Polished trailer for Taekwondo Girl promises kicks and tears

Much better. See, I knew you guys can do better than the krappy trailer from the last time, even if a fanmade version could still be miles ahead of your fancy video-editing softwares. Lol. Go fangirls! I support all of you!

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Hu Bing Qing’s Taekwondo drama with Yang Yang drops first teaser

I was ready to love this drama until I was let down by its subpar 1-minute teaser, featuring numerous fighting scenes. I want to send it right back to the editing team and tell them, “You are paid to do this, do it right!” Hence why I think productions should hire FANS to do their posters and trailers because they do it right and they do it better. The silly PAH sound effect they added for each kick and punch is silly. Anyway, they have another month to film and give me a better trailer. Taekwondo Girl is a drama adaptation of the novel Xuan Feng Shao Nv written by Ming Xiao Xi, and another one of those live-shooting projects HunanTV is adopting, just like how Korea sweetly treats its actors. So many other things to mimic, and yet they pick the worst thing to copy!

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Hu Bing Qing becomes Taekwondo expert with Yang Yang and Chen Xiang in new modern drama

Yay! New faces (well, relatively new)! A drama that is not corporate-related! The theme is Taekwondo! You guys and gals better watch out because all the characters are fighters in their own right. Who will come out on top? I’m excited. Not so excited about the prospect of having three guys fall for one girl though… Not only can the heroine fight, she’s gotta have everyone’s love too? Who’s gonna mess with her? That’s just cruel. Lol. It’s an in-house production by HunanTv, and yes, it’s a drama adaptation of a novel called Xuan Feng Shao Nv written by Ming Xiao Xi. There’s no official English title yet so for now…let’s call it… Taekwondo Girl? Or Tornado Girl suggested by Google?

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11-minute trailer for “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013”

TLBB (17)
Wallace Chung as Xiao Feng, Jia Qing as A Zhu / A Zi

Yes! Finally more news about this newest adaptation of Jin Yong’s novel. Produced by Chen Pin Xiang and directed by Lai Shui Ching (the two have worked together before in The Magic Blade), the trailer has me on the hopeful side. There’s real snow and the CGI doesn’t look half-baked.

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First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013


Not bad. Not bad at all. Yesh, I have made friends with this version, nothing is gonna change anyway! And since I love Wallace Chung. What’s a girl gotta do here? 😀

I’m amazed at the speed of filming in China. This one started filming not so long ago and they already released a trailer! Do people NOT sleep over there?

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