So here it is folks, a page for you all to voice your opinion about upcoming dramas. Whether it be Cdramas, Jdrama, Kdrama, or Tdramas! Just a fair note, Jeff and I are more inclined to start a project if it’s airing soon (hesitate when you recommend us a drama that has over 100 episodes and is still airing!). Photobucket

~.~ Confirmed Projects ~.~
– [Kdrama] – [Kdrama] – [Jdrama] – [Cdrama] – [Tdrama]

~.~ Potential Projects ~.~
– [Cdrama] Happiness Of An Angel: Ming Dao, Liu Shi Shi
– [Cdrama] Yi Chu Ji Fa: Wallace Chung, Li Li Qun

~.~ Special Projects ~.~ (Reviving Old Dramas)
– [Kdrama] Family’s Honor – Completed
[Cdrama] Waking Love Up – The folder was accidentally wiped clean. Sorry. No go! ~Keane

Here’s a convenient lists of upcoming dramas from Asian countries:

Chinese Dramas: Check –> (HK) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_HKDrama
(MainLand) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_CDrama
Japanese Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_JDrama
Korean Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_KDrama
Taiwanese Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_TWDrama
Singaporean Dramas: Check –> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_SGDrama

No promises on anything. Post Away!

  1. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi, could you please upload both Descendants of the Sun soundtrack and score. Thanks a lot!

  2. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Will you only accept upcoming dramas?
    If not, can you review Because of Meeting You? It’s a C-Drama starring Deng Lun and Sun Yi with 56 episodes ^^

  3. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi, is it possible to upload the OST for Yu Zheng’s “Demon Girl”? I think there were 2 seasons.
    Thank you!

  4. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi! Can you please upload the OST of Rush to the dead summer! I Really like the ost of it. Thank you. xie xie ni

  5. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    I am not sure if you would be able to help me or not, but on the off chance you can I would like to request the soundtrack for the C-Drama Memory Lost (2016), especially score. I really like all the music I have heard and have been looking for it since I started watching the drama. Thank You!

    • 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      The thing is Chinese dramas, unlike Korean dramas, not all have a dedicated soundtrack release. 🙁

    • 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      our version is the 1 hour per episode version. the 32 episode version is for tv. so e01 our version is actually e1 and e2 tv version. so e16 would be e31 and e32 tv version.

      16 one hour episodes is the complete set.

      • 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

        Thank you. Sorry, my mistake. After i downloaded the last episode, i realized it is the last episode.

        Thanks, appreciate your effort. Keep up the good work. :O)

  6. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello, I’d like to request for A Love So Beautiful’s ost. I just finished watching it so I’m finding ways to keep the withdrawal at bay. 😂 Thank you so much!

  7. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi Kappy there is a increasing trend to leave dramas open ended. Especially period dramas. Will it be interesting to start a discussion why that is so?
    And list those dramas too. Just a suggestions.
    Happy New Year

  8. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello there! I’d like to request for a downloadable ost album file of A Love So Beautiful. 谢谢! :))

  9. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hello! I was wondering if I could request the OST for Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Changlin? It was released recently. And maybe the theme song as well, if it’s available (both the male/female version). Thank you~

  10. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    I would like to request for
    (1) Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)
    (2) Mama – Nothing to Fear (2014)
    (3) Her Lovely Heels (2014)

    ZASK – 540p or 720p is good quality – so far from similar format drama i have downloaded.

    Thank you, appreciate it.

  11. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request


    Mimi (Korean drama) at your site cannot download. Because my Norton anti-virus blocked an attack ‘by the advertisement’. Is it possible to disable the advertisement?

    Thank you very much. A few Korean drama also has this problem of Norton blocking the attack.
    Appreciate it.

  12. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    hi guys! i want to say thank you for the subs on lets shake it! thank you verry much !
    my request is wu xin the monter killer season 2 …all the episode are out but no subs anywhere …i know that you are busy but please give it a thought :)me and other fans will realy appriciate it thank you verry much and have a great day:)

  13. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    I’m hoping you are planning to encode the sequel to Nirvana in Fire. I did not expect 540p to look so good.

  14. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    please upload SRT version for Let’s Shake it 2017 chinese drama because another translators have many problems to translate hardsub subtitles to non-English languages. thanks for your great help.

  15. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request


    Could you pls. upload “Love and Lies (2017)”, thai drama starring Jung Il-Woo. It is a good drama.

    Thank you, appreciate it.

    • 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request


      Episode 3 of Night Watchman’s Journal links are also dead. Pls. re-upload.

      Episode 1 & 3 are not uploaded to Mega. Usually, Mega drive lasts longer… still available after a long time.


  16. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    hello. could i request the chinese drama Be with you with Pan Wilber e Xu Lu. i can not find it anywhere.
    thank you

  17. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi! When you get the chance, could you upload the OST of The Flame’s Daughter (2018)? It only aired recently and will have approximately 50 episodes. Thank you for your time!

  18. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Could you pls. upload “Grand Prince: Paint a Picture”, a 2018 Korean drama.

    Thank you, appreciate it.

  19. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    love the music of The Flame’s Daughter. so melancholic and sweet. Hope you can upload OST of it.

    • 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

      Hi … Been trying to upload The Flames Daughter OST…Can you Upload Please .

  20. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request


    I would like to request ZASK’s encodes for Nirvana In Fire 2 – mandarin subtitles. 540p would be great!!

    Thanks in advance~

  21. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    HI..could you please upload ost.The negotiator and old boy? Both of the series is good. I’m having trouble finding the soundtrack on chinese sites..Thank you so much

  22. 828 thoughts on “Upcoming/Request

    Hi, I’d like to request a reupload of Zask’s encodes for Dream High 2 episodes 11, 13 and 15. I downloaded the other episodes but couldn’t finish the drama because the links to those episodes are all dead. Thank you so much!

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