be in the same room as her real father. When she starts to talk about how fake dad saved her, he quickly intervenes and urges her to go to work.


Grandma is still angry at Jae Ha’s defiant decision to be with Joon Young, while he orders an employee to feed her with good food, hoping to get back on her good graces. Doo Hee drops by her room with a decision, “After the competition, I will bring Joon Young back. While working on the new menu at Sanarae, she has recovered her confidence and will be able to take care of herself.” Oh? You’re sure? Grandma sighs, “Postpone bringing back Joon Young. We must first figure out what to do with Jae Ha and In Joo.”

The girls work on their new dishes and we see Joon Young employing the technique (sucking liquid with needle) used by Haemil during the showcase, while mumbling Baek Sul’s words, “…Approaching from a different viewpoint.” Aw, she thinks of THEM while cooking? How could she deny their teacher’s status now?

Jae Ha gets a call from Grandma to come by for lunch – Joon Young will also be there. Jae Ha is elated, thinking that Grandma has finally gave in to his proposal. Not at all, buddy. Me don’t think so.

He calls Joon Young and they agree that it’s time to tell In Joo’s parents the truth.


Oh dang, EVERYONE is ordered to lunch by Grandma, which includes Baek Sul too. Jae Ha is the last to join and throws a smile at Joon Young. Grandma has an announcement to make and I have this eerie feeling that no one would be able to swallow after it.


Doo Hee takes the honor, “Jae Ha and In Joo’s engagement day will be the last Saturday of this month.” Three people are shocked – Jae Ha, Joon Young, and Baek Sul. Joon Young with her famous puppy eyes looks to Jae Ha for his response but he only mutters out, “Engagement?” to which Grandma happily (or cruelly) plays dumb and smiles at his serious face. Sitting aside Jae Ha, In Joo smiles demurely. Grandma delivers the final blow, “There’s no other fate for In Joo and Jae Ha.”


At this, Jae Ha stands up from his seat, “I can’t do it. We have broken up. I….I like someone else.” In Joo: “Who is she? Is she someone we know?” The room quiets down, everyone waits with bated breath for a name from Jae Ha’s mouth but he can’t find his voice/courage/balls to say anything. Joon Young makes the decision for him by excusing herself, “I’m sorry but I have some urgent matters to take care of.”

Running outside, Joon Young is scooped up by Do Yoon in his car.


Jae Ha runs after Joon Young but Young Bum catches up to him, guessing correctly that he’s dating Joon Young. Young Bum doesn’t berate Jae Ha because it’s normal for relationships to break. However, he thinks Jae Ha should’ve handled it better. He wonders, “What’s so special about Joon Young that you fell for her?” Jae Ha: “Ever since the first time we met, it was special.”

Doo Hee consoles In Joo, but the latter is sure of one thing, “Oppa will come back to me, he’s just confused now.”

Jae Ha confronts In Joo but she smoothly tells him they’re doing the same thing, “You said you tried not to like Joon Young, but you can’t. Similarly, I have been doing the same thing these days. I tried but we have a bond of twenty two years.”


Another car ride scene with our Beanie Couple. Do Yoon wonders why she’s not crying? Joon Young: “I have no good reason to cry. Where are we going?” Do Yoon: “To someone who wants to see you…”


He takes her to Ji Yoon’s forest cemetery and adds quietly, “My Hyung listens to stories well. Whatever you say, he will agree to it. He even keeps secrets. You need people on your side now.” He leaves her there and turns around whispering, “Take care of her hyung.” *melts*

Elsewhere, Jae Ha continues to run around frantically looking for his lady love, he rushes into Da Eun’s workplace in vain.


Assistant Kim informs Baek Sul that Do Yoon is with Joon Young and she can’t stop smiling at her son’s flawless timing. A phone rings – it’s Joon Young’s cell phone, turns out that she has left her bag in Baek Sul’s office. Baek Sul answers Jae Ha’s call and promises to call him back if she gets any news. Hohoho. She places the phone back in the bag and sees a little locket. She opens to see the picture of young Joon Young with her adopted mother. She closes the locket without second thoughts until an unsettling feeling overwhelms her – the little girl looks familiar?


Cut to the forest. Do Yoon waves his hand in the car as if he’s patting Joon Young’s back. Dude, let’s touch the real thing, okay? He flashes back to his conversation with In Joo, who reveals her engagement with Jae Ha to him. He replies, uninterested, “Because of you, I know how uninteresting the people whom we hate are.” She wonders whether he’s afraid of being rejected? Revealing your feelings to the person you love is dangerous. Flashback ends, and he agrees with her assessment. No! Don’t!

