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  1. Bingetherapy

    Hi! I’d love to connect and become an affiliate with fellow Chinese entertainment fan. Please check out my site – Looking forward to collaborate and spread the word.

  2. CeeJay

    Hello! We have been reading your blog for a while on TVB thoughts mostly, but also your mainland drama ones. We also run a blog, mostly to do with TVB, but would love to be affiliated with you! Our blog is CeeJay’s Entertainment run by a couple of writers at
    Please let us know if we can put your blog up on our list and if you also list us! Thank you!

    1. Kappy

      No problem CeeJay! Added. =)

      Thank-you & co for continuing about TVB dramas! It’s hard to get updates and thoughts on their airing dramas nowadays.

      1. CeeJay

        Thank you!! We have added you to our blog as well! Will definitely continue with TVB and also continue viewing your blog! 🙂

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