Cdrama Updates: Love Scenery, The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, High School Big Bang, The Best of You In My Mind

Just another round-up! Happy Weekend!

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=======> ♦ As Long As You Love Me (爱情的开关) with Dylan Xiong and Lai Yu Meng is set to air on 3/30! Adapted from the novel written by Fei Wo Si Cun….. Need I say more? =P

 photo aslongas-1.jpg

 photo aslongas-7.jpg

 photo aslongas-6.jpg

 photo aslongas-4.jpg

 photo aslongas-5.jpg

 photo aslongas-2.jpg

 photo aslongas-3.jpg


=======> ♦ Spinoff webmovie for The Untamed, Fatal Journey (陈情令之乱魄), with Ji Li and Wang Yi Zhou was released on 3/26.

 photo fatal-1.jpg

 photo fatal-4.jpg

 photo fatal-2.jpg

 photo fatal-6.jpg

 photo fatal-3.jpg

 photo fatal-7.jpg

 photo fatal-5.jpg


=======> ♦ Love and Redemption (琉璃美人煞) with Crystal Yuan and Cheng Yi drops new music video.

 photo love-6.jpg

 photo love-3.jpg

 photo love-1.jpg

 photo love-4.jpg

 photo love-5.jpg

 photo love-2.jpg


=======> ♦ Youth drama High School Big Bang (我成了他的班主任) with Chen Yi Xin, Lu Dong Xu, and Equus Ma Ang to air on 4/2. Baby-faced teacher acts like a thug and takes on a problematic class?! Sounds fun!

 photo bigbang-1.jpg

 photo bigbang-5.jpg

 photo bigbang-8.jpg

 photo bigbang-7.jpg

 photo bigbang-2.jpg

 photo bigbang-3.jpg

 photo bigbang-6.jpg

 photo bigbang-4.jpg


=======> ♦ Just some darn cute stills and a trailer for Song Yi Ren’s modern drama The Best of You In My Mind (全世界最好的你) with Zhang Yao.

 photo bestofyou-1.jpg

 photo bestofyou-2.jpg

 photo bestofyou-3.jpg

 photo bestofyou-4.jpg

 photo bestofyou-5.jpg


=======> ♦ Candle In The Tomb: The Lost Caverns (鬼吹灯之龙岭迷窟) with Pan Yue Ming and Zhang Yu Qi to air on 4/1. This is the second part following Candle In The Tomb: The Wrath of Time.

 photo candle-2.jpg

 photo candle-4.jpg

 photo candle-1.jpg

 photo candle-3.jpg


=======> ♦ Love Scenery (良辰美景好时光) with Xu Lu and Lin Yi drops new teaser. She is a singer and he’s a gamer. He doesn’t want to be just her fan. Ohhhh.

 photo lovescne-1.jpg

 photo lovescne-2.jpg


=======> ♦ New trailers for The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty (成化十四年) with Darren Chen and Fu Meng Bo. To air on 4/1.

 photo ming-1.jpg

 photo ming-2.jpg

 photo ming-3.jpg

 photo ming-4.jpg

 photo ming 5.jpg

 photo ming 8.jpg

 photo ming 7.jpg

 photo ming 6.jpg

 photo ming 9.jpg

 photo ming 10.jpg

 photo ming 11.jpg

 photo ming 12.jpg

Trailer is subbed by Darren Chen HQ.

Second trailer.

=======> ♦ New stills for Hello, My Shining Love (遇见璀璨的你) with Chen Qiao En and Jin Han.

 photo shininglove-1.jpg

 photo shininglove-2.jpg

 photo shininglove-6.jpg

 photo shininglove-7.jpg

 photo shininglove-5.jpg

 photo shininglove-4.jpg

 photo shininglove-3.jpg

 photo shininglove-8.jpg

 photo shininglove-9.jpg

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