Still sitting like a statue in her seat, Baek Sul finally pieces all the facts together, just missing one critical puzzle piece, “Go Joon Young is Ha In Joo…? No….Then there are two Ha In Joo?…”

Young Bum and Doo Hee are disappointed with today’s revelation. He thinks it’s possible that In Joo is jealous and hence used many underhanded methods to get back at Joon Young. Doo Hee doesn’t argue with that because nowadays, she feels pain looking at In Joo.

It’s night time. Joon Young grazes lightly over the ring and musters up her confession:


Joon Young: “The truth is I knew about it. I knew that I was doing something wrong. Between In Joo and Jae Ha – that I shouldn’t step in between them. But, if I could, just once acted like I didn’t know. It ended up hurting many people who love me. I’m really pathetic, right?”

Well, we can’t condemn Jae Ha for dumping In Joo without frowning upon Joon Young being the third wheel. If you were In Joo’s friend, wouldn’t you hate Joon Young? I would, no doubt.


Joon Young gets up and walks away, which is when a new song, unreleased, plays in the background. The darkness unnerves her but it isn’t long before her path begins to light up. With each step she takes, a light pole shines.


Song: “Right now, I’m standing here. If you come a little closer, you will see me.”

Gah! This song. This moment. So precious. Obstacles may block her view now, but he’s slowly leading her to him.


At the end of the path, Do Yoon greets her with his loving eyes, and Joon Young, knowing his affections, rejects him, “I’m sorry, Kim Do Yoon-shi.”

Jae Ha waits outside of Da Eun’s house and she delivers Joon Young’s message, “She doesn’t want to think about anything else and just focus on the contest.” Jae Ha understands why she’s doing so and drives off.

Grandma demands to see fake Dad.

In Arirang, an interesting argument takes place. Do Shik looks over the vegetables, finds them rotten, and bellows, “Who’s in charge of these today?” Boo Joo smiles that it’s her brilliant handiwork; however, she gets yelled at for doing a sloppy job. She cries and the other worker steps up to claim responsibility.


Fake Dad wears a clean suit to meet Grandma, and asks direction to her room from a sobbing Boo Joo. Are you trying to hook these two up writers?

Grandma has prepared a house for Fake Dad at Udo Island, and orders him to go back and live there, it’s the best choice for him. Don’t hang around Jae Ha’s place, someone he has no relation with.

In her office, Doo Hee stops Jae Ha from dropping by on the phone, “In any case, you have hurt my daughter’s feelings. I can’t forgive you so easily. Make sure that an incident like yesterday never happens again. I’ll take care of In Joo.”


In Joo comes in after the phone call and Doo Hee says, “I don’t think you and Jae Ha are meant to be.” This statement upsets In Joo as she stares in disbelief, “If it were some other mother, she would hate Joon Young.” Well, that’s sort of true.


She storms back to her practice room and glances evilly at the herb plant she purchased last episode. The power to heal or kill is within the planter’s hand. If the toxin is not removed, it could cause paralysis. I see horns!


We then see In Joo walks into Sanarae’s cooking studio and pours the toxic powder into Joon Young’s bowl of ingredient. Seriously, drama? A high-class place like Sanarae doesn’t have guards to stop intruders? Omgosh. This is so silly, it’s grating on my nerves. Everything is so convenient for In Joo.


After she’s done the evil deed, she rushes down the stairs and bumps into Joon Young. The girl rubs at Joon Young’s wound further, “You didn’t expect yesterday right? I thought it would be good for you to feel how the people around you are hurting because of you.”


This is unexpected: In Joo lowers her voice and pleads, “Joon Young-ah, give up on tomorrow’s competition, please.” Joon Young apologizes for everything but she can’t run away now.

Next, we see Joon Young mixing and kneading the dough…Hours go by and signs of strain starts to show. Baek Sul enters the room and watches Joon Young work with the same familiarity as Doo Hee.


Do Yoon packs up his luggage. No! You’re going to England after all this? He takes one last look at the room and leaves a letter of resignation on the table. Morning comes and In Joo approaches Do Yoon, “Are you leaving forever? Not going to see how well Joon Young does in the event?” This raises Do Yoon’s suspicion, “Don’t tell me you did something again?” She laughs at his jumpiness and offers a handshake, he takes it and adds an advise, “You once asked me how Haemil attracts people with his dishes. First, release the pressure from your shoulders and eyes. Thoughts like ‘I will win, I will take it all’ will affect your cooking. This is my present.”


