Dear Herbal Lord with Yan Xi and Ding Yi Yi to air in August

Another one joining the August broadcast. 🙂

Dear Herbal Lord (亲爱的药王大人) is period romcom adapted from the novel written by Mu Qing Qing. The story follows our female lead who’s an Isatis root fairy committed to become an immortal after years of cultivation. But she’s unlucky as the princess picks her to eat. To escape that acidic fate, she turns to an herbal medicine doctor for help. If she marries him, she can absorb his energy. Aiding her in pursuing this indifferent man are her herbal plant friends. Why does that sound wicked adorable?

Airing 8/10, today!

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Yan Xi. He’s the more promoted one of the two leads. XD

Ding Yi Yi.


What do you think?