Joon Young readies herself for the competition and finds it weird that she can’t even button her own blazer. Da Eun gives her a DVD from Jae Ha and offers some rice cakes and water. Joon Young tries to grab hold of the items but they fall out of her weakening hands.

Alice: Well, let’s all welcome In Joo to the council of Evil shall we? It’s not surprising she takes hatred to another level considering that she has killed the last bit of good in her by erasing Yeon Woo and repressing the feelings for her dead mother.

Everybody is hurting in this episode and I can’t blame everything on Jae Ha either. The only bone I’m going to pick is this: He could’ve avoided the ugly engagement party by handling the break-up and union better, knowing full well that the elders treated him like their own son, the least he could do was be honest way WAYY before this incident. This is a wake-up call to stop his wishy washy ways of not solving the issue and merely pushing it under the rug. They don’t disappear buddy, they come back in full force and bite you real hard for doing it wrong the first time. It’s a worth-while lesson. Learn from it!

  1. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    It’s only episode17 and issues are begging to be resolved .

    First Jae Ha . He thinks time will solve his way of getting out of the In Joo entanglement . It is not that easy specially as he drags his feet in coming out into the open. Is he afraid of his grandma’s anger ? The old family relationships with Doo Hee, is he afraid how JY will be affected knowing how she likes to go back to Arirang ? does he really care for her ?

    JY.Does she fully know the ramifications of her relationship with JH as far as Arirang is concerned ?Could she has to eventually choose between Arirang and JH before it is revealed that she is the real IJ ? Of course being the real IJ will change the course of the story.

    DY. Yes,you are right ,he is all actions all the way to the next epi. I hope JY will start seeing/thinking of him as he shines like the knight saving his ladylove . I hope JH continues to fade into the scene of his indecision. And DY continues to assert himself and his love. Fighting !

    You know, it is still possible that JY might end up with DY. Childhood loves ek ek is not an surefire sealed contract . If you have watched the drama THANK YOU ,the female lead has an earlier relationship when they were younger and even had a child.But at the end of the story she fell in love with the doctor who she had an antagonistic relationship at first while the the first boyfriend attempted to restore the old feelings including his mother who hated her .

    The fake IJ . In reality she ought to already merit a warrant of arrest and land a long sentence in jail .Why is everybody closing their eyes to her evil deeds ?

    Baek Sul is showing she still care for her son’s happiness. Can you imagine if DY and JY marries, the two women will become in-laws ?

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      seattlebabe, the wedding. I love it. It would be beautiful, ending the persistent rivalry between two families with the endless love of their children. Gosh. I’m on the verge of tears!

      Writers, this IS the way to go.

  2. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    Wow. That song that played during the forest scene was so beautiful and fitting!! I didn’t even understand the lyrics, yet the tone and music made everything that much better! Kudos to the songwriter. Do Yoon continues to be the perfect man for Joon Young in every way. He never pushes himself on her, but is always there for her whether she knows it or not. Jae Ha, he lost all my respect when he kept his mouth shut about who the girl was. In Joo was baiting him and he kept shut up like a clam. Sigh…a guy who won’t stand up for the girl he loves? I bet he wouldn’t wouldn’t have eaten something that could have possibly killed him for his “lady love”. Baek Sul was a hoot during that whole engagement scene! She could barely keep her pleasure at the whole situation hidden! Lol. Anyway, I didn’t expect Joon Young to accept Do Yoon right after she got little heart tramped on. Do Yoon will be there while she is healing. Hopefully, he’ll be the cause of her healing 🙂 Thanks, Kap for your quick recap.

  3. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    IJ is playing with fire! Definitely, she has totally lost her mind with everyone caring about JY (especially when her mother was not rooting for her). It really broke her heart to see her diligence of all those years meant nothing to the people who only care about Arirang. She is a cuckoo case now! The grandmother wants her to be his grandson’s wife??? She is putting her only grandson in harm’s way! I felt sorry for JH! It’s good that he got some good sense to stand up against his grandmother’s plan!

    JY & JH are the only two sane people in this drama. Everyone else is obsessed and/or got some very selfish motives! I don’t know how long will these two sane people hold on to their normalcy with all the craziness going around them!

  4. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    Yes, the song really fits the scene well. (I also watched it without understanding the lyrics btw! ) And surprisingly, the song was made by Lee Junho of 2PM and Kim So Eun. I watched Music & Lyrics starring those two making the OST for Feast of the Gods, and i totally didn’t expect such a beautiful song to be made. Not that I’m saying the Junho and So Eun are not good songwriters, just that the song came out even more beautiful than expected. And I’m really glad! Watching FOTG and Music & Lyrics this weekend totally gave me a cheery start to the week!

    Anw, a big THANK YOU to Alice for the fast and long recaps, totally helps me understand what’s happening since the subs to the show are coming in so slowly (:

  5. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    Every time I see InJoo, I always felt sorry for her. Till this ep, I haven’t found anyone who really sincerely love her (especially if the parents know that she’s fake daughter). Huh, would the rest of these episodes she will find happiness? Don’t ask me about whether JY will be happy, because she is the main character.

    Imagine, if everyone knows InJoo is the fake daughter and JY is the true one, I’m sure that everyone will be happy for JY. And InJoo? To whom she will share her sadness? Even now BaekSeol has another view on InJoo.

    I hope there will be a scene where DoYoon and InJoo will interact, giving rise to the seeds of love between them (sorry if u disagree). Remember, DoYoon-InJoo also hide something that other people don’t know, “Haemil-SongYeonWoo” matters.

    For JH, it seems I have no doubt that he is the male lead. If you’ve seen the end of episode 18, you should understand that JH is the main character. Yeah, but I don’t mind if he’s the male lead or not 😀

    And finally back to InJoo. You know, I really hope that out there she still has a father who seek for her. A father who was very wealthy, a chaebol father! Hahaha. In the future, i hope there will be a man who will love InJoo sincerely, and always held her hand in good or hard times 🙂

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      hmmmm i see you have voiced your support for DY-IJ…

      but might i ask you, what crimes did DY commit that you’re pushing him to grow this toxic plant/seed with IJ? other than their “secret identities” that you mentioned..there’s no sparks btw these two. while DY is proud of his HAEMIL, In Joo is ashamed of her “yeon woo”.

      maybe before, i wouldn’t mind but IJ wanted to PARALYZE someone in this episode! she as crossed the border of humanity. she needs to be sent to an instiution and learn to love herself and others. maybe her REAL father would help cause I see that she needs parents’ love more than ROMANTIC love.

      i have no sympathy left for this girl. how important is a chef’s hand to them…she has the evil heart to disable JY! that kind of woman DOES NOT deserve DY! At least he could go back to england with someone nice like JANE!

      • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

        I don’t push DY to be with InJoo. I don’t care with who InJoo will end up. But it seems JY will be with JH, so i just want InJoo to be with that another guy.
        What i wrote above is just my thinking, so it’s ok if u disagree.
        I will be happy for InJoo’s happiness. So do for JY’s.

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      I thought the writers might be trying to pair DY and IJ together, but DJ makes it totally clear that he has no interest in this Bad Seed. Seriously, this girl is evil!!! And DJ totally knows she’s a whack job.

  6. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    thank you for quick recap! will wait for ep 18…God bless you more!

  7. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    On the pretending In Joo.

    For some reason , the scriptwriter did not give her a friend which is unusual . The doctor knew all along that she is not the real InJoo , but has been supportive and good to her.Actually the mother had been supportive , too but In Joo had crossed the line of human decency many times . That mother is as guilty for condoning her offenses or I can even call them crimes as they were premeditated and have caused harm.

    Okey, she lived in constant fear of being dislodged from her position that her only way to sustain that is to eliminate JY 3x. And she is always trying her best by all means to make her go away .If JY will reclaim what is rightfully hers ,what can she do about it ? I can never justify in my mind what she has done and other plans she still has in arsenal. At best she should have been thankful for growing up in the best household even if only for the resources at her disposal .

    Though I hinted on the possibility of a DY-fake IJ relationship before , heaven forbid ,please scriptwriter don’t even think about it . I think Miso can be made a good sacrificial lamb for the fake IJ .

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      You know, in this drama I want InJoo could meet with one of her real family (father) and then quickly gave up and left arirang. At least then she would feel a little happier and leave the burden on her shoulders. And I don’t care whether it’s JH or DY, I just want to see InJoo loved by a man (oho i’m not the writer) 😀

      And to JY, I would be happy for her happiness.

  8. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    I always thought that In Joo is Young Bum’s daughter from his affair with her mother. Which would make In Joo and Joon Young half sisters, no? Did I misunderstand that from the early episodes?? He was going to divorce Doo Hee for In Joo’s real mum. Perhaps I am confused.

    Anyway, I still think the writers are heading for an eventual pairing of Do Yoon and Joon Young! This mid point heralds the beginning of the end of the Jae Ha Joon Young pair. It was wrong to begin with – just as JY acknowledged. It is evident in the guilty look on her face whenever IJ appears in front of her and JH. In addition, JH has managed the entire affair in a cowardly fashion. This is what the writers are laying out for us, to justify their gradual shift to the DY-JY relationship.

    Baek Sul continues to be great. Wonderful expressions she has. Do Hee is bland. However, the best way for them to bury the hatchet is for their kids to get together. I am betting that’s where the drama is heading …

    and as always, thanks for the recap!

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      hey JT,

      i thought IJ was Young Bum’s other daughter too but i think ep15 disqualified that option. Remember how Young Bum gave young IJ the picture of her mom? he didn’t show any sign of “knowing” her.

      if IJ is his daughter, he would’ve told her earlier to make her feel less alienated from him. sigh!

      LOL! I love Cupid Baek’s expressions throughout the episodes, especially during the engagemet party and the the phone call with JH!! LOL! She was like, “no way in hell am i telling you where JY is!!! she’s with my boy!!” 😛
      cracks me up!!!

      Agreed! JY-JH was wrong when they started their relatioship, im glad our kaptain brought up that point. seems like people “forgot” that she was indeed the “third” woman in their relationship. just because she’s the lead, she isn’t right or should be sympathized for takig another woman’s man. DY was right when he warned her to stay away…… heheh he’s always right! =) if someoe steals my friend’s man she’s going BALD for SURE!! 😀

  9. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    JY stealing from JH was unintentional. She only revealed her feelings to JH. At first JH didn’t go for her since he was still attached to IJ. However, that old feeling from childhood just kept coming up everytime JH crossed with JY. There was nothing scheming about JY. She was being honest since she felt that old feeling as well! JH didn’t feel that way with the fake IJ. He only sticked with her because she was taking the real IJ’s place!

    As for the real reason of the fall-out, JH overheard her conversation of admitting her sabotaging JY. That was the turning point! JH is not stupid since he watched IJ very carefully from the moment Haemil got sicked with the mushroom. The change of heart didn’t happen overnight. Give some credit to JH & JY.

    The director did a decent job building the events to pair them together!

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      unintentional or not. she did confess, knowing full well that HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. that’s the problem.

      and the haemil mushroom incident happened IN ONE DAY. if JH didn’t find out about IJ’s involvement, do you think he would’ve confessed to JY in the same night? NOOOOOOOOO.

      he’s giving himself an easy way out. since she’s the bad guy, he can go for someone else “nicer” and more “innocent”. almost as if he doesn’t want “ugly/imperfection” in his life. as a “boyfriend”, what he should’ve done was STOP IN JOO. NOOOO he let her go on without punishment/criticism from him..

      as for the “building/development” i think we all agreed it was poor. how’s it logical if JY confess after knowing him for a day? meeting him twice? where’s the process?? the starting point? don’t give me the childhoood crap becuase that ain’t realistic.

      of course, JH-JY fans have their own thinking process…so i won’t interject… 😛

  10. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    gosh reading all your comments sure cracks me up! 😀 well, i’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a DY-JY pairing at the end cos why would the writers give so much screentime to the both of them if they were not meant to be at the end?? my logic says they’ll end up together (and that’s the way i want it hoho :))

    btw, i found a subbed version of the song that was playing when DY and JY are in the forest cemetery. and the song just blew me away cos the lyrics so totally fit our beanie couple! have a look guys :


  11. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    Thanks for the link to the latest OST. The lyrics is written for JY’s love to JH after she confessed her inner feelings to DY’s twin! It’s not for JY to give up her love for JH! She was thinking about JH while she sat there!

    That’s the reason she said SORRY to DY when she saw on her way out. DY got JY’s message. DY is a catalyst in this drama to spice the conflicts! In the end, the leading lady is sticking with her man no matter what!

    DY is a very understanding person. He will not force himself if JY already made up her mind! They aren’t really meant for each other. Jane is the person for DY! He just hasn’t figured it out yet! JY is a catalyst to DY so he can remove his guilt feeling towards the death of his brother! Given time, everything will fall into its right place!

    I hope there will be another OST for the final ending. A duet between JSW & SY since they both can sing! What a lovely ending!

  12. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    hi there…would you know whats the tile of the song JSW and SY?thank you

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

      The title of the song is called ‘Sad Love’. This song was played in the forest cemetery when JY was leaving after she confessed her inner feelings to DY’s twin.

  13. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 17

    thanks for the recap.i’m still for DY/JY ending up together.

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